26 January 2015

603. Happy New Beer Kolsch

Claire and I have been saving this beer to drink together for over a year now. Finally had some time to chill and watch "Friends" and enjoy this Kolsch. Which is a really good and flavorful home brew. Enjoyable and he taste is spot on.

602. Green's Tripel Blonde Ale

Nothing special, especially because it was not the kind of Tripel I was expecting. This was fine for what it was. The "gluten free" was kind of a turn off when the bottle arrived...

20 January 2015

601. Sun King Solemn Oath 30 Minute Coma BSIPA

A little too dry and too bitter for me. 
It's drinkable, but not something I prefer. The flavors are good up front, but the dry/bitter back end turns me off. 

600. Chimay Grande Réserve (Blue) - Bières de Chimay S.A.

Somehow, this beer had escaped the list so far...
Back story:  in June, when Miller and I were watching World Cup Matches at Ale Emporium, we discussed this 3L Bottle of Beer they had. I was still in the mid-500s at that point. We decided that it would become Beer #600 and we would do it together. It took some rescheduling, as we have both been busy since I hit 599, but tonight was finally the night!  And we brought along some good friends to share in the moment. 

Chimay is Chimay. It was really good, and really smooth. A little drier than I like, but that could be due to being aged for six years. Our bottle was dated for bottling in 2008.  I enjoyed it. Pretty much what I expected. A delicious Chimay was expected and was drank by a great group of people.