25 September 2020

1477. Taxman Spiced Rum Barrel Pina Collateral

 This beer is super delicious, but it's also something that I only want one of at a time.
It's a tasty light ale, that starts off with a very subtle aroma of coconut, and then a very strong flavor of pineapple and rum.  Very light in the back end is the lingering taste of coconut, but nothing strong.

It feels like a bigger and stronger beer than it really is, hence why I'm not going to drink more than one at a time.

23 September 2020

1476. Big Lug Baewatch

 Very yummy passion fruit hefe.
It has a refreshing taste with the fruit, and goes down super light and simple.  Very tasty beer for outdoors drinking.

21 September 2020

1475. Blind Owl Wild Berry Shake Fruited Wheat Ale

 Really tasty beer!
While I commonly say, "No fruit in my beer..." that does not apply when its brewed into my beer.
This beer is creamy and fruity, and very enjoyable.  The berry flavors taste good together, and it goes down really easily.  I liked this a lot.

19 September 2020

1474. Sun King Turndown Service

 This was super light and easy to drink - very refreshing.
Lots of malty flavor going on.  I enjoyed the simplicity of this beer.

Oktoberfest 2020

 Just some fun photos from the first day of Oktoberfest 2020.
Sad that the official event was cancelled this year, but was very happy to still get together with a bunch of friends and have a great afternoon hanging out with some food and drinks.

15 September 2020

1473. Sun King Lyrical Poet

 This was a gift from my buddy Steve, who specifically said it was for Caitlin because of her love for stouts.  This one is pretty good, I liked the chocolate and raspberry flavors together.  It was enjoyable.

13 September 2020

1472. Platform For the Shoe

Platform is responsible for one of my recent favor beers - #1449 - The Coconut Guava Jelly Donut.  Which sounded so weird, but I loved all the flavors together.

So, I bought this beer to drink on the Opening Day of the Indianapolis Colts' 2020 Season.
It's an IPA, which isn't my favorite style, but luckily this one isn't too bad.
It doesn't have a lot of flavor, it isn't too dry or hoppy, and it's low on bitterness.
So, while I don't really like it, it's also very easy to drink - and I don't hate it.
I don't plan to buy it again at any point this season, but it was fun for the opening game.

10 September 2020

1471. Sun King Bourbon-Barrel Donuts

So, Full Disclosure.  Sun King Brewery has been providing me with a lot of beers recently, so that I can drink them each week when I record the Shane Talks Podcast.  It's an unofficial sponsorship, but it's a situation that really works out well for me.  I get to try a lot of Sun King Beers, I've been given some special beers (a lot of King's Reserves) and all I have to do is talk about how much I like them.  That's easy for me.

However, because I'm getting set up for the podcast, it looks like I forgot - for a second time - to take a picture of the beer in its glassware with the bottle.  So, once again, I will have to include the shot from the episode while I was talking about the beer.

So, onto the beer - it's amazing.  I really, really like this beer.
The bourbon up front hits hard, and then it quickly mellows out with the creamy delicious chocolate flavor.  And this is good chocolate flavor - not powdery cacao flavor.  The beer was brewed with 500 donuts from Jack's Donuts, and the flavor really comes through.  The aftertaste even boasts a little bit of a bread-like taste, which probably convinced my brain that I had just taken a big bite of a chocolate donut.

I have another bottle of it, and I can't wait for the special occasion that Caitlin and I open it up.

03 September 2020

1470. Sun King Diddy Muckle

 Similar to Gran Muckle, but lacking the cinnamon - I do prefer this Muckle to the other Muckle.
I learned this is aged in Pappy Van Winkle's 20 Year Barrels, so that's probably why the bourbon flavor is so smooth and enjoyable.  It's really big upfront with some vanilla, sugar, molasses flavors.

I drank it during an episode of the Shane Talks Podcast - and it turns out that I forgot to get a picture of the beer in its glassware.