26 November 2022

1714. BrewDog It's a Beaut!

BrewDog has done it again!
Pairing with a media that I love - this time it's "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".
So, I popped the movie on the iPad, and opened up the beer to enjoy while I'm watching.
I've also got some Christmas-themed "Christmas Vacation" chocolates to pair the beer with (even though I'm not a big chocolate fan, I wanted to try the pairing...).

The beer is a decent stout.
The toffee gives it a nice sugary-sweet taste on the front.
Sadly, the backend of this beer is very dry - which I assume comes from the pecan flavor.
I usually don't mind pecans, they're okay - but the aftertaste this beer leaves is kind of blah to me.

Overall, I think the good outweighs the bad in this beer.
The full-stout with sweetness is enjoyable, and I can deal with the flavor I don't like.
As the beer has been warming up, it's definitely hitting the mouth a little different, in a good way.  The dry aftertaste is still present, but it doesn't seem as powerful as it originally was out of the can.

24 November 2022

1713. Chilly Water German Pilsner

I haven't had a Chilly Water beer since 2017.
I just kind of stopped caring for them, and wouldn't go out of my way to try them.
I used to see them at the SoBro liquor store when I lived down that way, but I never had the urge to buy anything from them.  
This year, I was at the Maier's house for Thanksgiving, and another one of their guests brought this beer from Chilly Water.  After pouring his first pint, he offered the rest of the can to me, so I accepted it, so that I could give it a try.

It's a standard pilsner.  It was light and crisp and tasty.  I enjoyed it, in small doses.
Out of his four cans, I got the last 4 ounces from each pour, so over a couple of hours, I amassed about one full can.  I was glad to drink it, and it tasted fine, but it's not something that I will ever go out of my way to buy for myself.  Still happy that Chilly Water impressed me, maybe I need to keep a closer eye on them.

23 November 2022

Two Roots Brewing Helles

I'm at Union Jack in Broad Ripple, and asked which NA Beers they carry.
I got three options from Two Roots (which I've never heard of) two of the three were IPAs, so I went with the Helles.

It was fine.  Nothing special, but very drinkable.  Light and easy to drink, but not a lot of flavor.

So, I've tried to look into where Two Roots is from - and I think it might be from Indiana?
Their WEBSITE doesn't have any address or office listed - but it's only available in central Indiana - like only around Indianapolis.  So, I have to assume it's some kind of side project of a brewery here in town?

I drank a number of these, while eating a very tasty breakfast and watched the Germany match with about 25 other Germany fans. It was a great gathering - despite the terrible showing by Die Mannschaft.

13 November 2022

1712. Sea Dog Blue Paw

I've never had anything from Sea Dog - but the name jumped out at me while I was walking the aisles of Total Wine yesterday.  I needed three single cans, one for the Pacers games, one for SNL, and one for the Colts game that's about to kickoff.  When I saw the blue can, and then the name of the beer included "blue" - I knew it was a sign, that this was my Colts Beer for today.

Unlike yesterday's "juice" cherry beer - this actually tastes like a high quality ale, with a solid blueberry taste to it.  It's a little drier that I would expect, but that's combated by the fruity blueberry flavor.  It's not tart at all, just blueberry.

Let's hope this "blue" beer can ward away any Colts blues, and Jeff Saturday can somehow figure out a way to get us a win today.  GO COLTS!

12 November 2022

1711. Voodoo Oh Mama

When I was at Total Wine today, I was looking at their single cans, and as soon as I saw the STYX logo, I knew I needed this beer, I didn't even care what style of beer it was going to be.

I'm happy it turned out to be a Golden Ale, and I'm happy it tastes pretty good.
It packs a really powerful malty punch up front, it's not as light and easy as it looks, and it's a little more dry in backend then I prefer, but I still really like the beer.

And that makes sense, as this beer comes from the same brewery that gives me the AMAZING Lacto-Kooler (Beer #1629).  My personal sadness comes from knowing they are a Pittsburgh brewery, and the Oh Mama can discusses how this song is used at Heinz Field during Steelers games.  Sigh.

But tonight, I'm getting myself pumped up for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, while I'm cranking STYX in my kitchen - because THE GOAT DAVE CHAPPELLE is hosting SNL tonight.  So, I've got a few minutes to go, while I continue to enjoy this golden-deliciousness.

1710. Rhinegeist Night Glow

Tonight is the first night that the Pacers are wearing their disgusting City Edition Jerseys, and knowing that I'm going to have to look at them for the next two hours, I knew I needed a beer for the game tonight.

Rhinegeist is high on my list of favorite breweries, but is THIS even a beer?
It literally tastes like cherry juice, with the smallest bit of carbonation.

It's a good drink, but it doesn't even come close to resembling beer, at all.
Not in the flavor, not in the body, nothing.
I really like the flavor.  It's cherry, and it's mildly tart.
It's easy to drink, and has zero bitterness or bite to it.  
It's literally juice, in my opinion.
It's really tasty juice, but I don't know how this is an ale.

07 November 2022

1709. Terre Haute Madame Brown Ale

I've only had one other beer from Terre Haute Brewing Company, and it was just okay.
This time of the year, I really enjoy Brown Ales, their heavier body just makes them delicious to drink outside on a fall/winter evening - and I used to love drinking them around my former bonfire.

It's my last beer I bought over the weekend, and I saved it for tonight to drink during the Pacers game.

This Brown Ale is good.
It's exactly what I want and expect from this style of beer.
The flavor is good, the malty flavor is good, it's got a minor bit of sweetness, and a hint of chocolate in there.  
As I said, it's exactly what I expected, and I wasn't let down.

06 November 2022

1708. Black Dog My Girl Strawberry

This is my "Colts Beer" for this week.
And every week I remember that I no longer have a Colts pint glass, and I need to fix that.  I wonder if I will remember before the season ends?  Since I don't have a Colts glass, and the Colts are playing outside of Boston today, I'm using my Cheers pint glass that I got when I visited the original Bull & Finch Pub, many many years ago - when Jason lived in Boston.  Jason and his brother Dave are at the game today.  I was supposed to be with them, but you know - life has been rough recently.  So, I've told them to have a good time, but that I hope their team lets them down.

To the beer:
This is my first ever beer from Black Dog, and they're only about 45 minutes from me, so someday I need to go give them a visit.
Reading the label of the beer - it sounds like they did the exact same thing that Big Woods did with their Six Foot Blonde (Beer #192) when they altered it into Strawberry Six Foot Blonde (Beer #1308).

My review of this beer is basically the same - despite never having the My Girl original version.
This beer is light, its refreshing, its easy to drink, and the strawberry flavor is subtle.  This is a good summer beer.  It's November, but feels like summer outside today, so I guess this is appopriate.

1707. Urban Artifact Teak

It's time for Weekend Update!
So, like Prairie Artisan, Urban Artifact does a lot of stuff that I really enjoy.
They do a lot of good sours, and this is one of them.
The can says it includes TWO WHOLE limes!
LIME!  Super Lime Flavor!
This beer is really good, for the intense tart lime flavor.
It's light and crisp, goes down really easy, hits that powerful punch of lime upfront, and mellows out with the lingering guava flavor.

Lots of fun Oprah/Batman jokes, Kyrie and Kanye get made fun of...  
It's been a good Weekend Update so far.

It's fruity, I enjoy it!

05 November 2022

1706. Prairie Artisan Cocoa Berry

It's been a week since I had a beer, and it's been eight days since I added a new one.
So, I took a road trip today and learned my (former) favorite liquor store no longer sells beer singles, which sucks - they always had a large area where I could easily make two mix-n-match six packs.  They have also quit selling bombers - and they used to have an entire aisle of delicious bombers, where I would go for special occasions.  Well, that's over, so I don't think I'll ever go back there.  Luckily, my Beer Brother John long ago introduced me to Parti Pack, and they do sell by the single.  John warned me that they don't have as much as Pre-COVID, and that's sadly true.  But, I was still able to put together four new beers, and tonight, I'm opening the one I'm most intrigued by.

Prairie Artisan never fails.  I've loved everything I've tried from them.

So, I'm watching SNL.  Amy Schumer is the host tonight, and as always, I'm just waiting for the Weekend Update.  I really love Colin and Che.  

Back to the beer.  There is SO MUCH going on here.
Maybe too much?
Lemon and Lime.  Also Orange.  Raspberry and Blueberry.  Also Grapefruit.
Cacao Nibs and Marshmallow.  
It's an imperial - but it doesn't feel like it.  It goes down smooth and easy, with a little tart, and the Grapefruit flavor really stands out above everything else.

Cecily Strong is in the opening sketch.  I'm a big fan of hers.  For many reasons.

So, the beer smells fruity, it goes down like a light ale, the grapefruit flavor hits hard, and then the cacao lingers in the aftertaste.  I planned on only one beer tonight, but two-thirds of this one has been drank while I was trying to figure out the flavors.  This is an imperial?  Maybe I will feel it later.  Maybe I'll crack open a second beer when it gets to the Weekend Update?

30 October 2022

NOPE: Indiana City Peach Blueberry Hazy Pale Ale

 I really thought I had tried the original, regular Kickoff from Indiana City - but it's not on the website. 
I really thought I had taken some over to Snow's house for a Colts game...?  I don't know.

Nonetheless, here's the story on this NOPE beer.
My Beer Brother John gave me this beer.  It was Beer #478 for his blog.

Three out of his four were bad.  So, in the game of Beer Roulette, he gave me his fourth can and said, "Maybe this one will be good!"  You can read his story about what happened, and I will tell you mine:

I started pouring the beer, and it was coming out almost clear, a little gold-tint to it.  As I poured the beer, and tipped the angle of my glass, the can still felt heavy in my hands, and then suddenly... a large mass of brown "sludge" fell out of the can, splashed the clear-ish liquor all over the place, and then suddenly changed the color to the brown stuff you see in the photo.

John was brave enough to try to drink some of this beer...  I mulled it over for a solid ten to fifteen minutes.  I thought about writing a story about how I decided to subject myself to the flavor of this poop-water, because of how bad the Colts season has been.  (I cracked this beer open a few minutes before kick off, to potentially drink during the game...)  I smelled it multiple times, and kept putting it down and trying to hype myself up.  (10 years ago, there would have been no question, I would have drank it without any questions, I guess I'm getting soft in my old age...)

I couldn't do it.  I poured the beer out, and it sludged its way down my sink...  
So, that was a bummer.  I should try to find this beer again and try it on a different Colts Game Day.

29 October 2022

1399 REVISITED: Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter

Going back to one of my seasonal favorites.
I first tried BEER #1399 back in January of 2020, the world before COVID.
I enjoyed it during lockdown during the Winter of 2020/2021, but last winter I was in the middle of my sobriety-stint, so I didn't get to enjoy this beer last year.  So, I'm happy to get back to it tonight.

Unlike my January 2020 Self, I'm not doing this like a car-bomb, I'm adding the Skrewball to the beer, and I'm going to sip on it during Saturday Night Live.  I don't know who Jack Harlow is, and I couldn't tell you a single song that he sings - but I'm looking forward to SNL tonight.  I grew up in the greatest era of SNL - the Mid-Late 90s run of amazing cast members.  So, even though the show isn't what it used to be, I still enjoy getting to watch weekly live comedy, specifically The Weekend Update.  Colin and Che are the greatest part of the show.

I'm drinking out of my Pacers pint glass, because they looked GOOD on ESPN National TV last night, and then they got a back-to-back win tonight.  I'm really loving this young team this year, and I think they are going to be a lot better than most people expect.  It's been a rocky start, but I think they are starting to gel together.

Yeah.  Just had my first drink...  It's amazingly delicious to sip on.  It really nails the Reese's flavor by mixing these two together. 

28 October 2022

1705. Lost Coast Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout

Beer #5 for “Scream” (2022)
Sadly, another let down for tonight. 
The cacao flavor is strong, it’s hits upfront. 
The milky smooth body of the beer goes down thick and easy, with that strong powdery-chocolate flavor. 
Sadly, the peanut butter flavor seems to be completely lost. I’m going to let it warm up some more and see if that changes things. 

1704. Left Hand French Toast Milk Stout

Beer #4 for “Scream 4”.
Getting a little heavier again, this time a milk stout. 
Sadly, it’s not as good as had hoped. 
I’ve had a few maple beers and the aroma and flavor are usually nice and strong. Sadly, it’s not with this one. It is there, and that’s good, but it’s really subtle.  The beer is good, it’s tasty, but it’s just a little shy of what I had hoped for. 

1703. Hi-Wire Bed if Nails

Beer #3 for “Scream 3”.
For a long time, I’ve felt like brown ales were almost non-existent.  There’s the regular standard mass produced browns like New Castle.  But it’s not as often that I see a new Brown for me to try. So, I was happy to find this one - also from Hi-Wire. 

It’s a very solid and good brown ale. 
And that’s about it.  It’s nothing amazing, it doesn’t set itself apart from any other brown ale, but it’s exactly the taste that I want and expect.  So, I am happy and enjoy this beer. 

1702. Hi-Wire Mountain Water

“This is the beer to share with your seltzer friends.”
It says on the can. 
And I believe that. 
After my first drink, I had to check the can to make sure it wasn’t a seltzer. 
It’s light.  It’s easy to drink.  It seems a little “extra” carbonated.  
The lemon-lime-citrus flavor is there, and it’s good.  
It’s an easy to drink beer, it just does kind of come across as a seltzer. 

Time to watch “Scream 2”.

1701. Metazoa Trash Panda

Adding FIVE new beers today during Scream-A-Thon 2022, one new beer for each film. 

There is SO MUCH going on in this beer, and I actually like it all.  It has a serious coffee smell in the head, like powerful.  Which usually turns me off - but this is appealing.  It drinks light and smooth, and definitely has coffee flavor.  The creamy-marshmallow flavor lingers well and makes the beer really tasty. 

Time to start “Scream” (1996)!

16 October 2022

1700. DuClaw Regular Beer.

When the Miller brothers and I were discussing me coming up on Beer #1700, we picked today to get together and celebrate - and I told Garrett to pick out something for us. 

Then, he found something that celebrates Beer #1700 AND celebrates his grandfather. 

“My Papa John used to drink a beer that was just a white label and it said ‘beer’ in black letters. This is the closest I’ve ever seen to that.”

-Garrett Miller. 

Very happy to be celebrating the beer, their grandfather, and a day full of sports. 

West Ham, Barça, Bayern, Colts and Packers are all playing today. 

15 October 2022

1699. Elysian Chucky

I had to rush these last couple of beers, because I have a man-sports-date with the Miller Brothers tomorrow to watch a lot of football and fútbol and fußball tomorrow and we have Beer 1700 picked out to celebrate together. 

So, last night I drank Nosferatu, and tonight I’m drinking Chucky.  Really enjoying the horror season with my beers. Last night I watched the new crappy “Halloween Ends” and tonight, I’m catching up on the first two episodes of “Chucky” Season 2.

Man, this beer isn’t my jam. 
It gets the flavors - sadly, it’s not flavors I enjoy. 
I give them credit, it’s a quality beer that nails it’s pumpkin upfront and cranberry finish for flavors. I just don’t care for pumpkin flavoring, and if you search this site - it’s very rare that I enjoy the flavor. 

So, if you like pumpkin and cranberry - you should enjoy this. 

14 October 2022

1698. Great Lakes Nosferatu

Came over to my buddy Garrett’s house to watch “Halloween Ends” in his backyard. (I watched it in theatres last night, but still agreed to subject myself to this poor entry because of the good company).

Since there’s no Michael Myers beer that I know if, I brought this Nosferatu beer for the viewing. 

IPAs aren’t really my thing.  This is a true dry and bitter IPA, and just isn’t really my jam. 

09 October 2022

1697. BrewDog Hazy Jane Mango

It’s Saturday Night. 
Which means, SNL.
Yeah, it’s not what it used to be, but I still get some laughs and I love Weekend Update. 
A little beer seems to make things a little funnier. 
This is my last gift from Steve Brown, and my fridge is empty of beers for the website.  

I’m not a big fan of Hazy Jane. 
It’s fine.  It’s not terrible. 
This version is an improvement. 
I’ve tried a good number of Mango-favored beverages, and it definitely adds to the enjoyment of this beer.  
Upfront, it’s still the dry and bitter flavor I expect - but the mango quickly kicks in, adds some flavor, and then lingers for a while after the drink. 

It’s nothing amazing - I appreciated all of Steve’s gifts - but I never would have bought this for myself. 

06 October 2022

1696. Untitled Art Banana Foster Stout

Ok. Hm. Ok. 
There is a lot to process here. 
First, the Colts are on Thursday Night Football, and this was a gift from my buddy Steve Brown - who I watched the last Colts debacle with on Sunday. 

To the beer…
It’s rich.  It’s creamy.  It’s powerful upfront. 
Whatever they used - it gives a good rum/brown sugar flavor to the creaminess, and then the banana hits HARD.  Like, I don’t like banana at all - and the nailed the flavor of banana. It has a really good lingering flavor, and I’m not exactly sure what it is…?  Im having trouble nailing it down, but it’s sweet. 

Untitled Art is always top-notch quality, even when they do flavors I don’t normally like.  Glad this was a gift, but I don’t hate it. 

02 October 2022

1695. Boulevard More S'More

 I ended up being convinced to come out and join Snow, Steve, and Biscuit for the Colts game.
Snow ordered this beer, and we all ended up sharing it in small doses, as it is an 11% ABV Big Boy.
Honestly, I was happy with my two drinks, and probably wouldn't have wanted to finish an entire one.

The beer is delicious.  It's aromas are perfect, and give off a wonderful chocolatey/marshmallow scent.
The chocolate flavor is very thick and strong up front, and you can tell its aged itself into the Big Boy it is.
The lactose kicks in for the marshmallow flavor pretty quick and helped smooth the beer out as it goes down.
The marshmallow flavor lingers for a while, and then there is a subtle graham flavor that creeps in the end.

Overall, this is a delicious and high quality beer, but being so strong, I don't need to drink a whole one - so, I was happy with what I had.

30 September 2022

1694. Fall City Ottofest

Oktoberfest ends in three days, and I've still got a few Oktoberfest beers in the fridge to drink this weekend.  It's a Friday, a Bayern Munich Match Day, and I'm off work.  So, It's time to try this Festbier.

Remember when I called Switchyard, "Oktoberfest Lite"?  Well, this is kind of the opposite.  Almost too strong and powerful in flavor.  It's got a great aroma to it, and the taste is thick and a little overbearing.  It's fine to drink, the flavors are good, but it's not easy to drink.  Glad I only have one of these to drink, because that's probably all I would be able to handle.

Also, I obviously love the name of "Otto" being included in the beer's name.  Miss you, Jimmy.

19 September 2022

1693. Untitled Art Doughnut Pastry Stout

This beer was a gift from my buddy Steve.  He'd stocked up a few beers for me in his fridge, and brought them to Shanetoberfest to give me. 

Tonight, I decided to try and take another crack at Chapter 2 of the newest novel - it's been an emotionally rough one for me to write, as I'm combining a lot of details from Caitlin and I's early dates into the first date of my main characters.  So, since a little beer always seems to get my creative juices flowing, I popped this beer open.

It does have some serious quality to it, but I just don't really enjoy the flavor overall.
The smell is GREAT, it really has an amazing aroma to it.  I smelled both the can and glass many, many times because of how enjoyable it was.

The drink hits really hard with a chocolate taste up front - which is fine - but it finishes with a super-sugary/syrupy flavor to it.  It was more like cane sugar, or confectionery sugar - like perhaps even a molasses flavor?  Whatever it was, I didn't enjoy it.  And, I let it warm up for a good 30 minutes to see how that would alter the flavor, and it did nothing.  

Very quality beer, I just didn't really care for it.

17 September 2022

1692. Switchyard Oktoberfest

 This is the first Switchyard beer I've made the time for.
Both Garrett and I agree that it's really just an Oktoberfest-LITE beer.
It's got the flavors, but they seem muted.  Almost watered down, from what they should taste like.
It's not a bad beer, it just doesn't scream quality.

1345 REVISISTED: Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen

 Drank this beer for the first time during Oktoberfest 2019.
Garrett bought some for Shanetoberfest, and I shared his four-pack with him.

Athletic Brewing Oktoberfest NA

 This was a gift from my Bayern Brother Ray and his wife.  They brought them for me to try today.
It's a decent beer.  It does a good job at getting the Marzen flavor close.  I don't mind it, but I've had been NAs.

Krombacher Weizen NA

 Starting Shanetoberfest 2022 with a stein of Krombacher NA.
Decent flavor, a nice weizen with full flavors and really tasty for an NA.  Going to drink a lot of these today.

16 September 2022

1691. BrewDog Fellowship IPA

 I've been looking for this beer for a while.
It's a limited release for the "Rings of Power" TV series, which I am now ready to start watching (four episodes have been released...) now that I've got this beer for my viewing pleasure.

It's an IPA, so it's not my go-to beer - but, it's fine.  It's not that dry or hoppy, it's kind of refreshing.  It has an aroma that's enjoyable, almost fruity.  Then it drinks light and easy, goes down easy - but then it leaves a dry/sticky taste in my mouth.  

Happy I found the beer, happy I'm going to start watching the Series, and looking forward to sharing some of these with the guys in my Fellowship.

10 September 2022

1690. MashCraft Oktoberfest

 This is the only other Indiana-Oktoberfest beer here, so it'll probably be my last beer today.
There are some good German options, but I've had all of them before, so I wanted to add these local Oktoberfests to the website.

This one honestly tastes the exact same as the Oaken Barrel, which I said tasted exactly how I expected it to taste - so, this MashCraft beer is also good, flavorful and tasty - but also doesn't stand out in any way.  Which is fine, I got what I wanted from both of these beers, and they are enjoyable for the festivities.

1689. Oaken Barrel Oktoberfest

 So, the German-Amerikan Klub is holding their Oktoberfest celebration today - despite the fact that Oktoberfest doesn't start until next Saturday the 17th.  Nonetheless, some of my Bayern Buddies, their families, and I still got together to enjoy the party.

There are no non-alcoholic options here, so I'm going to press my luck and see how I handle a few beers, slowly tonight.

This Oktoberfest from Oaken Barrel is fine. 
It's exactly what I expect it to taste like, but there's nothing that makes it special.
It's still really enjoyable to drink.

04 September 2022

1688. Taxman Margarita-Style Spin Off

 This was absolutely delicious and tasty!  I really enjoyed this one, as we kicked off our Fantasy Football Draft for this year.  Sadly, I didn't get to host it, but we still had a good time.  I'm happy with my team.  I picked with my head instead of my heart - and that ended up with Tom Brady on my team.  At least I know I'll get betting points.

I wish there were more of these beers, because I would have had a few more, but Jason and I seemed to drink the only two that Troy brought.

1687. Taxman Flower Bond

 Full disclosure:  I took one drink, and poured out the rest.  This was disgusting.  Luckily, it was a free beer from my buddy Troy.  So, no guilt with pouring it out.  Very, very not good.

27 August 2022

1686. Elysian Def Leppard Pale

 I wasted my ONE beer tonight, on this one.
The can looks cool, I like Def Leppard...
I do not enjoy Pales that are THIS dry and hoppy.
I didn't even finish the beer, because I just didn't enjoy the flavors.
I think it was quality, and those who like hops should enjoy this.

450 REVISITED: New Glarus Two Women

 BEER #450 was my first ever New Glarus beer, back in 2013.
It's interesting to see the difference in colors of the beers nine years apart.
It was much darker when it came from the bottle, as opposed to how light colored the beer is from the can.  It's obvious that this recipe has seen some changes over the years.  My description back in 2013 was far kinder than how blah and bland this beer was in 2022.

Today was MATCHDAY, and since I was home alone, I went ahead and enjoyed this gift from my Bayern Brother Garrett, in a Bayern glass.

21 August 2022

1685. Taxman Pineapple PayMint

This is supposed to be a "mojito inspired" beer.
It's a Belgian, so I  enjoy that.  It's got good pineapple flavor, so I enjoy that too.
Sadly, it's just not something I loved.  I just thought it was ok.  I would easily drink it again, but I don't ever need to.

17 August 2022

1684. 3 Floyd's Speed Castle

 I tend to avoid 3 Floyd's a lot.  I think their beers a good quality, just never flavors that I enjoy - or they are WAY too over-hyped by people.  It's like an anti-hipster thing on my part.  So, I was hesitant when D offered it up to me tonight, but I he said it needed to be my one beer for the night.

(For anyone unaware, I took a 10-month sobriety stint, and since re-introducing beer into my life, I limit myself to one beer.  Or, t least with hours between them.  During my Wisconsin trip, in a twelve hour period, I did drink four beers all day.  So, that all being said, I've drastically cut drinking back in my life, and for the first time - I feel good about it.  These past ten months definitely taught me to put Party Boy Shane in the rear view of my life.  Luckily, I've got a lot good people like D and other bar employees/managers who keep an eye on me and have really helped me.)

Back to the beer, it's NOT bad.  It's not "amazing" either, but I didn't hate it.  The flavor upfront was good and tasty, light and citrusy.  Back that backend still gets me with a dry taste that I don't enjoy - one that's in every single one of their pales.  I won't go out of my way to drink this again.

31 July 2022

1683. Artisanal Warheads Blue Raspberry

This is a BLUE beer!  I don't remember any beer like this.
And it's possibly my favorite of all these sours.
The flavor was REALLY good, and sour, and tasty.  
Very enjoyable.