31 July 2020

1461. Founders Más Agave

This delicious beer was a gift from my buddy Garrett Miller. 
Yes, I have stepped up my Miller-Game, and now have both awesome brothers picking me up beers when they travel - I am truly blessed with the Miller Boys. 

On to the beer.  
A Lime Gose, aged in Tequila barrels. 
It’s delicious. 
It’s not a sour Gose, it’s very tart, and even that’s tamed down by the tequila - which gives it a nice smooth finish and reminds you that it was there. 
It’s light. It goes down easier than it should for a 10% ABV.

I really enjoy this beer!

I gave Garrett a shout-out for getting me this beer, as I drank it during this week’s Podcast episode (https://youtu.be/AT_hxDc7C9w).

29 July 2020

1460. Country Boy Lemonade Lager

Really disappointed with this beer. 
It’s a dry lager, and it’s not fruity or sweet at all.  
I don’t ever plan to drink this again. 

28 July 2020

1459. West Side Gose

Pretty bland Gose. 
It has some tart up front, but it doesn’t linger for very long. 
It’s a fine drink, light and easy, but it’s just bland. 

1458. Fifty West Doom Pedal (Q♦️)

It’s been a LONG time since I posted any Bicycle Series beers.  While in Ohio, I finally ran across a brewery I’ve been looking for each time I went to Ohio.  So, I was finally able to add it. 

(I’ve also done numerous New Glarus beers, and keep forgetting to use one of them for the card...)

This beee is okay.  
There is nothing special about it, but it’s not bad.  
Just a standard ale with some extra flavor to it. 

1457. Rockmill Cerise

This is light and easy to drink.
It goes down very quick, and honestly doesn't have a whole lot of flavor to it.
It has a hint of cherry flavor, but nothing that really gives this beer anything special.
It's odd for such a plain beer to come from a brewery that the can says was established ten years ago.  This tastes like something I would expect from a brewery in their first year.

27 July 2020

1456. Kona Mai Time Wheat Ale

Orange, Pineapple, Lime.
All those flavors are present, the orange is the most powerful.
It's all fine in a wheat beer.  It's tasty, but nothing amazing.
It's a little too heavy for me to want to sit outside and drink them in the heat, but they aren't bad for drinking inside.  It's good, but nothing great.

25 July 2020

1455. Southern Tier White Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Milk Stout

So many amazing flavors all packed into a single beer, it's amazing!
It's light, it's refreshing, it's smooth, it's tart but not overpowering, and the white chocolate flavor lingers after you drink.  It's listed at 10% ABV, but it goes down easier than a Miller Lite, so this beer could get dangerous.

1454. Eagle Banana Bread Beer

Caitlin picked out this beer, and I am glad that she was willing to drink the rest of it.
I did not enjoy the beer at all - but Caitlin did.
It really does taste like banana bread, so it's exactly what it advertises - but I'm not a fan of banana bread, so it's too perfect for me to enjoy.

1453. Urban Artifact Photo Booth

Another gose.  More sour delicious.
It's tart and enjoyable.
Grapefruit usually isn't my favorite, but it's not bad in this beer.

1452. Fifty West Ocean City Strawberry Gose

I absolutely love this beer.
There is really nothing special about it, but it's fruity and its sour, and it makes my mouth happy.

1451. Left Hand Gettin' Tiki With It Nitro

Eh, blah.
This sounds like a beer that I should love.
Pina Colado flavors are ones that I tend to enjoy, and I do like wheat beers.
But...  Something about this doesn't go down right in my mouth.
It might be the nitro?  It is really smooth going down, but the flavors just don't taste good to me.
The nitro seems to make it taste "flat" as it goes down like thick pineapple flavored water.
I was really disappointed, because I thought I was going to like it a lot.

1450. Blue Stallion Ya Damn Skippy

Very tasty beer!  Caitlin and I have trouble finding Peanut Butter Porters we actually like.  
This is the third one we have found, after Big Woods/Quaff On! Peanut Butter Busted Knuckle and Evil Genius Purple Monkey.

The peanut butter flavor is really nice and balances the chocolate well.  It was a very tasty beer.

1449. Platform Coconut Guava Jelly Donut

This beer is AMAZING!
So delicious and tasty.
Caitlin and I found it at Party Source in Newport, and I later bought more of it at Jungle Jim's because I wanted more to drink.

Upfront, this is a delicious fruity sour, the "jelly" flavor is very strong upfront.
Then, what makes this beer delicious, is that the coconut flavor slowly creeps in on the back end and then lingers.  Leaving a great coconut taste in my mouth, after the sour is gone.

It's two flavors that I really love, and I can't believe they work so well together in the same beer.

18 July 2020

1448. Urban Artifact Spyglass

Really enjoyable beer for drinking outside.
The lemon-lime flavor is really nice and tart, and it drinks very light and refreshing.
They go down quick and are very enjoyable.

10 July 2020

1447. BrewDog Ballistic Cherry

Very similar to the Berry version, with a definite Cherry flavor in this one.
It's good, but nothing great - and I prefer the flavors of the Berry version.

1446. BrewDog Ballistic Berry

Really good berry flavor, and a small kick of sour.
Enjoyable to drink, but there isn't anything amazing about it.

BrewDog Pride AF

So, I'm not giving this 'beer" a number, since it is a non-alcoholic beer.
However, I am going to say this:  It's probably my favorite beer I have ever drank.
Or, at least as far as a beer I would want to drink everyday.  It's delicious.  Seriously, amazing.
The best NA I have ever tasted, and it's a great sour beer.  Nice and tart, that leaves my mouth puckering.

I would seriously consider drinking this NA for good, if it was more readily available.

03 July 2020

1445. The Bruery Mash & Coconut

Ryan Miller has finally found the BEST coconut beer I have ever drank.
It's amazing.  It's delicious.
The coconut flavor is powerful, most likely being brought out by the bourbon-barrel aging.