30 April 2014

504. Sun King Lonesome Dove

Wow. Very distinct bourbon flavor to the smooth beer. This one is dangerous!!!

503. Sun King Big Iron

Very nice - full-flavored and full-bodied. 
Really good flavors, and exactly what I expect from a Barleywine. Very good, drink with caution!

502. Sun King Hop Up Offa That Brett

Nice and zesty, easy drinking ale. 
Minor sour notes, little citrus notes. 
Low ABV makes it easy to drink a lot of them. 

501. Sun King Port Barrel Aged Wee Mac

Just delicious. 
Wee Mac is good to start with, and this adds some great sour flavor to it. I love it!

28 April 2014

500. The Alchemist Heady Topper

Cue Bon Jovi, because I am "...halfway there..."

And boy, oh boy, did my brother make this a special one!  Only available in three states on the east coast - this is the #1 rated beer on Beer Advocate. 

Link to the List:

Link directly to the Heady Topper Reviews:

My brother secured one of these beers for me to help make this milestone of 500 a super special one!

First thing that is odd:

Drink from the can??!!??!!  Say what?
Well, ok. I'll follow your instructions!  However, I did pour out a nice 3oz glass to be able to drink "my way".

It's a really good beer - not my favorite - but that's just because it's a little more bitter than I prefer in the middle and the end. It's starts off very light and smooth going down, then begins to pick up some early citrus notes before drying out and getting bitter to the finish. It's serious a three-phase beer. It's just the third phase that's not my preference. Still, very high quality, and I can definitely understand it's appeal to beer drinkers. 

499. Goose Island Green Line

This is a Draft-Only Beer that is only available in Chicago. 

American Pale Ale, that tastes really good while I'm drinking it, but it leaves an odd aftertaste. Not bad, very drinkable, but nothing I really enjoy. 

25 April 2014

497. Indiana City Shine

I've been told that this isn't brewed the same an Anchor Steam beer - but it leaves me with the same aftertaste. It doesn't taste like it, it's fuller with more flavor, but in the end - the finish is just something I can't nail down. It's not bitter, it's not sweet, it's not fruity. But it's different. Light and smooth, I could drink a lot of these. Not the best they offer, but one of the easiest-drinking. 

23 April 2014

496. Yuengling Bock Beer

This was a very special gift from my buddy J-Lao, who originally introduced me to the Yuengling Lager many years ago. 

It has a very interesting smell to it...
And follows with a very full Bock flavor. It's smooth, no bitters, with some nice flavors going on.  I really dig this. Reminds me of another beer I really dig.  (One from Indiana City Brewing)

495. Left Hand Polestar Pilsner

Honestly, this tastes like a bitter Miller Lite. That's not a bad thing. When I go Donestic, it's Miller Lite - and a lot of them. So, this is smooth and easy with a bitter back, but not much flavor. Lighter than most Pils, with the same bitters. Easy to drink, if you don't care about flavor. 

21 April 2014

494. Left Hand Sawtooth Ale

Really nice, really smooth, very enjoyable ale. Simple, not hoppy and not bitter - but has a full flavor to it. I could drink this all day long. 

Also has insane lacing for an ale. Nice to see. 

18 April 2014

493. Indiana City Slow Gold

Good, but very different - it has a very bitter aftertaste for a wheat beer. Kind of an interesting hybrid of wheat flavor with an IPA finish. 

14 April 2014

492. Thr3e Wise Men Centennial Martyr

Really good and really smooth Double IPA.  Almost no bitters, sweet hoppy flavor. Really enjoyable, but at 9.9% ABV, I'm only doing one!

13 April 2014

491. Indiana City Just Arrived! IPA

It's another beer that I can taste the quality, it's good , but it's just not my favorite. It's the dry bitter that I'm not a huge fan of. The more I'm drinking it, the easier it is going down. Still, very high quality.