31 July 2022

1683. Artisanal Warheads Blue Raspberry

This is a BLUE beer!  I don't remember any beer like this.
And it's possibly my favorite of all these sours.
The flavor was REALLY good, and sour, and tasty.  
Very enjoyable.

1682. Artisanal Warheads Black Cherry

Sour flavor is sour, the cherry flavor is not exactly what I expect from Cherry.
Perhaps because it's "black cherry"?  It's just a little more dry than tart, but still a good beer.

30 July 2022

1681. Artisanal Warheads Watermelon

VERY good Watermelon flavor.
I almost think I like this one better than the Cherry-Lime.  
Still sour, but perfect Watermelon taste.

1680. Artisanal Warheads Cherry Lime

I think I'm going to like these beers.
VERY sour.  This lime-sour has the same taste as the Lacto-Kooler beer.  It's very tart, and distinct.  I can tell they use the same sour-lime-flavoring.

28 July 2022

1679. Energy City Pineapple Coconut Cream Pie

Really tasty beer.  
The pineapple flavor is strong.
The coconut flavor lingers in the aftertaste. 
It's a tasty beer.

22 July 2022

1678. Paulaner Grapefruit Radler

Fruity and refreshing on this hot evening.

1677. Hinterland Door County Cherry Wheat

Blah.  Hinterland is very subpar.  Cherry flavor is present, but a little bitter for my taste.

1676. New Glarus Totally Naked

Light and easy to drink, but still no Wisconsin Magic.

1675. Hinterland Packerland Pilsner

As my first OFFICIAL beer, coming back from my non-alcoholic sabbatical, this was pretty lame.
I'm not a fan of the flavor.  It was a disappointing introduction and start to this Wisconsin trip.