26 March 2017

936. Black Acre Chai Guy Milk Stout

Really, really good and enjoyable milk stout. Chai flavor is subtle and doesn't hurt the overall flavor. Caitlin really enjoyed this beer.

23 March 2017

935. Black Circle Mosaic APA

Nice and smooth beer that finishes with a sleight bitter dry taste - but nothing that I can't handle. Not my favorite, but still a quality beer.

934. Black Circle Brown Cocoa

Really decent beer. The cocoa is really overpowering in the backend. Full bodied beer, really smooth upfront - but wow - the cocoa in the back...

20 March 2017

933. Triton Barn Phantom - Gose

Pretty perfect gose here. Very light and crisp with a good sour flavor. About a 6/10 on the sour scale of Goses I have tried. One of my favorite beer styles, and this one delivers. I could drink lots and lots of these.

19 March 2017

932. TwoDEEP Peace Be the Journey

Really enjoyable beer.
Nice and sweet, chocolatey and dry finish.
The rum adds a nice little extra layer of flavor.

REVISITED 795. TwoDEEP High Castle Black Gose (Scarlet Lane)

Chocolate and a Gose?
Sounded interesting and tastes interesting.
Not tart enough for me, but the chocolate works really well.

I had originally forgotten that I had previously had this beer (Originally drank in May 2016)- so interesting to see a different opinion when I drank it at the other half of the collaboration's brewery.

931. Centerpoint Irish Dry Stout

This is the only beer here that I really dont care for. It is fine - and good quality - but, just not what I enjoy. Dry, bitter... I am sure some people love it, but it's not my jam.

930. Centerpoint Winter Wit

This beer has a lot of good flavors, and would definitely be an enjoyable beer on a cold winter night. I am not toally feeling it today, but I still lile it - just think the situation is a wrong for today.

929. Centerpoint Doppelbock

Perfectly flavored doppelbock.
Might even be a little lighter than I would like, but still very good flavors.

928. Centerpoint White

An easy IPA, not too dry and not too bitter.

927. Centerpoint Red

Not my favorite so far.
Drier and more bitter than I tend to enjoy.
I can taste the quality, it's just not my favorite.

926. Centerpoint Black

Very good chocolatey porter, a light dry on the back end but that doesnt take away from the great flavors.

925. Centerpoint Gold

Super good, light and refreshing offering.
Better than most. Easy go to.

17 March 2017

924. Ballast Point Nitro Red Velvet

So, this is a stretch as a "Miller Cameo".
but, we were watching the Wisconsin game together earlier - and then he gave me this beer to try at home. So, I found the picture and tossed it behind the beer.

This beer is so bizarre.
I dont like the flavor up from, it seems like a crappy watered-down bitter beer. Then... it slowly sinks in. The longer the flavor sits in my mouth, I can taste the red velvet - and it tastes perfect. The smell is perfect from start to finish, its just that odd watery taste up front, then this beer finds life in the aftertaste.

16 March 2017

923. Lakefront SMaSH Ale

Really enjoyable ale. Nice and light, refreshing, simple. Nothing complex, and easy to drink. Miller thought it was going to be too hoppy for my taste - but I am glad i still tried it, because I think its about perfect on the hop level. Nothing too dey or bitter, just a little bit of both on the back end.

Plus, I really like anagrams.
Single Malt and Single Hop.

922. Urban Artifact Finn

Really interesting beer, and very high quality. Nice fruity and tarty notes up front, and then it dries up in the back half. Which, I can deal with, because its not hoppy at all. So, its really kind of interesting and enjoyable.

11 March 2017

921. Taxman Spin-Off

Very minor hint of sour here, which is fine.
It is a light and refreshing beer, goes down really easy and smooth. Nothing complex, just that little bit of sour in the taste, and it lingers a little in the aftertaste, but nothing compared to any real sour. I would consider this a Sour Lite. Still drinkable, nothing bad about it at all.

03 March 2017

920. Papago Orange Blossom Wheat

Drank this beer at 9:30am, while watching "Logan". It is a really light and crisp version of Blue Moon. It has a very nice floral smell to it, goes down really smoothly with a nice hint of orange in the aftertaste. I really enjoyed this!

02 March 2017

919. Modern Times Lomaland

Its a nice, light and refreshing ale. Easy to drink, but nothing amazong about the flavors.

918. Modern Times Fruitlands (Tropical) Gose

Enjoyable Gose. Nothing special, I would prefer to try their cherry version. It's ok, I enjoy the flavors, it's nice and chill.