27 August 2022

1686. Elysian Def Leppard Pale

 I wasted my ONE beer tonight, on this one.
The can looks cool, I like Def Leppard...
I do not enjoy Pales that are THIS dry and hoppy.
I didn't even finish the beer, because I just didn't enjoy the flavors.
I think it was quality, and those who like hops should enjoy this.

450 REVISITED: New Glarus Two Women

 BEER #450 was my first ever New Glarus beer, back in 2013.
It's interesting to see the difference in colors of the beers nine years apart.
It was much darker when it came from the bottle, as opposed to how light colored the beer is from the can.  It's obvious that this recipe has seen some changes over the years.  My description back in 2013 was far kinder than how blah and bland this beer was in 2022.

Today was MATCHDAY, and since I was home alone, I went ahead and enjoyed this gift from my Bayern Brother Garrett, in a Bayern glass.

21 August 2022

1685. Taxman Pineapple PayMint

This is supposed to be a "mojito inspired" beer.
It's a Belgian, so I  enjoy that.  It's got good pineapple flavor, so I enjoy that too.
Sadly, it's just not something I loved.  I just thought it was ok.  I would easily drink it again, but I don't ever need to.

17 August 2022

1684. 3 Floyd's Speed Castle

 I tend to avoid 3 Floyd's a lot.  I think their beers a good quality, just never flavors that I enjoy - or they are WAY too over-hyped by people.  It's like an anti-hipster thing on my part.  So, I was hesitant when D offered it up to me tonight, but I he said it needed to be my one beer for the night.

(For anyone unaware, I took a 10-month sobriety stint, and since re-introducing beer into my life, I limit myself to one beer.  Or, t least with hours between them.  During my Wisconsin trip, in a twelve hour period, I did drink four beers all day.  So, that all being said, I've drastically cut drinking back in my life, and for the first time - I feel good about it.  These past ten months definitely taught me to put Party Boy Shane in the rear view of my life.  Luckily, I've got a lot good people like D and other bar employees/managers who keep an eye on me and have really helped me.)

Back to the beer, it's NOT bad.  It's not "amazing" either, but I didn't hate it.  The flavor upfront was good and tasty, light and citrusy.  Back that backend still gets me with a dry taste that I don't enjoy - one that's in every single one of their pales.  I won't go out of my way to drink this again.