22 August 2021

1666. DuClaw Root Beer Float

I don't remember liking this very much.  I think I was texting my buddy Ray while drinking it - and I just didn't enjoy the flavor.

21 August 2021

1665. Sun King Funnel Cake Ale

Interesting flavor.  Fine to drink.  I didn't love it, but it was an interesting flavor to try.

06 August 2021

02 August 2021

1663. Mooby’s Golden Ale (Kentucky)

Drove to Louisville with Snow.
Pretty standard Golden Ale.  Tasty, but nothing special.
Made by Falls City Brewing.

01 August 2021

1662. Orpheus Brewing Rainbow Serpent

Not as sour as their previous beer I drank last night, but still good.
It claims to be dry-hopped, but luckily the fruity flavors and sourness cover that up.
The fruity flavors work really well together, and it's pretty smooth, with that sour bite on the very backside.  After every drink, the back of my mouth is puckering for another fix of sour.

1661. Orpheus Brewing The Doughnut Revolution: Lime Coconut Sour Ale

Lime Coconut Sour Ale!
Guess what flavor is lacking?
Well, actually, the more it warms up, the more sleight hints of coconut I can taste in the backend.  
The beer is a delicious sour, I'm not really upset about the lack of coconut, because as a lime sour, it's really enjoyable.  I like the beer a lot.

Reading the can, I learned that it was paired with a local doughnut store called Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee, and this is based on a doughnut they have at this store.  So, that's kind of cool.  Next time I'm down in Atlanta, I would enjoy stopping in and trying this Lime Coconut Doughnut.

24 July 2021

1660. Heretic Caramel Moo-chiato

OH!  WOW!  This is now one of Caitlin's favorite beers!
And I really enjoy it too.  The creamy milky vanilla flavor is really good and enjoyable.
The beer also goes down really light and smooth, and leaves that wonderful flavor behind.
Not something for outside sitting and drinking, but it's a great beer for sitting inside, at the end of the night.

1659. WarPigs Bouffant Jellyfish

I've always wanted to like WarPigs.  I want to support 3 Floyds and Mikkeller.  It's just sad that most of their beers are so dry and bitter, or mega-hoppy.  Even their golden ale is DRY.  Well, not anymore.  Now, I can come out and say that I LOVE one of their beers.  This sour is guava-fruity and a really nice hit of sour.  More on the tart side, and it's nice.  I am really enjoying multiples of this beer tonight.

21 July 2021

1658. Sun King Watermelon Sunlight

Newest Variant of Sunlight. 
It’s okay.  
Watermelon aroma is present when I go to drink, watermelon flavor is mild in the beer.  Sadly, this version of Sunlight is not as good as the Lemon Shandy or Orange Vanilla variants. It’s probably fourth behind the Tropical, because it has light coconut flavor to it.  

But, it’s fine.  It’s drinkable and refreshing.  I don’t mind it at all, and have no problems drinking it. 

09 July 2021

Beer #74 REVISITED: Kronenbourg 1664

Tonight, we dined at the Be Our Guest restaurant in The Magic Kingdom.
There were more appealing beers on the menu, however, since it was French-themed, I sucked it up and drank a French biere.  This also allowed me to Revisit Beer #74 and provide a picture to go with it.

This beer.  It's considered a lager, but it's light like a Miller Lite.  So, it was easy to drink and I enjoyed many of them throughout the meal.   Nothing special, considering it's French.  But it was fine for tonight.

08 July 2021

1657. Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen

Today we made it to Epcot.
I found Germany, and I found a beer vendor. 
This sounded good, and I didn't think I remembered ever drinking it before.  Checked the website later, and it wasn't there - so I'm adding it now!

This was the perfect beer for the 95-degree day.
It was so hot, but this light beer went down really refreshingly, and the grapefruit flavor was nice and enjoyable.  It hit the spot for today - and I'm happy I upgraded to the plastic beer mug to have as a souvenir.  

05 July 2021

1656. Riptide Olde Naples Blonde

The last Florida beer I was able to get my hands on, and this one was really good.
It was light and crisp, and easy to drink.  It was a blonde that tasted like a blonde.
I took a few of these to the beach a few days later, and they were very tasty in the hot sun.

1655. Hofbrauhaus 3.3 Session Lager

I didn't even know this exsisted.
I found it at the liquor store here in Florida, and decided I wanted it, because I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy it.  Figures, I got to Florida looking for beer, and I find something from Germany that I want.

I don't know if we are just in a bad part of Florida, but none of the liquor stores have many local beer options.

So, I'm drinking German Lager, and loving it.
SIDE NOTE:  Tropical Storm Elsa comes through Marco Island the following day, so I drink a lot of these light lagers while watching the dark skies, wind, thunder, lightening, and the Italy/Spain EURO2020 Semi Final.  

1654. Funky Buddha Floridian Hefeweizen

This Funky Buddha Floridian is so far the best of my three Florida beers so far.
It's not bad to drink on the beach, where I took a few of them with us today.
I'm starting this think Floridians don't know how to properly label their beers.  Because this one is a lot lighter than a normal Hefe should be, and it's more refreshing than the citrus ale should have been.  Things seem a little different down here in Florida...

1653. Islamorada Ale

Islamorada Ale claims to be a citrus ale, but I don't get any light or fruity citrus flavors from this beer.
It's heavy and drinks thick.  It's neither light nor refreshing, like I expected from a citrus ale.  It's not enjoyable to sit outside and drink them - like I was expecting.  I've gone ZERO-for-two, so far on new beers this trip...

1652. Naples Beach IPA

I've been in Florida for about two hours now, we finally stopped for lunch - and the ONLY Florida local beer on the menu is an IPA.  I digress, and I still ordered it.  And it's a full-hardcore-IPA.  It's major dry and super bitter, and it's tough to go down.  Luckily, I chased it with a Stella.

03 July 2021

1651. Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan

This was a gift from my sister-in-law Mallory as a part of my birthday present.
Today, I've been trying to clean out my beer fridge before I leave for vacation, and I am finally getting around to this beer.

I don't get to try many brown ales.  It's one of my favorite styles, but doesn't seem to get made very often.
This one is LOADED with Pecan flavor.  I just kinda like pecans, so it doesn't really improve the beer for me.  It's pretty easy to drink, kind of lighter than most brown ales, and like I said - powerful pecan flavor.  It was a good beer to drink, but nothing I really need to drink again.

1650. Rochester Mills Juice Bigalow Hop Gigolo

This was a gift from my buddy Jae.  A few weeks back, we all played poker at our friend Snow's house, and we did kind of a beer swap.  Everyone brought a bunch of different things, and we just kind of shared them around.  I ended up bringing this one home.

I will give it credit that's a juicy beer.  But, it still isn't something I enjoy.  It's fairly dry and bitter, and has an aftertaste that I'm not a fan of.  It was tough to drink.

29 June 2021

1649. Lakefront Wisconsonite

My buddy Garrett and I got together today to watch the Germany v England match in the EURO2020 tourney.  It did not go well for Germany.  However, after the match we sat around and drank a Wisconsin Beer, since Garrett is one of my Wisconsin buddies.

The beer is fine.  It's good and drinkable,but I don't love it.  I would drink it in Wisconsin, but I would probably find other options elsewhere.

28 June 2021

1648. Fernson Curio

My first ever beer from South Dakota.  The state I was born in, yet tend to never make public.
This beer was a delicious gift from my friend John Peddie, who runs his own beer blog.
He gave one to Jason L. Maier and myself, so we drank them together on one of our podcast episodes.
The beer is good.  It's a nice level of sour, not too tart.  Very good summer beer.

26 June 2021

Beer 1 REVISITED: Abita Purple Haze

BEER #1.
Well, sort of.
When I started this website, I went through The Spot's ordering guide, and wrote down every single beer that I had already drank before I started the website.  There was 152 Beers, and I made them MY FIRST POST.  And did them in Alphabetical Order, so Abita became the first two, and Purple Haze came before Turbo Dog.  So, I drank this beer back in The Spot Days.  But, here's a picture of it from tonight.

1647. TailGate Peanut Butter Milk Stout

ANOTHER Gift Beer From Garrett Miller!

LOADS of Peanut Butter flavor in this beer.
It goes down thick and heavy, and both Caitlin and I enjoyed the flavors.
It might have been a little heavy for drinking after such a long and hot day - but we still appreciated the flavor and quality of the beer.  Very tasty.

1646. Fat Bottom Ruby

Another Garrett Miller Tennessee Vacation Gift Beer!!!

I enjoyed this red ale.  It was pretty flavorful, and full-bodied.
It went down a little heavy, but I just think that's the quality of the beer.
It might be a better fall-drinking beer, it didn't seem to keep my mouth cool, just because of the style.
I still really enjoyed it.

1645. Hap & Harry's Neon Leon

This was another Tennessee Vacation Garrett Miller Gift Beer...

I didn't know that I knew Hap & Harry's - but in April of 2018, I drank Beer #1086, which was their Lager.  I don't even remember that.  Interesting.

This is billed as a Light Lager - and it just falls into Glorified Miller Lite status for me.
It's light and easy to drink, and a little heavier in its flavor.  But there is nothing special about it.

1644. Rhinegeist Zango

Delicious outdoor beer!
It's really not even a beer.  It's like apple juice.
It's apple-strong flavored upfront, and then the tangerine flavor lingers in the aftertaste.
Sadly, the mango kind of gets covered up.
But, for patio drinking, this hits the spot.
It's like juice.

1643. Sun King Raspberry Lemonade

I saw this beer get announced a few days ago, so I ran out to get one, and I was not disappointed.
The fruity flavors are powerful, and it's very, very tart.  It's refreshing and makes my mouth happy.

Caitlin has also been wanting to try the Java Mac - and luckily, it is available right now.
So, we had a good Date Day at Sun King Broad Ripple, and we both got beers that we really enjoyed.

21 June 2021

1642. Schulz Bräu Pilsner

This was a gift from my buddy Garrett - who picked up a number of beers for me on his recent vacation.
He went to the Schulz Bräu Brewery in Knoxville, Tennessee and had an amazing time, and brought this can back for me.

I was excited to try it, and it was okay.
It's a fine Pilsner, but its flavor just falls into the Glorified Miller Lite category.
It was tasty, and I would drink it again at their brewery, but it's nothing I'm craving.

11 June 2021

1641. Urban Artifact The Gadget

Decent sour.  I don't love it, but it's very drinkable.
It's more tart than sour, and the two berries together just seem kind of off.
I don't really like blackberries, so maybe they are just hurting the flavor for me.
I still drank a few of them, and they go down quickly.

07 June 2021

1640. Untitled Art Barrel Aged Chocolate Macaroon Imperial Stout

And it's another coconut beer.
And it's another delicious coconut beer!
Very thick and heavy, with serious chocolate flavor upfront.  
The coconut lingers and makes my mouth happy. 
Another Coconut Birthday Beer, and I'm a happy birthday boy.

Also, the bottle has a strong coconut scent to it - so I plan to keep this bottle for a while.

28 May 2021

1639. Terre Haute Citragenesis

I literally only bought this beer because of the label.
I didn't care what it was going to taste like, I LOVED the label.
A dinosaur on roller skates, wearing sunglasses, listening to a walkman, and holding a super soaker.

The beer is okay.  It's hoppy, but it goes down pretty easily.
The aftertaste is a little blah, but nothing that I can't handle.

I still love the can!


1638. Hitachino Nest White Ale

This beer was suggested to me by my drinking buddy Ray Gutendorf.
It's okay.  I don't love it, just because it's a lot drier than the beer looks like it should be.
But, that must be a Japanese thing, because I feel the same way about Kirin Ichiban, and I still drink that when we go to the Hibachi Grill.

25 May 2021

1637. Four Day Ray Coffe Blonde

As much as I don't care for coffee, this beer is okay.
But just, OKAY.  Like, there is a powerful coffee flavor upfront, and it's a pretty crisp ale in the backend, but that coffee flavor does linger.   Caitlin - who likes coffee - thinks the beer is okay.

1636. Four Day Ray Czechrd Flag

Another average beer from Four Day Ray.
It's a dry lager, and I don't really care for that.
It doesn't quench my thirst, it makes my mouth dry.

1635. Finkel & Garf Porter

Another Colorado Beer Box Beer that we picked out for Caitlin. 
It's another disappointing slection.
It's a fine porter, but it's a very blah and bland porter.
It's not bad, but there is literally nothing special about it.