26 September 2015

710. Blind Owl Phantom Forest Oktoberfest

Really tastes like a Light-Oktoberfest.
It goes down really quick and smooth, but still has a lot of the flavor without the bite. I like it, despite the fact that it doesn't really feel like I'm drinking a true Oktoberfest beer. I will be excited to try this next fall, and see if they improve the recipe a bit. 

709. Brugge Pooka

Really good sour, not the best I've ever had, but I am enjoying it a lot. Good flavors, wasn't sure about Boysenberry, but it's nice. Really good sour flavor that I enjoy. 

708. Redemption Alewerks RecMyPumpkin

This tastes exactly how it sounds, and it awkwardly works. Very smooth potter flavors with some pumpkin flavors that creep in while you drink. The vanilla kicks in late and stays a while, making it refreshing in the end. I wouldn't want to drink a lot of these - but at this time of the year, one a night is almost perfect. 

707. Redemption Alewerks Deliverance IPA

Solid IPA. 
And that's coming from a guy who doesn't really like IPAs. The flavors are there, the bitterness is there, and it's pretty smooth with no bad aftertaste. Probably their best beer I've had - which is weird. But, I can taste the quality of this. 

706. Redemption Alewerks Atonement

A pale ale brewed with Citra Hops makes for an interesting flavor. While it retains very dry and bitter hop flavors, you can really tell that they have been tamed down with a bit of sweetness. My only dislike is the aftertaste. It's pretty good going down, but the lingering flavors just aren't enjoyable. 

705. Redemption Alewerks Nitro FourFathers

Typical Cream Ale. It's fine, nothing special, but not bad. Exactly what I was expecting. Not much to say about it. 

704. Redemption Alewerks Pineapple Pitstop

Yet another American Wheat. Luckily, this one isn't terrible at all. It's nice and smooth and whatever pineapple flavors it carries really helps with the taste of the beer. It's not super-pineapple-smash-in-your-face, but nice and subtle. Very enjoyable, and one of the few American Wheats that I can enjoy. 

703. Redemption Alewerks Salvation

There is a lot going on in this beer. Again, it's an American Wheat, very light and not what I want or expect from a Wheat Beer. The orange flavor comes with the drink and its followed up with the honey and a peppery taste on the back end. I think it accomplishes what they wanted, but I'm not really a fan. 

05 September 2015

702. Tow Yard Hula Hoop Girl Belgian Witbier

I tried Tow Yard last year, and was not impressed at all. A year and a half later, and their core line up hasn't changed or gotten more appealing to me. I tried one that I knew I hadn't had before, and it was beyond disappointing. It's not a terrible beer, but there is nothing appealing about the dry flavor of this beer. 

03 September 2015

701. Highland Gaelic Ale

Nice and smooth beer. Not really anything special, it goes down easy with a little more dryness than I prefer. There is a bitter aftertaste that lingers but it's blended with some caramel flavor, so it's not terrible. It's a fine beer, one I could drink if it was the best offering, but not something I will order before trying something new.