21 December 2016

2016 Indiana City Cratchit's Traditional Viewing

2013 Cratchit's with Patrick Stewart. 
2014 Cratchit's with George C. Scott. 
2015 Cratchit's with Alastair Sim.
2016 Cratchit's with Michael Caine. 
Tradition continues. 

20 December 2016

882. Sun King When the Lights Go Out

881. Four Day Ray Identity Crisis

I liked this one.  Good flavors overall.  Nice and smooth with some really good flavors throughout.

880. Four Day Ray Snow Shed Spiced Ale

Spices are nice and present, and it goes down smooth and easy.  Earthy aftertaste, but nothing bad.  Enjoyable.

879. Four Day Ray Prince Igor Russian Imperial Stout

Not a great Imperial Stout - the flavors are just mediocre.

878. Four Day Ray Take the Day Mild

Pretty simple.  Not too much to it.  Decent overall flavor, but pretty bland.

877. Four Day Ray Laplander Blonde

This beer claims to be drier than a normal blonde - and it sure it.  Good taste up front, but I do not enjoy the finish of this beer.

06 December 2016

873. Figure Eight Raven Tor

I was surprised to learn the Figure Eight has been around since 2010.
This beer does not taste like something that comes from an established and time-tested brewery.  My biggest complaint about most new breweries - in the first year - is that they haven't learned how to balance their ingredients with water in larger batches, and it results in many watered down flavors.  I've personally gone to a few breweries for their openings, and been unimpressed.  Only to go back and try them a year or two later, and be far more impressed with what I previously felt was unbalanced.

This beer claims it is an Oatmeal Stout.
Sadly, it's light and watery, and goes down way too smoothly for a stout.  There is no body and heft to flavors.  There is a slight stout flavor that passes too quickly.  Caitlin did tell me that the beer tasted good after eating her chocolate cake - so I suppose that's something positive.

Sadly, tonight I was just really disappointed in Figure Eight.  One day I hope to make it their brewery and try some of their other offerings.  Hopefully that can change how un-impressed I am at this moment.

872. Figure Eight Dinna Fash

Not a fan of this beer at all.
It's not bad, but the flavors just don't mix well for me to enjoy the taste.  I expected the raspberry to be more tart, and I didn't expect the honey to overwhelm the entire flavor experience.

05 December 2016

871. Oskar Blues Death by Coconut

Really, really good Coconut beer.  Almost as good as the 2013 Koko Brown.  The beer is nice and light, great chocolate flavors, and some real coconut flavor too.  While the coconut is actually present with this beer, it's not as strong as I've been praying for.  Still, Oskar Blues does not disappoint, and I will gladly drink these and enjoy them very much.