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Bicycle Series

11 October 2018

03 October 2018

1185. Props Flying Coffin

Yet another gift from Jae and Claire - and they added a pint glass with this one!!!  Veteran Owned and Operated is always awesome to see!

1184. Coastal Empire Savanah Brown Ale

Another gift from Jae and Claire - this one’s from Savanah, GA - and the same brewery that I found on my honeymoon that made the Coconut Gose. Sadly, this beer is not as tasty. Dry and bitter all around. 

02 October 2018

1183. Service Brewing Brewer’s Release No. 3

My friends Jae and Claire picked this up for me while on their vacation to the southern states. It goes down a little too smooth.  I was expecting tart - but there wasn’t any.  Good berry flavors in a somewhat dry (not bitter) ale. 

1182. Ommegang Valar Dohaeris

24 August 2018

1180. Short Fuse Double Buckshot

1179. Short Fuse Pomegranate Gose

1178. Short Fuse Cherry Flanders

1177. Short Fuse Berliner Weisss

1176. Short Fuse BEAR-IE WHITE

1175. Red Bar Brew

1174. Hofbräu Urbräu

1173. Victory Limey Gose

1172. Ska True Blonde Ale

1171. Perennial Hopfentea

1170. Bruery Terreux Saison