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09 February 2019

Ommegang "Game of Thrones" Checklist

1. Iron Throne Blonde Ale (6.5%, March 2013)
     BEER #713

2. Take The Black Stout (7%, October 2013)
     BEER #350

3. Fire and Blood Red Ale (6.8%, March 2014)
     BEER #649

4. Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale (8%, October 2014)

5. Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison Ale (7.2%, April 2015)

6. Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale (6.9%, March 2016)
     BEER #777

7. Valar Dohaeris Belgian-Style Tripel Ale (9%, September 2016)
     BEER 1182

8. Bend The Knee Belgian Golden Ale (9%, May 2017)

9. Winter is Here Double White Ale (8.3% October 2017)

10. Hand of the Queen Barleywine Ale (10.7% April 2018)
     BEER #1222

11. Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Belgian Blonde (6.4% June 2018)
     BEER #1223

12. Mother of Dragons Smoked Porter and Kreik Blend (6.5% September 2018)

13. King in the North Russian Imperial Stout (11% November 2018)

1223. Ommegang Queen of the Seven Kingdoms

1222. Ommegang Hand of the Queen

1221. Central State Polyjuice Potion

13 December 2018

1205. Taxman 401(Cake)

As per usual, claim of coconut in this beer, don’t hold up.  I get no coconut flavors.  And that’s disappointing.  I’ve drank one cold, I’ve drank one that sat for 20 minutes, and I drank on that sat for an hour.  Not matter what temperature - there is no coconut to be tasted. 

Aside from that disappointment - this beer is delicious.  Great malty flavors with wonderful (non-bitter) Chocolate flavors.  Subtle vanilla.  Yum. Yum. Yum!

I will be drinking a lot of these this winter!

17 November 2018

1200. BrewDog Choco Libre

It’s only fitting, that Beer #1200 is from the brewery that Caitlin and I invested in this year. 

So... Choco Libre....
For an Imperial, you can’t taste any bite from the 8.4% ABV.   It’s silky smooth.  So smooth, it almost feels watered down - but I’m sure it’s the nitro. It’s light, and goes down quickly.  The spicy on the back end creeps up and is actually pretty subtle.  It’s not even a hot spicy, it’s like I have a single red pepper flake in my mouth.  

Very interesting beer.  

1199. Triton S’mores Dessert Stout

I will say that I like this beer a lot, it’s chocolate-smooth and creamy.  It’s not bitter, the lactose blends perfectly.  Super tasty. 

But...  I don’t get much “marshmallow” flavor or any graham cracker.  Granted, I’ve been spoiled by Off Color’s DinoS’mores, but still...  the flavor isn’t there for me.  

Still a delicious beer!

22 October 2018

1194. BrewDog King of Eights

East Coast IPAs are easier to down that West Coast ones. Lots of flavors, but still a more dry and bitter than I prefer. 

1193. BrewDog Small Screen Hero

Limited Edition beer released to coincide with the launch of The BreDog Network.  (Which I subscribe too, and am excited that they are working with Zane Lamprey on “Four Sheets”!!!)

It’s a smooth and simple pale ale. 
Nothing amazing, but very drinkable. 

21 October 2018

1192. BrewDog Aloha

It’s okay at first.  It’s good. 

But. As it warms up, the coconut REALLY starts to come out.  Very good.  Very enjoyable - once it warms up. Really like it!

1191. BrewDog Piña Playa

I’ve been waiting so long to try this beer - and it was worth it!  It’s delicious!  I think it goes down smooth and easy with great flavors.  The coconut flavor isn’t too strong (which sucks) but it’s still there enough. 

Really enjoy this beer!

11 October 2018

03 October 2018

1185. Props Flying Coffin

Yet another gift from Jae and Claire - and they added a pint glass with this one!!!  Veteran Owned and Operated is always awesome to see!

1184. Coastal Empire Savanah Brown Ale

Another gift from Jae and Claire - this one’s from Savanah, GA - and the same brewery that I found on my honeymoon that made the Coconut Gose. Sadly, this beer is not as tasty. Dry and bitter all around. 

02 October 2018

1183. Service Brewing Brewer’s Release No. 3

My friends Jae and Claire picked this up for me while on their vacation to the southern states. It goes down a little too smooth.  I was expecting tart - but there wasn’t any.  Good berry flavors in a somewhat dry (not bitter) ale. 

1182. Ommegang Valar Dohaeris