22 July 2023

1778. Societe Chronic Con

In San Diego to visit my brother and spend time with my family.
San Diego Comic Con is going on, so I wandered around downtown San Diego, and was able to walk around outside of the Con, and check out the people.  I always love people watching at Comic Conventions.

I had a noon reservation for Kevin Smith's Mooby's Pop Up Restaurant.
I've been to the Louisville Mooby's and the Indianapolis Mooby's (It appears I never uploaded this picture?  So, I need to find this...?) - so I was super excited to add a third.
In each city, they partner with a brewery to brew a different Kevin Smith Themed Beer.

This one was fine.
It was a VERY West Coast IPA, so I didn't love it.
But, I was there more for the experience.  It's always fun to be surrounded by other Kevin Smith fans.

08 July 2023

Cara Drinks Cider: Tropicolada

I believe the Millers were still in Tennessee when I got this text about a cider that Cara knew I would love.
From everything she's told me about it, I REALLY wish I had a way to try it.
It sounds like the coconut flavor was solid.

04 July 2023

1777. Sun King Synchronized Sipping

Another BLAH beer from Sun King.
It's light, and it's not bad.
But Blueberry and Orange just didn't make for a good mix, in my opinion.
I drank it.  It was fine.
But, I don't care about ever drinking it again.

1776. Yuengling Bongo Fizz

Yuengling's answer to Mango Cart.
Not as good as Mango Cart, but this beer does the trick.
I drank a lot of these this afternoon.
It's light and refreshing, and the mango flavor is there - but not as strong as Mango Cart.
Still tasty and delicious.

1775. Rhinegeist Juicy Truth

I didn't really like this beer.
I only had a few drinks of it.
I felt guilty.
In the past, I would never throw beer away, without finishing it - it was a commitment thing.
It was part of why I started this website, to make myself try things I normally didn't like.
I've changed my mentality since then.
I'm not going to finish something I don't enjoy.
I did NOT enjoy this.

And Husky Luna made a cameo.
(I have FOUR friends who all have dogs named Luna...)