25 April 2020

1429. Sun King Polynesian Passion

Good beer, no coconut flavor.
It's a fun, fruity, sugary beer.
Light, at first - then really big in the back end.  Nice, lingering rum flavors overpower all the fruit flavors in the aftertaste.  

21 April 2020

1428. Indiana City Medieval Mixology

A fruited Belgian Dark Strong...
I had high hopes, I love Belgians, but this one is just kind of okay.
The fruit is there, but subtle.  It's just okay.

1427. Centerpoint El Gato

Pretty standard and normal Mexican lager.
Not great, not bad.

14 April 2020

1426. Sun King Frost Berries Sour Ale

This is one of the most delicious sour beers I have drank in a long time!
I really love it.  The flavors all work very well together, its fruity with just the perfect amount of sour.

10 April 2020

Drink Indiana Cheers 04/10/2020

Another Friday is another Drink Indiana Cheers!
This week, we picked Big Woods/Quaff On as our brewery.
Caitlin drank the amazingly delicious Peanut Butter Busted Knuckle.
I had the Six Foot Strawberry Blonde, which is really tasty.

07 April 2020

1425. Rochester Mills Leroy

Really tasty brown ales.
Overall, brown ales are one of my favorites and this one has a little added extra flavor of yummy with the addition of maple syrup.

1424. Devil's Trumpet Astronaut Dreams

This beer was good, but also very odd in an interesting way.
The beer tastes like a melted iced-mixed-drink.  It was creamy from the lactose, the pineapple flavor was very powerful and the coconut did hint itself in the backend.  The orange and banana flavors were sort of present, just kind of blended in with everything else.  It was not bad, and I liked it overall.  I would drink it again, and see how I felt after another one.

1423. Central Waters Cassian Sunset

Central Waters is almost always a great brew, and that stands true with this beer also.  The bourbon works so well, and the stout is very smooth.  The vanilla kicks in quickly upfront and the backend mellows with the bourbon flavor.

06 April 2020

1422. Voodoo Brewery and Untitled Art Imperial Stout

Very good and high quality stout.
It's exactly what you want and expect from an Imperial Stout.

1421. Abomination Brewing Shotgun Sour

This beer was enjoyable.
The sour was okay, but not super sour.
The berry flavors work well together and it's really tasty.

1420. Rhinegeist Whiffle

Really light and enjoyable beer.
There’s not a lot of flavors to it, but the citrus flavors and aroma are really strong and enjoyable.  It’s exactly what I expect from a Witbier.  It’s tasty, and I like drinking it.  It’s a step up from Miller Lite, and would prefer this to be my summertime outdoors beer.  

03 April 2020

Drink Indiana Cheers 04/03/2020

The Brewer's Guild of Indiana has organized a CHEERS at 6:00pm each Friday night.
Caitlin and I missed the first week, but we were able to join the state tonight.
We picked some Sun King beers that we had in the fridge, and put them in Sun King glassware and enjoyed the beautiful weather in our backyard while playing with the dogs.
Looking forward to joining next week also.