25 January 2020

1402. Sun King Dry-Hopped Sunlight

And I saved this one for last for a reason.  It's not going to surprise anyone that I did not enjoy this beer at all.  It takes a very blah standard beer, and adds bitterness that makes me like it even less.  Will never drink this beer again.

1401. Sun King Orange Vanilla Sunlight

Second up is the Orange Vanilla variant, which was also very delicious and a massive improvement over the basic flavor of Sunlight.  This has a wonderful mix of orange and vanilla that gives the beer a light creamy feeling, with a great vanilla aftertaste.

1400. Sun King Tropical Sunlight

BEER 1400!!!!!!!!!!  And I made sure it was another Indiana Beer for this Milestone.

Sun King is releasing three variant of their Sunlight Cream Ale - so Caitlin and I rolled into Sun King Broad Ripple to check out their new location try all three of these variants.  We met up with our friends Steve and Amanda Brown, and had a very good time catching up.

First up was the Tropical, it was very tasty and definitely improved on this beer.  There was some good fruity flavors, and perhaps even a hint of coconut in the aftertaste (I don't know for sure, but it was yummy).  I really felt like this was a great improvement on the flavor of this standard-bland beer.

1399. Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter

I've been wanting to try this beer for a very long time - and Ryan Miller eventually got it on draft at Joe's Fishers.  He showed me the keg a few weeks ago, and I've anxiously been awaiting it getting tapped.

This beer was everything that I could have hoped for.  It was amazing and delicious.  I could probably drink the entire keg myself.  It's creamy and smooth with a very wonderful chocolate flavor to it.  Literally like a boozy chocolate milk.

Is it possible to make this beer better?  Well, I had the idea to add Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey and try to create a Reese's Cup - by doing the beer like an Irish Car Bomb.  And this tastes AMAZING!!!!!!!  As you chug the beer, it's all chocolate magic going down, and in the aftertaste you get the heavy peanut butter kicking in to mix with the chocolate.

24 January 2020

379 REVISITED: Revolution Cross of Gold

It's been a little over six years since I remember drinking this beer, so I decided to grab one with my lunch at Blind Owl today.  In my ORIGINAL POST, I said it was okay but that I didn't like the finish.  This doesn't seem to be the case anymore - my pallet must have evolved, because the finish doesn't bother me anymore.  It's still just a pretty standard light ale, but very easy to drink and refreshing.

11 January 2020

1398. BrewDog Ace of Sabro

I find this to be very light and refreshing for an IPA.
Some good aromas up front, and a pretty smooth taste. 
The finish might be a little dry.  But I personally don’t think it’s that bad. 

1397. BrewDog Vinyl Vigilante

Very creamy and smooth.  Light and easy to drink. It goes down very easy with a full creamy front, and has some good chocolate flavors all the way. 

1396. Metazoa Wit-Bellied Hedgehog

Light and refreshing.  
Simple and tasty. 
It’s a good beer, but not anything amazing. 
I like drinking it.  I would drink it again.  

1395. Metazoa Possum Party

Very nice and smooth flavors.  
There isn’t much to it, but it’s creamy and has some cacao-like flavors.  

1394. Metazoa Speedy the 3-Legged Cat

This is a very solid Belgian.  
Really good flavors, and a very interesting finish.  
It starts to feel like it’s going to get dry and bitter, but it just mellows out nicely. 

1393. Metazoa Flamingo Juice

This Berry is tasty!!!
Mildly tart, very strong cherry flavor.  
It’s a little dry in the backend, but also has a great lingering cherry flavor.  Really refreshing!

04 January 2020

1392. Rochester Mills Barrel Aged Milkshake Stout

I saved a good one for last.  
(Triple Decadence was still by far the best)
I really do enjoy this beer.  
The cocoa nibs and milk sugars make for a rich and creamy drink, that finishes with a really tasty bourbon flavor.  

It’s really tasty.

03 January 2020

1391. Rochester Mills Sweet as Pie Milkshake Stout

It’s a very light and easy to drink beer.  
It goes down quickly without much flavor to it.  It’s sweet at first, and then the brown sugar kicks in.  It’s not a bad flavor, but a blah flavor.  I expected a more “nutty” flavor but it’s really just sweet on sweet. No bitters, and I don’t get much from the cacao nibs either.