20 February 2021

1584. Garfield Confectshroomnary

Still at Stop #7, it's going to be the end of our night, so we're trying some extra beers.
I've been really wanting to come down here to Garfield, and I've really enjoyed the vibe of this small taproom.

I don't know if I've ever drank a beer made with mushrooms, but this was interesting.  I'm not a fan of them in food, and they give this beer an odd flavor that I don't hate, but I don't think I will ever drink this again.  It's odd.

1583. Garfield Chocolate Covered Strawberry Stout

Stop #7 on Indiana Stout Day 2021

I really enjoyed the flavors of this beer, nice thick chocolate flavors up front and the fruity strawberry flavor just kind of lingers in the background through the end of the drink.  Very tasty,

1582. Metazoa Jacked Rabbit

Stop #6 on Indiana Stout Day 2021

This was an oatmeal stout with coffee and lactose.
It was a fine drink, but nothing special at all.  
There was no social distancing going on here, so we drank quickly and left.

1581. Centerpoint Statewide Stout

Stop #5 on Indiana Stout Day 2021

Vanilla and cocoa beans are in this stout, and it was okay.  Just kinda plain to me.

1580. MashCraft Alex

Stop #4 on Indiana Stout Day 2021

This raspberry milk stout was nice and fruit and silky smooth going down.
Good flavors, really tasty.

1579. Scarlet Land Dorian Millionaire Stout

Stop #3 deserved a THIRD Stout today!
Sea Salt and Oatmeal stout...  Was interesting.  Not my favorite flavor combination, but it was okay.

1578. Scarlet Lane Dorian Espresso Stout

Stop #3 deserved a second beer, so we could try another Dorian variant.
The espresso is very powerful in this beer, and makes it a very strong coffee stout.

1577. Scarlet Land PB&D Peanut Butter Dorian Stout

Stop #3 on Indiana Stout Day 2021

A really good Dorian variant (I still prefer the coconut variant over all others).
The peanut butter flavor was really good and present in the beer.

1576. Upland Syrupticious

Stop #2 on Indiana Stout Day 2021

Tasty pair of coffee notes with some sweetness from the maple syrup.  Not as powerful of flavors as I expected, but still enjoyable.

1575. Sun King Churrolicious

Stop #1 on Indiana Stout Day 2021

Beer brewed with churros from local bakeries.
It's smooth and sweet, and a nice sugary cinnamon flavor to it. 
Really enjoyable beer.

17 February 2021

1574. Duck-Rabbit Porter

It's a porter.  It's a good porter.  It tastes exactly like I expect a porter to taste.

1573. Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale

Standard Amber ale.  Drinkable, but nothing special about it.

February Beer Box

For the February Beer Box, we received...

From Double Mountain Brewery in Oregon was got an IPA and a Kolsch.

We also got some beers from a brewery in North Carolina called Duck-Rabbit - which I actually know from our Honeymoon, when we were in Asheville, I tried their Brown ale.  In this beer box, we got their Porter and their Amber Ale, so two new styles for me to try from them.

15 February 2021

1572. Erdinger Weißbier

I ran out of Paulaners and forgot to pick up more before today's match.
I'm being extra lazy, so I am just drinking a different German beer that I have in my fridge.
It's pretty standard, but tasty.

06 February 2021

1569. Rochester Mills Orange Whip

I've been a huge fan of Rochester Mills in the past two years because of their Milkshake Stouts.
So, I thought I might enjoy a Milkshake IPA.  I'd recently had an IPA with lactose and vanilla and that seemed to make some enjoyable flavors.

Sadly, it did not work with me and this beer.
The dry and bitter IPA was too overpowering for the orange and vanilla flavors to come through.  
There was some minor orange, but no "creamy" flavor to go with it.  The more I allowed it to warm up, the more the orange flavor started to stand out - but there was never any "creamy" to go along with it.  I had hoped for a melted Creamsicle type flavor, and this was nowhere near that.

430 REVISITED: New Glarus Spotted Cow

This beer was the first one I ever tried from New Glarus back in November of 2013.
It was BEER #430 on the website, and when I looked back to see my review: it basically still stands the exact same as it was seven-ish years ago.  In 2013, it was a gift from Ryan Miller, this time, it was given to me by Garrett Miller.

I really enjoy the flavors of this beer, I usually like Farmhouse ales, and the live yeast always tends to add some enjoyable extra flavor while it cask conditions.  I drank this beer pretty quickly, because like I said, the delicious flavor doesn't last long - and that's still my only complaint.

1568. New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red

Perviously, Ryan Miller has given me this beer.  I vividly remember drinking it with him at his house in Broad Ripple.  However, it never made it onto the website.  So, now I am posting one that Garrett gave me.  (And of course, I didn't notice that my camera had focused on Garrett - and not the beer.  So, that's a bummer that the beer bottle is out of focus....)

This was probably my favorite New Glarus before I drank the Raspberry Tart.  The cherry flavor is this beer is BIG, and really delicious.  However, it's not as sour or tart as the Raspberry Tart.  It's still got minor tart and sour flavor to it, but nothing as powerful as the Raspberry Tart.  Still, it's a delicious beer, and I enjoyed every single drink of it.

1567. New Glarus Fat Squirrel

Earlier today, Garrett and I were talking about how much we both really love Brown Ales this time of the year, and I was complaining that barely anyone makes brown ales anymore.  They are one of the harder styles of beer to find - and very hard to find an actual GOOD one.

Well, New Glarus makes a GOOD ONE.  Garrett told me this was his favorite beer from New Glarus and I can see why.  The flavors are really good, it's nice and heavy with a light flavor.  It makes me mouth happy while it warms up my throat.  Very delicious beer here.

1566. New Glarus Raspberry Tart

OH.......  This beer is magically delicious.
The Miller Brothers recently went up to Wisconsin for the Packers/Bucs game, and from what I hear, they came back with a large amount of cases of beer from New Glarus.  

This was the one I specifically asked them to bring back for me - and I LOVE IT.  The raspberry flavor is perfect, and it's a little more sour than tart, which I love.  It makes my mouth water just thinking about this beer.  One of my favorite beers I've drank recently.

05 February 2021

1565. Founder's Marvelroast

This beer tricks you.  From the look of it, you think you're getting a light beer.  But, it's heavier than the golden color leads you to believe, and it packs a huge punch of coffee to it.  However, despite the fact that I don't like coffee, it feels like the vanilla and milk sugars numb the bitter taste and makes for a very enjoyable blend of flavors.

This beer was a gift from my buddy Garrett Miller, during a trip he took back at the end of summer.  It sat in the back of fridge until tonight, when I thought it might be a good time to pull it out.

1564. Heretic Shallow Grave

This beer is a very nice and enjoyable porter.  Chocolate and caramel flavors blend pretty well together.   It's pretty light to drink, and the flavors linger for an enjoyable amount of time.

03 February 2021

1563. Sun King We Muckle

Very similar to Wee Mac, but with fewer flavors.  Really just chocolate and toffee to taste.
It's kind of thick with chocolate flavor, and very smooth and sweet from the toffee.  It was tasty, but nothing magical.

1562. Almanac Foudre Punch

I really enjoyed this beer.  It's pretty delicious.  All of the berry flavors blend together really well, and it's not super sour, it's just the perfect amount of mild sour mixed with tart.  I drank a lot of these today.

1561. Warpigs Four Phantoms

Almost every other Warpigs beer has been an insane pale ale.
I was beyond happy to find they made a blonde.  
My happiness was quickly shut down.
It might claim its a blonde, but it's the driest and most bitter blonde beer I have ever drank.
It's literally an IPA Lite.

1560. Sun King Stupid Sexy Flanders

This was supposed to be a "revisited" beer, because I know I've drank it - and enjoyed it - in the past.
But when I went to find out it original number, it was not there.  So, it somehow skipped getting posted.

It's a deliciously tart red ale.  Just the right amount of sour to be very enjoyable.  Minor fruit flavors to it, but nothing overpowering.

02 February 2021

1154 REVISITED: Sun King Coconut Bourbon Barrel Timmie

Previously tried this beer, but did not make a comment that day - Caitlin and I had been bar hopping all afternoon that day, so I was a little tipsy and by this time, I wasn’t commenting on the beers.  So, I couldn’t remember if I liked it. 

I LIKE IT!  It’s a nice and powerful Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout.  The bourbon is nice and strong up front, and the sweetness of the coconut lingers in the aftertaste.  The beer has nice chocolate flavor to it, and I’m very happy that I don’t get any hints of molasses at all.