23 April 2018

1104. Central State Baldr

A gift from my buddy Ryan Miller. 
It’s a heavier beer, but still light and smooth at the same time.  Tasty, but not as good as some of the other beers I tried today.  

1103. Central State Cuvée #2

Oddly enjoyable Farmhouse.  
It’s different and has some odd flavors, but they work together. Not something I would drink a lot, but I don’t regret it.  

1102. Untitled Art / Mikerphone - Raspberry Sherbet

Well, this is interesting/funky/tasty.  
It’s different, but enjoyable.  
It’s exactly what I expected. 
Tasty, but two might be my limit. 

1101. Central State Garden

I wish I had made this beer #1100!
While Evicted was fine, this is my favorite beer (of the four) I have drank from Central State.  Really, really amazing Gose.  Nice sour lemon flavors. This is something I would want to drink all day.

1100. Central State Evicted

And, as always with Milestone Beers, I attempt to make them special. Most commonly - if I don’t already have a plan - I try to make them Indiana beers to support local.  So, on this fine afternoon, I decided to visit The Koelschip, a taproom from Central State. 

And I went with their Farmhouse Blonde Ale.
It’s only my third beer I have ever tried from them, but it is the best one of theirs I have drank.  It falls into the “Glorified Miller Lite” category, but the flavors are good, and I could drink these all afternoon long. 

20 April 2018

1097. Rhinegeist Hugh

1096. DuClaw Dirty Little Freak

Coconut beers are special to me.  
This one is good.  Not great, but good.  It has a nice coconut aroma to it - but the caramel is very powerful in the taste of the beer.  Enjoyable, but still falls short.