29 February 2020

1411. Ommegang Bourbon Barrel Three Philosophers

Three Philosophers is one of my all time favorite beers.
It was originally drank as BEER 334 - and I've drank many of them over the past seven years.
Drinking this beer taught me that it was possible to take a great thing, and make it phenomenal. I really enjoyed drinking this, it was nice and smooth with some delicious flavors.  I would love to drink this more often.

22 February 2020

1410. Taxman Luxury Goods

This beer is really enjoyable.
A lightly chocolate smooth beer, with a nice subtle hint of raspberries in the aftertaste.

15 February 2020

1409. Sun King Ring of Dingle: Chocolate Mint

Another blah version of this stout.
The chocolate is there - but I barely get any mint.
Another disappointment.
I didn't like the regular Ring of Dingle, so I don't know why I thought I might like these variants.

1408. Sun King Ring of Dingle: Peanut Butter Coffee

Way too much Coffee.
I really can't even begin to taste the Peanut Butter. 
So blah.  Not a fan of this beer.

09 February 2020

1407. Guggman Haus Coffee Milk Stout

LOTS of coffee flavor.
It's a creamy milk stout, but there is no doubt there is coffee in this beer.

1406. Guggman Haus Backpacker's Picnic

Peanut Butter.
AND Raspberry!

All of the flavors blended together so perfectly well.
Delicious chocolate upfront and then creamy peanut butter with a nice sweet raspberry finish when everything is done.

1405. Dogfish Head Vibrant P'Ocean

Absolutely delicious. 
Great sour flavors, a nice good punch.

1404. 3 Floyd's Alpha Kong

This beer was big and delicious.
My first ever Belgian Sextuple.
Smooth and powerfully good flavors.

1403. BrewDog and Fountain Square: Shelby Street Alliance

I was NOT a fan of this beer.
The pepper spice is on the backend and far too powerful for me to enjoy.