31 July 2013

267. Four Horseman Brewery Irish Red

Decent beer. I poured it my typical way, but somehow ended up with A LOT of head...?  Not sure why. Beer is smooth, not much flavor, not any bitter aftertaste. It's drinkable, but there is nothing special at all.

266. Lost Coast Brewery Downtown Brown

Delicious. Yummy!  I really enjoy this beer, it's close to Kona Brewery's Koko Brown, without the coconut aftertaste (which sucks...). So, it's a good beer, and I could enjoy them all night long.

265. Anchor Steam Beer

Thicker and more bitter than I prefer, but good flavor and smooth. Not sure I would drink a lot of then, but I could do a couple in a night.

264. Bell's Brewery Third Coast Beer

Looks cloudy, like a Hefeweizen, but it's listed as a Blonde Ale. Goes down smooth, but leaves a bad aftertaste for an ale. Could be the result of Craft Brewers getting too "crafty".

263. Harpoon Summer Beer

It's a German-Style Kölach, which is one that I really enjoy - but there's nothing special about this one. Good flavor, smooth, no bite, really easy to drink, and I could drink a lot of them in a day. 

29 July 2013

262. Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Not as "crisp" as it advertises, it has a pretty bitter taste.  For a pilsner, it is a little heavier than usual.

261. The Traveller Beer Company Curious Traveler Shandy

Much smoother and less tart than the Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, it does have a nice lemon-hint after taste that us very faint. I could drink more than one.

28 July 2013

260. Paulaner Original Munich Lager

It was brought to my attention that this beer was not on the website.
While I am not drinking one right now - I have had many, many Paulaner beers during my various Oktoberfest celebrations (as they are one of the six beers served in Munich).

So, while this should have been in the original post, it is being added now.

27 July 2013

259. Newcastle Werewolf

Fox and Hound had this tap handle a few months back, but by the time I tried to order one, they were sold out - and now I know why. Very nice flavor, very smooth, just a small amount of bitterness and it leaves a nice aftertaste.  I don't think I could drink a lot at once, but I did enjoy this one.

26 July 2013

258. Flat 12 Hello My Name is Amber

Hello, Amber.  You are far to complicated for my palate to believe you are an Amber Ale. There's an over abundance of flavors and bitterness that I just don't expect from an Ale. It doesn't go down as smooth as I expected.

257. Cutter's Brewing Company Lost River Blonde Ale

I hate to not support local (Indiana) breweries, but I'm just not impressed with this. It's not bad, it's drinkable, I'll never turn one down, but it's also lacking any flavor I would expect.

256. Dieselpunk Porter

I'm not really a Porter beer fan, so I wasn't looking forward to this one, but as a gift from J-Lao, I had to try it. And it far surpassed my low expectations. It has better flavor than most porters with no bitterness and it goes down smooth. It's still a little heavier than I prefer to drink, but was not bad at all.

Also, I do have to show Major Respect for a Brewery that appears to use The Rocketeer Helmet in their logo, and on their bottle caps. 

255. Dieselpunk India Pale Ale

Another beer provided to me by J-Lao.  From Rochester, NY - I had never even heard of this brewery. Beautiful color that goes down really deliciously smooth, however it ends with a very bitter aftertaste. It almost makes me want to chug the beer for its great taste, in order to only deal with the aftertaste once.

254. Fort Collins Brewery Kidd Black Lager

I'm learning that I like Black Lagers more than I thought I did. This one was given to me by my buddy J-Lao, and it's nice and smooth. A little bit more bitter than prefer, but it's not bad at all. Two drinks, and the pint glass is almost half empty already.

253. Redd's Apple Ale

I only tried this beer based on their marketing campaign. It's ok. I expected it to taste more like a Cider, but it's doesn't. It's also not as tart as a Shandy - which is good. Nothing special, I don't ever need to drink another one.