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10 September 2019

1337. BrewDog Deep Slumber

Good beer.  Nice rye flavor.
Very nice aroma, just an okay beer overall.

1336. BrewDog OverWorks Cosmic Crush Boysenberry

Really solid sour.
Never had any idea boysenberry would be used in a sour - but it's delightful.

1335. BrewDog Blueberry Pulp Patriot

Five months ago, Beer #1241 was the regular version of Pulp Patriot.
I didn't like it very much.
Let me say this: Add some Blueberries, and this beer is delicious!!!
I don't know what the blueberries do with the hops, but it makes this beer completely different, and one that I really enjoy.

1334. BrewDog Homicidal Puppet Help Desk

Very good barleywine, with some deliciously powerful rye flavors to it.

1333. BrewDog Declassified Demi-God

This was another one of the off-menu options we were given tonight.

It was nice and creamy smooth.  Very enjoyable to drink.

1332. BrewDog Bird Brained Barracuda

Lots and lots flavors going on here, unfortunately, the coconut gets lost and overpowered by the molasses.

1331. BrewDog Paradox Rye Uncle Dukes

Over the course of the night - at the Equity Punk soft opening of the BrewDog Indianapolis bar, we were blessed to be given a number of samples from beers that were not actually being offered for sale.  This was one of them.

This beer is delicious, in a mega-chocolate way.
It's smooth and creamy, but also big and bold in way that makes you feel like you just drank a melted Hershey's bar.

1330. BrewDog OverWorks Kiwi Cavalcade

I never knew I liked Kiwi - but the super-sour-punch from this beer is wonderful.
It drinks really light and refreshing and just slams your mouth with so much sour.

1329. BrewDog OverWorks Cosmic Crush Cherry

Sadly, I believe the aging in red wine barrels hurts this beer as a sour.
Of all the OverWorks beers I drank tonight, this one completely lacks any true sour/tart flavors, and I would never be able to pick out that this was cherry-flavored.
Luckily, the next OverWorks beers are far superior.

1328. BrewDog Funk x Punk

To be honest, not much sour going on here.
It's a very flavorful IPA, not too dry, but it's also not really sour at all.

1327. Decadent Ales Coconut Almond Macaron

While I didn't really enjoy IPAs, this one works well.
It still has a very dry nose to it, but it drinks pretty light and smooth, and actually has a good hint of coconut that I can taste.  It finishes like an IPA, but it's not that bad.

1326. Blind Owl September's Very Own: Raspberry Gose

Absolutely delicious.
Wonderful tart-berry flavor.
Very enjoyable.

08 September 2019

1325. Stone Notorious P.O.G.

Really great citrus sour.
Good flavor, the orange really pops. 
Passion fruit and Guava are also ingredients, but the organs really stands out.  

07 September 2019

1324. Guggman Haus Blueberry Vanilla Milkshake IPA

So, I really loved the Strawberry Milkshake, so I decided to give the Blueberry Milkshake a try.
I'm not a huge blueberry fan, but I wanted to try it.  This beer is good and tasty, but lacks the sour-tart punch of awesome that the strawberry version had.  It's still nice and creamy, and drinks very smooth - almost nitro-level smooth.  The blueberry does come off nice and fruity up front, just not tart.  And it mellows into a very drinkable beer.

1323. Guggman Haus Strawberry Milkshake IPA

This is my favorite beer that I've tried here today.
Very smooth and full of flavor. 
The strawberry and lactose blend perfectly for a perfect level of enjoyable tart-ness.
It's smooth and creamy with a great sour-fruity taste left in your mouth.
Absolutely perfectly blend of ingredients. 

1322. Guggman Haus Guggenweizen

Very flavorful hefeweizen.  The banana and clove flavors are very powerful and work very well together.  Really enjoyed how refreshing and tasty this beer was.

1321. Guggman Haus Mike's Umbrella Brown Ale

Very tasty brown ale, the chocolate malts are very powerful and give it a good flavor.  It almost has a hint of coffee to it.  A little dry in the back end, but nothing that hurts the overall flavor and quality.

1320. Guggman Haus Wilbur's Prize Pils

Pretty standard and solid pilsner, a little drier than I tend to prefer, but it was still very tasty.

06 September 2019

1319. Prairie Artisan No Chill

This is a really top-notch tasting stout with heavy coffee flavors.
If I liked coffee, I would love this.  I don't like coffee, but I appreciate what this beer does.
Caitlin likes it a lot, and I am sure any coffee drinker would really enjoy it.
The aromas alone are 100% pure coffee smell, and the beer delivers on that same level.

1318. Sam Adams Kosmic Sour

I haven't drank a new beer from Sam Adams since December of 2015, when I drank Beer #740.
It's been a long time, as I became disenchanted with their "macro"-style, and I attempted to focus on smaller and more local brews.  But, when I was at the liquor store and saw a sour from Sam Adams, I was interested.

And I was disappointed.  The sour is minor and weak, and only in the back end.  The description of the blending and aging process for this beer sounded really cool - sadly, the final product is nothing exciting.

So, the label says its blended with a beer called Kosmic Mother Funk (KMF) which I have also tried.  It was Beer #736.  Sadly, I didn't get the sour I wanted from it either.  Perhaps Sam Adams doesn't understand the term "sour"?

01 September 2019

1317. Taxman Blackberry Citrus Spin-Off

Taxman's original Spin-Off was Beer #921, and I only kind of liked it.  I called it "Sour Lite".

This new variant was brought over to my house this afternoon by Jason L. Maier, for our 2019 Fantasy Football Draft.  We shared one together, and both liked it.

It's got some serious sour punch to it - which I really enjoy.
The berry and citrus flavors and very good and are really mouth-puckering in the best way.

I plan to find more of this, because I really enjoyed it.

31 August 2019

1316. Rhinegeist Strozzberry

The nitro makes this so creamy smooth, and the sour tartness is perfectly on point. 

This one is very much on par with Rhinegeist’s Press Tart for my current favorite sour. I really enjoy this beer, and can’t wait to buy more. 

1315. Clown Shoes Who’s on First?

This is a really tasty beer.  
It’s light, with mild fruity notes throughout.  
There’s not much of any lingering flavor, it just kind of finishes.  I like it, but I don’t love it. 

1314. Clown Shoes Coconut Sombrero

Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout with Coconut. 
I was curious...  because I’ve had some Mexican-Style Lagers, but never a Stout.  So, I wasn’t sure what that meant.  And then I learned.  And I didn’t like it. 

The chocolate goes down really smooth, with a very light coconut flavor.  (Always too light for me, but at least there was some).  And I was really enjoying the beer for a second.  

Then...  the “Mexican-Style” kicked in.  
SPICY in the backend.  
Like a single flake of red-Pepper spicy.  
Not crazy bad, but not what I wanted after chocolate and coconut together.  It would be like pouring Franks Red Hot onto a Mounds bar. 

The beer overall is fine, I’m adjusting to the aftertaste. 

26 August 2019

1313. Matazoa Nap in the Hammock

Blah.  Just a really blah cream ale.  It's not my favorite style, but I would gladly take a Sun King Sunlight over this any day.  Metazoa seems to be very hit or miss with me.  Either I love the beer, or I don't care for it.

1312. Thr3e Wise Men Tick Tock Porter

Well, seeing how Thr3e Wise Men closed down in Broad Ripple about a month ago, and the entire Scotty's franchise has been collapsing over the past few years - I'm curious about this beer still being on draft...?  But, whatever.  Caitlin likes coffee, so she wanted to try it.

Sadly, it's like a "coffee lite".  It's a decently thick and smooth porter, with just a subtle hint of coffee in the very end.  Nothing too special to taste here.

1311. Saint Joseph Sanctuary Saison

When I first ordered this beer, I was disappointed - simply because it had been grouped with some other sours on the menu, so that's what I was expecting.  Once I got that notion out of my head, I was able to enjoy the beer for the Saison it is. 

It's light and refreshing, and very easy to drink.
Not too much more to it.  Enjoyable, but also forgettable.

23 August 2019

1310. Grieskirchner Dunkel Vollbier

My second One American Dollar Beer from Austria.

This Dunkel is very tasty and goes down very creamy with a caramel-syrupy aftertaste. Good beer, but nothing special.  

1309. Grieskirchner Weisse

So, this beer (and the next one) was only $1 at the liquor store. I recognized a German-sounding Brauerei so I was more than willing to shell out two bucks to try products imported from Austria. 

This Weisse is tasty.  Good and powerful wheat flavors up front. It goes down with a full body, and leaves a subtle floral taste in the back end. 

Definitely worth the American Dollar Bill. 

1308. Big Woods Six Foot Strawberry Blonde

So, I have done this beer before. 
I have actually drank it multiple times - and I know one of them was at the Big Woods in Nashville.  I don’t know how or why it was never documented - so, here it is!

Beer #192 was the regular Six Foot Blonde Back in 2011.  

The strawberry version is tasty.  
It’s a subtle strawberry flavor, in a very enjoyable ale.  It’s light and easy to drink.  Very refreshing. 

19 August 2019

1307. Deschutes Lil Squeezy Juicy Ale

I’ve only ever had one other Deschutes beer #660, and it was when I was out in Arizona - and I didn’t care for it.

I was recently informed via Peddie’s Post, that Deschutes was going to be coming to Indiana. So, I’ve been watching for it. Today, I found a single can, and it sounded like something I would enjoy.  

I wasn’t right. 
This beer is okay, but - like my previous Deschutes - its very dry.  Both upfront and in the backend.  It has some nice juicy- citrus flavors, but overall I don’t enjoy it.  

1306. New Holland Dragon’s Milk White

White stouts are a new style that I tend to enjoy.  I’m not big on cacao or coffee, so white stouts tend to have more flavors I enjoy.  

This beer is very smooth and creamy and has some great flavors.  The bourbon comes in subtly in the back end, and then increases to a nice full flavored after taste.  Doesn’t feel heavy, and goes down easy.  

Yuengling Brats

Caitlin found these at Meijer yesterday, so I ran out and picked up some Yuengling to drink with them!

Made them for lunch today, and they were pretty good.  Nice flavors, and really tasty brats.  Nothing revolutionary, but very good. 

16 August 2019

1305. Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter (2♣️)

I haven’t done a new Playing Card since #962 - which was almost two and a half years ago.  

I was happy to see a Heretic beer at the liquor store today, because I was pretty sure I recognized the brewery from looking at the Bicycle List not too long ago.  

The beer itself it just okay.  
Pretty standard Porter with some dry flavors in the backend.  I think it’s too much hazelnut, but Caitlin thinks it’s too much cacao.  Either way, it’s just okay to both of us. 

157 REVISITED: Bitburger

On May 22, 2010, I watched Bayern Munich lose to Inter Milan in the UEFA League Champions Match - while drinking a Bitburger.

Today, is the first Match Day of the new Bundesliga season, and I wanted to drink an authentic German beer. 

It’s still tasty and delicious, as I imagine it was in 1817.
Bitte Ein Bit!

1304. Central State Wave Particle Duality

I was very intrigued by this beer when I heard about it, and after tasting it...  I’m very torn. 

Sours are one of my favorites.  
Dry-hopped Beers, aren’t. 

The beer drinks really light - but dry - with a subtle sour. The sour lingers in back end, but then it has a VERY dry aftertaste.  

It’s not a bad beer, I would drink it anytime, but I’m not in love it. 

10 August 2019

1303. Hudepohl-Schoenling Little Kings

Many moons ago, I was at KSR (Keystone Sports Review) with my friends Claire and Snow.  

The owner of the bar had gone to to liquor store and come back with a case of Little Kings, which he walked around and handed out one to each person who was drinking there that night.  This beer didn’t make the website that night - so, tonight it’s making its debuts while I’m enjoying it at Red Key.

Much lighter than Sunlight, it’s barely a “cream” ale in my opinion.  It’s light and refreshing and goes down easy without much taste to it.  

1302. Bier Coldbier

Simple.  Light.  Lager.  
“Glorified Miller Lite” is the category I put this into. 

1301. Bier Sixty Eight

This is the fourth beer in Bier’s rum of brewing for Red Key Tavern.  Caitlin and I stopped by tonight to see her godmother, Nora, and I was excited that they still had this available.  

It’s pretty plain and simple. 
It’s easy to drink, and doesn’t try too much. 
The flavors are okay, again, just light and easy and a little dry.  

1300. 18th Street The Fox and the Hunted

Beer #1300!!!
And it magically became something extra special. 
Last night, Caitlin and I learned Lily was going to be at a sleepover tonight - which meant we got a date night on a Saturday night!

So, we made our rounds with some drinks. 
Then decided to get some food at Ale Emporium - which was the site of Caitlin and I’s first date. 

Years before that, we met at Fox & the Hound Pub - and Ale just happened to have a beer called The Fox and The Hunted - which was close enough.  

Lucky, it is a porter.  Which is a style that Caitlin likes.  

And!  It’s an Indiana Beer - which is something to try to do for many “Milestone Beers” - unless I have something planned out of town. 

The Fox and the Hunted is a very smooth and rich Porter. It’s very enjoyable.  There isn’t anything magical that stands out - but I really do enjoy it. And it was the perfect beer for this Date Day.  Happy to hit this milestone, with the Love of My Life. 

1299. Sun King Cherry Busey

I have had Cherry Busey in the past, and I have really enjoyed it.  I’m not sure how it never made it into the website, but I checked and it wasn’t anywhere to be found. 

So, this is a super delicious sour and the cherry flavor is really tasty. Light, refreshing, tart, and enjoyable. I could drink lots and lots of these.  So delicious. 

1298. Sun King TrollStorm

Sadly, I don’t get any coconut flavor from this beer like it advertises.  However, the beer is still very enjoyable.  The chocolate and bourbon really work well together and it’s nice and creamy.  Very enjoyable beer.