30 April 2015

641. BrewDog Punk IPA

Nice, strong - yet smooth - IPA.
Still a little too bitter for me, but some really amazing flavored made it very easy to enjoy. Not something I'll drink a lot of, but I would never turn one down. 

28 April 2015

640. Revolution Brewing Straight Jacket

Another beer in the Deep Woods Series that claims to have hints of coconut, sadly, I can't taste them. It's a nice, thick, and heavy beer with a little more dryness than sweetness - as I prefer my barley wines. Still good quality, that will make me sip it a little slower than I normally would. 

Oh, and it's Tuesday. So, with the Destiny reset, I broke out the Warlock glass. 

639. Small Town Brewery Not Your Father's Root Beer

This is a BIG trouble beer. 
First, it is AMAZINGLY delicious. 
It tastes exactly like root beer, exactly. No bitters, seriously sweet flavor. You cannot taste the alcohol at all. At all. This could get me in a lot of trouble!  WOW!

24 April 2015

638. Lagunitas Olde Gnarleywine

Really rich, Red Ale-like flavors up front, with an extremely dry and bitter aftertaste. It's obvious that Lagunitas loves their dry hops. It flavors are well balanced, and would please any hop-head. 

637. Lagunitas Waldo's Special Ale

It's okay. Very high quality with flavors, but just too dry for me. Not bad bitters, but really dry. It's thick, and obviously has a very "herbal" vibe to it. 

636. Revolution Brewing Gravedigger Billy

Couple of days late on this one. 
Popped this puppy open on last Saturday, while playing Destiny, after I got in my new Destiny pint glass set. 

Amazing flavors. Just so delicious from top to bottom. Nice and smooth, with a good little burn from the scotch. The only improvement would be if there was more coconut flavor, but the little hint is nice. 

18 April 2015

635. Thr3e Wise Men Pope Smoke Wheat

Light and easy to drink, but with a dry and bitter after taste. It's easy to go down, but I am not a fan of the flavor it leaves in my mouth. It's not terrible, but I'm just not a fan. 

12 April 2015

634. Flat 12 Full 90

I didn't get to try this brew last year, so I knew I needed to make sure it happened first thing this year. 

It's a title too dry and bitter for me, but I made myself drink them in honor of the Indy Eleven, and the more I drank the easier it got to drink. 

05 April 2015

633. Thr3e Wise Men Bulldog Brown

Very basic and standard brown. 
Not watery, has flavor, but nothing special and nothing that makes it special in any way...