05 August 2023

1780. Sun King Deep-Fried Sandwich Cookie

This year's Sun King State Fair Beer was available before the State Fair.
Or, maybe this was the first weekend of the fair?  Yeah, that sounds right.
Either way, I was able to get the beer at Sun King Fishers, and then sadly, I never made it to the State Fair this year.  I just never found the motivation to go solo this year.

This beer is GOOD.
I liked it a lot.
Garrett got the Nitro version of this beer, and he let me try it.
It was fine, but it seemed like it wasn't as sweet.
Super tasty.  I had a few of these this day, and I was happy.

1779. Rhinegeist Lawnchair Hotrod

I remember this just being really blah.
I thought it was okay, but nothing I ever need to drink again.