30 April 2017

956. Heavy Seas Tropi Cannon

As Miller demonstrates in the photo - the aromas this beer has are euphoric. It smells of heavy citrus, with that hint of grapefruit-ness.

This beer drinks easy, has wonderful flavors - and then just dries up my mouth in a bad way. I told Miller I liked 75% of this beer. If hoppy-dry-mouth is your thing, then you will really enjoy this.

955. 5 Rabbit Gringolandia Super Pils

Much thicker and heavier than a traditional pilsner. Some nice flavors upfront, but it settles into a very dry and bitter aftertaste.

This Gringo doesnt plan to go back to Gringolandia anytime soon...

954. Maui Bikini Blonde

Really nice and refreshing beer.
Some really good flavors, crisp taste, a little (very little) heavier than something I would want to drink all day - but if I had to, I would make it work. Good quality beer.

953. Wolter's Weizen

Very standard Hefeweizen.
nothing stands out.

952. Wolter's Pilsener

Very standard German light beer.
Has some extra taste upfront, but leads to a dry backend, but it doesnt linger long. Still very easy to drink and enjoyable.

951. Black Acre Cherry Ol Fritz

Now this is TASTY!!!
Very tart upfront, with delicious lingering sourness. Nice and smooth, light, easy to drink and some wonderful cherry flavors that delivery just the right sour flavor to my mouth. This is kne of the best sours I have ever drank.

29 April 2017

950. RJ Rockers Brown Eyed Squirrel (8♣️)

Pretty standard brown ale.
Good flavors up front from the roasted malts.
It's good all the way until the finish - just too dry for me. I don't mind drinking it for the good flavors, but I keep drinking it faster because I don't enjoy the lingering bitterness.

949. Blank Slate Out & About (6♥️)

Coriander, Caraway, and Salt?
Those are the "brewed with..." ingredients.
Goses are one of my favorite styles of beer, and sadly I am not a fan of this one. I expect a very sour aspect of the beer somewhere. Either my lips pucker when I take the first sip, or the back of my mouth is tingling after it goes down. This beer never does either of thise things. It is dry from start to finish and leaves my mouth craving something to satisfy the thirst left. I hope to try more from this brewery, as if they do a different style better.

25 April 2017

948. Old Dominion Candi

This is a very nice Tripel with hints of spices and a dry backend. Very drinkable, but not one of my favorite Tripels.

947. Rivertown Jeanneke

Very interesting mix of a Belgian weight to the beer, it goes down a little heavy - but then the refreshingness of a Blonde - that ends very dry. Its a complex beer, and I appreciate that. I enjoy it, but do not see it being a regular I would drink.

24 April 2017

946. Brew Kettle Kitka

Caitlin and I stuck with the Chocolate Stout theme tonight and tried this coconut version. Very good quality beer, that did have some really good flavors, including a small hint of coconut. Obviously not as much as I beg for in my beers, but still enough that it was there and enjoyable. This one was a little sweet being a milk stout, but also finished with more bitterness. We both really liked this one.

945. Fort Collins Shot Down

Very standard chocolate stout, good flavors but nothing special.

23 April 2017

674. Rogue Beard Beer

I was very curious about this beer.
While Caitlin was very disgusted by it's concept.
The beer was fine.
I am curious how much my knowledge of it's origin affected my tasting.
It was a little heftier - like a Hefe - with some mildly fruity notes to it.
Nothing I would ever care about trying again.

944. Rhinegeist Hans

Rhinegeist continues to become one of my top breweries. This is a very quality, light and crisp Vienna Lager. Flavors are good, it goes down very smooth and my glass was empty very quickly. I could go through a six pack of these, easily.

943. Miami Beer Company Miami Weiss

This beer wins My New Favorite Beer Name!Sadly, as great as the name is... The Beer is just okay. It's good, I liked it, perfect flavors - but there just was not anything special about it. I would gladly drink lots of them, if they were around.

16 April 2017

943. Three Floyd's Space Station Middle Finger

I don't hate it as much as I expected to.
The upfront flavors are actually good, but then it turns into a mellow-dry bitterness. I know a lot of people who like this, but it is not for me. Not as heavy, dry, or bitter as most of their beers - but still not something I enjoy.

942. Uinta Golden Ale

Much thicker and heavier than most golden ales. It has some decent flavors up from, but then finishes it like it wants to be a hoppy ale. Too dry for me. My second disappointment from Uinta.

941. Ballast Point Sea Rose

Light. Tart. Easy to drink.
Cherry flavor is good, the wheat taste is very light, but dry in the back end.

15 April 2017

940. Daredevil Vacation

My first beer from Daredevil.
I've been trying to find the time to visit the brewery, but that has not happened yet. So, this was at the store and looked tasty.
The beer was okay. It wasn't as smooth and light as I tend to prefer kölsch beers to be. It had a heavy wheat flavor - in my opinion. The taste was not bad, but not what I was expecting.

13 April 2017

939. Slap Shot Brewing Playoff Beer'd

Since the Redwings are not in the Playoffs this year, I had to decide that since Slap Shot Brewing is from Chicago - I would drink this beer during the Blackhawks first playoff game.
It's a good beer. Very smooth and enjoyable, but also nothing special. I would gladly order this and drink more of it - but I wouldn't seek it out anywhere.

04 April 2017

938. Central Water Mudpuppy Porter

Very standard porter.
Nothing special about it - but it is very drinkable and you get the exact flavors you would expect.

01 April 2017

937. People's Brewing Battalion American Pale Ale

I have a serious problem with both this beer AND BEER #634 being the official beers of any outdoor sporting event. They are both dry and both bitter, and in absolutely NO way refeshing. On a hot matchday, I DO NOT want to be drinking something like this. I will always prefer a nice, light, refreshing Modelo over this beer any time I am sitting outside. It is very, very disappointing that neither of these good breweries have produced a refreshing beer for me to enjoy lots of on matchdays.