19 November 2016

865. Around the Bend Puffing Billy

Very good beer. Really solid brown ale, and then add in the cacao nibs and this beer is delicious. Very smooth and tasty. I really enjoyed it.

14 November 2016

864. Dog Tag Brewing Legacy Lager

Miller got me this beer from a distributor, as it is coming to Indiana very soon. I've been following their brewery online for about a year - because I thought they had a very nifty thing going on. I'm happy that I enjoy this beer. It's nothing special, but it is a really good and crisp lager with easy flavors. Nothing special or exciting - but I would easily drink this beer all day long and be happy and proud of it.

863. Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat

11 November 2016

862. O'Fallon Hemp Hop Rye

Full aromas, lead up to a good beer. It's thick, but goes down easy. It's a little dry and it does leave a floral taste in my mouth. Much closer to what I was expecting tonight. The rye seems to compliment the hemp very well and make an enjoyable beer to drink. Sadly, not much in the realm of mental ease.

10 November 2016

861. Humboldt Brown

Very light brown ale. Not a lot of flavor, but there is a lot of dryness in the back end. The aroma has very subtle hints of potential hemp, sadly there's not much to this beer. It's easy to drink and the flavors are ok, but nothing close to special, or what I was hoping for.