05 September 2017

1001. 18th Street Candy Crushable

I have wanted to try this beer for a long time.  I have seen it numerous times but never picked it up.  So, when I found it in Miller’s fridge, I figured tonight would be a good chance to try it out. It’s a decent Pale Ale. It’s one of the better ones I have tasted. I had hoped that the lactose sugar would make it sweeter than most pales, but I learned that it is added very early in the brewing process, and helps more by increasing the ABV. 

It is still very easy to drink, with light dry-ness.  I enjoyed it, and would drink more if offered to me. 

1000. Revolution Brewing Batch 1000

Last November, my brother bought me both variations of Revolution Brewing’s Batch 1000.  I have saved it and aged it for 10 Months now.  

It is delicious.  
It is magical.  
It is heavy, but not thick.  It goes down smooth and easy with a heavy aftertaste of flavors.  The vanilla and cocoa nibs work well together.  It is a delicious beer and I am so happy and proud that this was 1,000 - from my favorite brewery and I drank it with some of my best friends.  

04 September 2017

999. 3 Floyd’s Chevalier Bertrand Du Guesclin

Absolutely delicious.  One of the best sours that I have ever had.  There are very few things from 3 Floyd’s that I love - but this is one of them.  Super sour, very tart, simple Ale.  I really enjoy it. 

02 September 2017

998. New Holland Blue Goat

I enjoy the first two-thirds of this beer.  
It smells really good, it’s very malt-heavy when I drink it and has a very thick Bock flavor to it.  Then, a terribly dry aftertaste sets in, that just makes my mouth sad.  It makes me want to take another drink right away - which I suppose is good for making people drink fast, but not an enjoyable moment for my mouth.