24 January 2017

903. Taxman La Maison

Moderate beer. Medium body, with a honey flavor. Not bad, but not something I would go out of my way to drink again. Decent spring/summer beer. Just okay.

902. Taxman Gold Standard

Decent beer. A little more body to it than I was expecting. Drinks pretty smooth, feels full, flavor lingers briefly - and is a little dry - and then it's gone.

23 January 2017

901. New Glarus Serendipity

This is a total departure from the heavy Rye-Aged-Rye Miller and I have been drinking.

Fruity-tootie! This beer is easy and simple, and so good to drink. Literally like drinking a fruit cocktail. Light, refreshing, and great quality. I could drink a lot of these.

900. Revolution Ryeway to Heaven

New Milestone: 900!
I have been holding onto this beer for a few weeks, wanting to make sure that 900 was from Revolution. (1000 will also be from Revolution, I already have it (them) aging in my fridge...)

Everything about this beer is good. The aroma from opening the bottle gives you exactly what you are about to drink. The rye smell is strong, and the rye flavor is very strong in the beer. It's a good sip, it's a solid flavor - and it's a single flavor. From the drink to the swallow, it's one consistent flavor all around. It's really enjoyable, and very tasty.

899. Big Lug Ken Bone

A very nice and sour beer, it tastes really good while I'm drinking it - then something with the hoppy-bitterness kicks in and just makes for an awkward aftertaste. Still a very enjoyable beer overall.

898. Big Lug Weekender

For people who love coffee, this would be a really good beer. It goes down quick, easy, and it super smooth - then the coffee flavors slowly builds up in the aftertaste. Very good quality, I just don't really like coffee.

20 January 2017

897. Three Floyd's Deesko

Super delicious, light and refreshing. Almost a sour. Goes down really nice and leaves a subtle sour flavor when it's gone. I really enjoy this beer. Not much to it, simple, and I like it.

896. Lightning Brewery Electrostatic Ale

I came across this random beer in a fridge a local liquor store. I had never heard of it, and thought it sounded interesting enough. A 10% Ale from a new brewery - let's buy it!

It turned out to be a decent beer. Nothing great, it goes down smooth and easy. It's has an awkward lingering aftertaste. Not a bad taste, and it most likely just from the high gravity - but it's just a little off. It doesn't make me want to stop drinking it. I'm going to let it warm up a bit
and see if it changes anything.

After sitting a while and warming up, it makes the weird aftertaste go away almost altogether. It's very smooth, and not bad. Nothing special, though.

17 January 2017

895. Rogue Mom Hefeweizen

Dry. Dry. Dry.
Probably my least favorite Hefeweizen ever.
Oh man. I was intrigued by Rogue doing a Hefe - but no. Sadly, no. Very light up front, but dry, mouth-like-the-desert-dry afterwards. Sad face. Going to be tough to drink this one.

16 January 2017

894. Naked Brewing Naked's Red Ale

Decent red ale, almost a hint of sour. There is a small bit of sour while I am drinking it, but it goes away quickly and the beer has a very dry finish. I enjoy the front, but not the back so much. Still not bad, and dryness doesn't make it a bad beer.

14 January 2017

THE END is in sight. Beers by the Numbers.

I started this website near the end of 2012. I registered the website in September and spent the last four months of the year getting everything caught up. Going through MySpace and Facebook posts looking for beers I had posted. Going through my iCloud and other Hard Drive back ups, trying to find all of the pictures I had taken over the years, to make sure I hadn't missed anything - and then I worked on the post for The First 152, based on the beers I knew I had drank, that I didn't have pictures of. Those first 152 are all pretty common beers, that I don't think anyone will ever challenge me on. A few of them, I have even done REVISITED posts just to confirm they have been drank.

2013 was the year I started keeping track hardcore - and it still remains my most successful year with 236 new beers drank.

I am coming up on 900.
Should be in the next week or two.
It will be from Revolution Brewing - one of my favorites. Also, Beer 1000 shall be the two variations of Batch 1000 from Revolution Brewing. 113 beers to go. There is no way that I won't hit my goal in 2017.

Then, I have to decide what the plan is for the website...

893. Horny Goat Brownie Porter

Pretty complex beer here.  Overall it's good, it goes through about three stages.  I've drank almost half the beer, and still can't completely get a grasp around it.  It goes down really smooth - kinda chocolate milk-like flavor - it's easy to drink.  Then as soon as I stop, it's like a kick of chocolate in my mouth, followed by some spices that then mellow out.  It's an interesting beer, definitely an experience.  

892. Oskar Blues Beerito

I assume it's supposed to taste a lot like Tecate - and it does.  With a little bit of a sweeter taste, and it completely lacks the bitter backend.  Goes down super easy and quick. Gone after the third drink.  

12 January 2017

891. Goose Island Four Star Pils

True be told, I had this beer last year at a bar in Chicago, but it was on draft and the place was really busy, so I didn't have the chance to get a picture.  I always knew I would eventually drink it again, and when I saw it tonight - it was a good choice.  Light and easy to drink, but still delivers a full-bodied flavor.  Much more complex than most standard pilsners, it's have a very malty flavor to it, with some dryness in the backend. It's good, but not great.