29 June 2021

1649. Lakefront Wisconsonite

My buddy Garrett and I got together today to watch the Germany v England match in the EURO2020 tourney.  It did not go well for Germany.  However, after the match we sat around and drank a Wisconsin Beer, since Garrett is one of my Wisconsin buddies.

The beer is fine.  It's good and drinkable,but I don't love it.  I would drink it in Wisconsin, but I would probably find other options elsewhere.

28 June 2021

1648. Fernson Curio

My first ever beer from South Dakota.  The state I was born in, yet tend to never make public.
This beer was a delicious gift from my friend John Peddie, who runs his own beer blog.
He gave one to Jason L. Maier and myself, so we drank them together on one of our podcast episodes.
The beer is good.  It's a nice level of sour, not too tart.  Very good summer beer.

26 June 2021

Beer 1 REVISITED: Abita Purple Haze

BEER #1.
Well, sort of.
When I started this website, I went through The Spot's ordering guide, and wrote down every single beer that I had already drank before I started the website.  There was 152 Beers, and I made them MY FIRST POST.  And did them in Alphabetical Order, so Abita became the first two, and Purple Haze came before Turbo Dog.  So, I drank this beer back in The Spot Days.  But, here's a picture of it from tonight.

1647. TailGate Peanut Butter Milk Stout

ANOTHER Gift Beer From Garrett Miller!

LOADS of Peanut Butter flavor in this beer.
It goes down thick and heavy, and both Caitlin and I enjoyed the flavors.
It might have been a little heavy for drinking after such a long and hot day - but we still appreciated the flavor and quality of the beer.  Very tasty.

1646. Fat Bottom Ruby

Another Garrett Miller Tennessee Vacation Gift Beer!!!

I enjoyed this red ale.  It was pretty flavorful, and full-bodied.
It went down a little heavy, but I just think that's the quality of the beer.
It might be a better fall-drinking beer, it didn't seem to keep my mouth cool, just because of the style.
I still really enjoyed it.

1645. Hap & Harry's Neon Leon

This was another Tennessee Vacation Garrett Miller Gift Beer...

I didn't know that I knew Hap & Harry's - but in April of 2018, I drank Beer #1086, which was their Lager.  I don't even remember that.  Interesting.

This is billed as a Light Lager - and it just falls into Glorified Miller Lite status for me.
It's light and easy to drink, and a little heavier in its flavor.  But there is nothing special about it.

1644. Rhinegeist Zango

Delicious outdoor beer!
It's really not even a beer.  It's like apple juice.
It's apple-strong flavored upfront, and then the tangerine flavor lingers in the aftertaste.
Sadly, the mango kind of gets covered up.
But, for patio drinking, this hits the spot.
It's like juice.

1643. Sun King Raspberry Lemonade

I saw this beer get announced a few days ago, so I ran out to get one, and I was not disappointed.
The fruity flavors are powerful, and it's very, very tart.  It's refreshing and makes my mouth happy.

Caitlin has also been wanting to try the Java Mac - and luckily, it is available right now.
So, we had a good Date Day at Sun King Broad Ripple, and we both got beers that we really enjoyed.

21 June 2021

1642. Schulz Bräu Pilsner

This was a gift from my buddy Garrett - who picked up a number of beers for me on his recent vacation.
He went to the Schulz Bräu Brewery in Knoxville, Tennessee and had an amazing time, and brought this can back for me.

I was excited to try it, and it was okay.
It's a fine Pilsner, but its flavor just falls into the Glorified Miller Lite category.
It was tasty, and I would drink it again at their brewery, but it's nothing I'm craving.

11 June 2021

1641. Urban Artifact The Gadget

Decent sour.  I don't love it, but it's very drinkable.
It's more tart than sour, and the two berries together just seem kind of off.
I don't really like blackberries, so maybe they are just hurting the flavor for me.
I still drank a few of them, and they go down quickly.

07 June 2021

1640. Untitled Art Barrel Aged Chocolate Macaroon Imperial Stout

And it's another coconut beer.
And it's another delicious coconut beer!
Very thick and heavy, with serious chocolate flavor upfront.  
The coconut lingers and makes my mouth happy. 
Another Coconut Birthday Beer, and I'm a happy birthday boy.

Also, the bottle has a strong coconut scent to it - so I plan to keep this bottle for a while.