28 February 2017

917. New Belgium Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Pale Ale

checking out the re-branding that New Belgium is doing. Just tried the Imperial last week, and then Jeff tells me he enjoys the Eight Hop - so, we are drinking one together tonight in Tempe.

It's good. It's a pale. Its not too bitter, but it is pretty dry. Still pretty easy to drink and not a bad aftertaste.

27 February 2017

916. Ballast Point Coconut Victory at Sea

My fourth and finale gift from Miller, and my second beer during the Oscars. Caitlin shared this one with me because she really, really liked it a lot.

Very, very good porter.
Really nice coffee flavor - sadly, almost no coconut flavor. Still really good and enjoyable to drink, minorly dry and bitter and very well balanced.

26 February 2017

915. Rogue VooDoo Donut Grape Guerrilla

Yet another gift from Miller, my first beer during the Oscars tonight.
This is an interesting one. It goes down really smooth and easy, then you get a quick fruity burst before it finishes really dry. The taste doesn't linger too much either. It's good, not great, but interesting to try.

25 February 2017

914. Stone Arch Sessions (4♦️)

Another Wisconsin Gift from Miller.
Another Diamond in the Bicycle Series.

I would call this a "light pale" - it has lots of flavor upfront, but it isn't too bitter. Very dry on the backend, but it goes down really smooth. Aftertaste is not my favorite, however compared to many Pales, its not bad at all.

913. Central Waters Sláinte (6♦️)

My buddy Miller recently went to Wisconsin and brought me back a few beers.
Caitlin recently found me a Central Waters pint glass.
Turns out, Beer #885 was also a Central Waters and I missed taking the picture with the Six of Diamonds. Which is fine, this picture turned out much better.

Sláinte is very tasty. Really great flavors, its exactly what I want and expect from a Scottish Ale. Not disappointed at all, I would drink this anytime. Nothing I am crazy about, but it is good to drink.

24 February 2017

912. New Belgium VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA

9% ABV, doesnt feel like it.
70 IBUs, doesnt feel like it.
Its not hoppy at all, which makes me happy - however it is Imperial-Level Bitter. I can still drink it and appreciate it, but it is nothing close to something I personally enjoy.

18 February 2017

911. Black Circle Neurotic Pale Ale

Its a nice and light pale, but it is also very, very dry in the back end. Not my favorite, but nice to see something of quality in my area. I look forward to trying some more beers that are in my style, in the future.

13 February 2017

910. Central State 2nd Best Collaboration Ever!

I'm not a huge fan of this beer. Its not bad, but I dont really enjoy it either. I keep drinking it, and it tastes fine - but I just dont enjoy it...

909. Central State Table Beer

Decent beer for a young brewery.
Not watered down, good flavors. The aftertaste is a little awkward to me, but it mught just be a little drier than I want. Still very drinkable, I am impressed.

11 February 2017

908. Saugatuck Neapolitan Milk Stout

When I first started Home Brewing, i had a concept for a Neopolitan beer. I shared my idea with Miller - but I never got the chance to make it. Then I heard it was done. It took me until today to get to try this style.

This beer delivers!!!!!
On every level. Its has a great smell, lots of fruity vanilla stout aromas mixed together. When I drink it, it is a very sweet stout, the strawberry and vanilla flavors meld up front - ans then the chocolate flavors linger in the aftertaste. It's not the best beer i have ever had, but I am happy with the flavors I get from this.

907. Thr3e Wise Men Big Rock Candy Tripel

Tasty Tripel. Good flavors, high quality. A little more dry than I prefer, but still very good.

(Lily gave it her Thumbs Up after I told her i liked it! 👍🏻🍺)

05 February 2017

906. Oskar Blues IPA

Yep. Its an IPA. Exaclty the taste I expected. I'm not a fan. It's not my style of beer.

905. New Belgium Dayblazer

This really falls into the "Glorified Miller Lite" caregory that I talk about - however this one atands out. This one has a nice little extra flavor to it, maybe honey? Something kicks in during the aftertaste that makes this one just a step about the others. Its still just a simple, light, refreshing drink - nothing complex. But given the chance, I would day-drink these a lot.

03 February 2017

904. Arcadia Ales Porter Rico

Decent beer, but nothing special. Falls shortnof any trie coconut flavor to it. Just a hint in the aftertaate that is overpowered by a chocolate flavor. Its not bad, but I wanted some coconut.