13 March 2021

1590. High Hops The Honeyed One

Honey Amber Ale, has a good flavor to it.
It's exactly what I expected it to be, and it was a good drink.

1589. Sun King Yuzu Sour Ale

In my life, I have never heard of a Yuzu fruit - until I heard about this beer.
It's super sour - and I really enjoy that.  I would love to drink a lot of these.
The beer is really light and goes down easy, and just leaves an awesome sour lingering taste.

1588. Sun King Hoops There It Is

Big Ten Tourney Weekend, I felt the need to make sure to get this beer while watching some basketball with my buddy Ray.

The peach of strong, the wheat beer is good.
It's a nice beer, it's tasty, but its nothing amazing.

I love the fact that it was brewed with peaches, because of the fact that original basketball goals were made from peach baskets  That's an awesome little connection that I think was brilliant for this brew.

11 March 2021

10 March 2021

1586. Double Mountain Kölsch

Standard Kölsch.  
Exactly what I expected, it was fine.

March Beer Box

We got out March Beer Box.
Here's the new brews we got...

High Hops Brewery from Colorado included American Pale Ale and Honey Amber Ale.

Then, from Steel Bender Brewyard in New Mexico, we got an IPA and Belgian Wit.

04 March 2021

1585. Untitled Art Mango Coconut Sticky Sour

Collaboration brew with Drekker Brewing.

I don't love this beer, but I didn't mind drinking all of them.
It's sweet and thick, and they mango flavor is there.  The coconut flavor is kind of hidden, but definitely lingers in the aftertaste of the beer.  Not my favorite, but I didn't mind it at all.