20 April 2019

1241. BrewDog Pulp Patriot

The reviews led me to believe I would enjoy this beer. They said it was fruity and had almost no bitterness.  Well, they lied.  However, despite my initial disdain towards this beer, it grew on me after the second one. 

The aroma is very-bitter, and the initial taste followed through with that expectation.  The lactose seemed to make it smoother, with some mild fruity flavors, but it still turned out to be a very dry beer in the end.  As it warmed up - because I wasn’t drinking these quickly - it seemed to mellow out and become more approachable with its fruit flavors becoming more noticeable.  Not my favorite, but I was glad I tried this hybrid. 

15 April 2019


It’s Tax Day 2019!
So that means I need to drink a Taxman Beer!
Enjoying the Red Wine Barrel Qualified! 🍻

08 April 2019

937 REVISITED. NOT 1241.

So, I got bamboozled this year, thinking that People’s Battalion was a new Indy Eleven Beer - because of the new can.  (I thought it was a third, after Flat 12’s Full 90, it’s still just the second)

I was wrong. 

It’s the same dry and bitter beer that I complained about HERE.

Outdoor sports - or sports in general - need LIGHT, crisp, and refreshing beers to make the time enjoyable.  I hate dry-mouth more than anything, and that’s all this beer does.  Which doesn’t make me want to drink a lot of them while watching my team.