23 August 2014

591. Lagunitas Night Time

Very dry and very bitter up front. 
I didn't think I liked it...
...but the lingering cacao flavor makes me want to take another drink...

590. Lagunitas Imperial Red

A very decent beer, a little more dry than I tend to enjoy, but it's very smooth with some mellow flavors that linger. Glad I tried it, but don't need to drink it again. 

589. Revolution Threesome

Very light Tripel that has a punch of flavor. No bitterness, super smooth, with a little spicy kick to it. I enjoy it, but I don't think I'd go out of my way to drink a lot of them. 

22 August 2014

588. Revolution Rosa

Very light and refreshing, the hibiscus flower adds some really interesting and odd flavors to the beer. Enjoyable, and would be easy to drink a lot of them outside. 

587. Revolution Galaxy Hero

Smooth and easy to drink, good flavors with just a little dry bitters on the back end. Still could drink a lot of them without any problem. 

586. North Coast Old Rasputin

Really good quality. 
Dry and bitter. 
No chocolate flavor to help smooth it out. My mouth and throat are dry, demanding more liquid. 
Good quality, not good for me. 

585. Fifty Fifty Eclipse Imperial Stout 2013

My brother had a 2013 Eclipse Lavender Pearl.  This had Java Coffee involved in secondary. 
This beer is not what I expected, but I really enjoyed it. The coffee flavor is very prominent up front. Them the chocolate comes up in the back. And that's really delicious!  Very legit/solid beer. Liked it better than I expected!

584. Lagunitas Brewing Company Undercover Investigation Shut-down Ale

Really good flavor, just a little dry and a little bitter. I liked it, but don't really ever need to drink it again. 

21 August 2014

583. Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Really smooth, really enjoyable flavor, mild sour. Goes down easy and tastes great. The peach flavor does not come through much. I dig this a lot.

582. Local Option Blood ov the Kings

Very dry for a wheat beer. 
Leaves my mouth very dry. 
Not really a fan of this brew. 

16 August 2014

581. Indiana City Daydream

Exactly what I expected. 
Exactly what I wanted. 
Solid flavors, easy to drink. 
Nothing more, nothing less. 

580. Sun King Froth of Khan

For someone who doesn't like coffee, it's odd that I enjoy this beer so much. Really good flavors, really easy to drink.

Possibly my favorite thing I've ever had from Sun King. Or, wait, possibly second to Velvet Fog. 

TwoDEEP Redux

I wanted to give TwoDEEP a second chance. I wasn't impressed on my first visit, and I was coming downtown today, so I wanted to stop in again.

The plastic cups at the launch event turned me off. Plastic-aroma while drinking ruins many beers. Perhaps worse than chilled pint glasses. 

Sadly, the glassware did not drastically improve the quality. Most of the beers still lack distinct flavors. The Kunkel is still really enjoyable, but the others were how I remembered them. At the launch, I did not try the IPA, and I was very disappointed in it today. I am not a HopHead, but I can appreciate good flavored hoppy beers. This was dry, no flavor. 

I still dig the vibe, and as they brew more, and offer new flavors, I will still gladly come back and try them, and support what they are doing. I just hope they eventually get something I really find quality in. 

579. TwoDEEP Lake IPA

Very dry. 
Not very hoppy. 
Not sure what to think about it. 
Not something I would go out to try to drink.

578. Urban Chestnut Schnickelfritz

Really good taste and flavors, doesn't try to be too much. Plain and simple and really enjoyable.

577. Scarlet Lane Dorian Coconut Stout

Been wanting to try this for a while. Pretty good beer, smooth and easy. The coconut does finally come in very weak at the end. Still leaves a nice aftertaste. 

10 August 2014

09 August 2014

575. Chilly Water New Speedway IPA

I decided to force myself to drink a pint of one of my least favorite styles - just to make me attempt to appreciate it. 

It's a very full flavored and full bodied IPA.  Aroma is really good, but the dry-bitters that most Hopheads love is there too. It's not my style, but I do respect the quality. 

Overall, my afternoon at Chilly Water was enjoyable. Great bartender who was super cool and talked when there was something to talk about. Impressed with the quality, even if I didn't find a new favorite brewery, I am glad that their beers didn't suck and make this trip a waste of time. 

574. Chilly Water Captain Trips

It's taking me a while to adjust to this American Wheat Style. They warn that it is hoppy on the sign, but I don't think it's too bad. Interesting mix of flavors, not my favorite, but not terrible. 

Here is the whole Flight that I did today:

573. Chilly Water Sweet Revenge Pale Ale

Typical Pale Ale, exactly what I expected with some good flavors. Goes down really easy. 

572. Chilly Water Walloon Belgian Blonde

Really good flavors, just a little bitter on the back end again. Still enjoyable. 

571. Chilly Water Built to Last Pilsner

Really good flavor for a Pilsner, much more than I expected. A little dry/bitter on the finish. 

02 August 2014

570. TwoDEEP Red Sunday

Very enjoyable Irish Red. Good flavors, lack of bitters. Goes down smooth. Probably my favorite of the day. 

569. TwoDEEP The Kunkel

Exactly what I expected from a Dunkel. 
Good cacao/chocolately flavors, light and easy. My favorite so far today. 

568. TwoDEEP Jenny Wit

Very full-bodied, but it has a very odd flavor to it. Not terrible, but not something I'm too fond of. A lot heavier than I expected from a Witbier. Possibly a result of the French Wheat?

Today's biggest disappoint is drinking out of plastic cups. I feel that I need to come back in a few weeks - get some proper pictures and a beer taste sans the plastic aroma mixing in...

567. TwoDEEP Nightstick

Typical Cream Ale, tastes very similar to Sunlight. 

566. Bier Brewery 1.21 Gigawatts

Not one of the best Belgian Strong I've ever had, but since it's one of my favorite styles, it's hard to really stand out amongst the ones I do really like. 

It's not, it's just nothing special. I little more bitter than I tend to expect, it leaves my mouth very dry. Still drinkable, and deceptive with the 9% ABV, a few of these could be bad!