31 October 2013

29 October 2013

393. Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Solid Brown Ale taste, but nothing special or better than any other. Tastes good, but just common.

392. The Bruery White Oak

Wheat Ale. 

Most of these flavors are present. The coconut is more in the aroma, with some small flavor on the end. The bourbon hits really well. Probably my favorite Bruery Beer to date. I could do one a day!

28 October 2013

391. Green Flash Brewing Saison Diego

A little fuller and heavier than I expect from a Saison, but some really good flavors. Not sure how many I could drink in one session. Very smooth, though. 

390. The Bruery Saison de Lente

Very nice and smooth flavor, a little heavy - in my opinion - for a Saison, but I just think that is the Belgian part of the beer. Good flavor, very floral and no bitter. 

389. Samuel Adams Fat Jack

Remember that last post about being burnt out on pumpkin beers?

Well, Ryan Miller showed up to Scream-A-Thom tonight with this beer, which is one I've been looking for all of October. So, I'm doing one more. 

This is not what I expected from a "double pumpkin" is starts off really smooth and goes down easy, then the pumpkin creeps up in the aftertaste. It's smooth and light, very easy to drink. 

388. Flat 12 Flat Jack Pumpkin

I hope to God that this is my last pumpkin beer this season. I'm really burnt out. 

This one a typical pumpkin. Very flavor and pretty heavy. If I liked pumpkin, this would be better. 

387. Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest

Pretty standard Oktoberfest. Nothing great, but drinkable.

26 October 2013

386. North Coast Brewing Scrimshaw

Very smooth and easy to drink. Nothing special but a good beer to enjoy.

385. Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero IPA

Very nice flavor, low hops/bitters, but just enough for good flavor. Easy to drink a lot of.

384. Revolution Brewing Fistmas

A very nice dark seasonal beer. Not as flavorful as I expected, but still very enjoyable. Smooth with full flavors and aromas.

383. Revolution Brewing Double Fist

Very delicious and enjoyable. Solid flavor and very good on all aspects.

382. Revolution Brewing Eugene

Smells great, goes down smooth, not bitter, with a subtle chocolate aftertaste. One of the better porters I've ever had.

381. Revolution Brewing Coup D'Etat

Nice flavor, almost sour. Delicious flavor throughout.

380. Revolution Brewing Workingwoman's Brown

Really enjoyable. Good flavorful finish. I like this one.

379. Revolution Brewing Cross of Gold

Very smooth, easy to drink, with a surprising amount if flavor. I just don't care for the finish.

378. Revolution Brewing Red Skull

Very flavorful and easy to drink.

377. Piece Brewery Camel Toe

Very nice full flavored with minor bitters. A little heavy, but enjoyable.

376. Piece Brewery Oktoberfist!

Kind of blah for an Oktoberfest. Just has an odd flavor to it.

375. Piece Brewery Flat Iron Stout

Goes down smooth, has a burst of bitter in the middle, then finishes with an odd taste. Not a stout that I am fan of.

374. Piece Brewery The Outsider

Again, just kind of basic for a Belgian Style. Nothing fancy, but good flavor.

373. Piece Brewery Top Heavy Hefeweizen

Very nice smell, follows with a standard tasting Hefeweizen. Very enjoyable.

372. Piece Brewery Golden Arm

Very blah and basic. Nothing too special.

25 October 2013

371. Upland Strawberry Lambic

I am learning that I really LOVE sour ales. Taste is very much like Goose Island Lolita. Delicious, goes down super smooth and easy, and delivers an amazing sour-pucker kick to my mouth. I really love it. Very glad I was lucky enough to have the chance to get a bottle.

370. Victory Saison du Buff

Triple Powerhouse Beer!!!
Victory Brewing, Stone Brewing Company, and Dogfish Head Brewery combined to brew this epic beer. 

A little bit fuller and heavier than most Saison beers, but it boasts a lot full flavors. It's pretty darn good, but I don't think I could drink a lot of them in one session.

369. Broad Ripple Brewpub Autumn Brown

Very simple and tasty brown ale. Good flavor, but nothing too special.

368. Upland Harvest Ale

Very full bodied with strong flavors, bitter all the way through, but at an acceptable level. 

23 October 2013

367. Buffalo Bill's America's Original Pumpkin Ale

Yep. That's pumpkin flavor. Upfront strong and it sticks around. If you like pumpkin, this is for you - it's way too much for me. 

366. Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin

Tastes like a super-sized version of the Pumpkinhead. Same basic flavor, just a little stronger. Doesn't do a lot for me, since I don't care for pumpkin so much. But, it's what I expected. 

365. Shipyard Pumpkinhead

This is one of Jason L. Maier's favorite beers. It's ok. It's exactly what I expect from a pumpkin ale. Pumpkin flavor is not too bad. 

364. Abita Amber

Somehow I've never hit this Abita beer. It's a nice, flavored ale. Goes down smooth and has some yummy flavors. Nothing special, but enjoyable. 

363. Union Brewing Apollo's Space Flight Double IPA

Very full flavored. Not very bitter, and goes down smooth. The flavors seem just a little off...?  Cool at first, then spicy, then "hot" spicy finish?

362. Union Brewing King of Hop Black IPA

Has an amazing smell. But I'm hit-or-miss with Black IPAs, and this one is just a miss for me. I'm not a fan of the taste it leaves in my mouth.

361. Union Brewery From Lynchburg with Love ESB

Definitely bitter, but goes down smooth. Has a very full aftertaste.

360. Union Brewing Dog's Bollocks Brown

Sadly tastes very flat, but has some good flavors to it. I usually like Brown Ales, but this seems just a little off - might be the cask fermentation...

359. Union Brewing Infinite Happiness Pumpkin Ale

Very smooth ale, but I'm not a fan of the pumpkin flavor in this one. It's not strong, but it's odd.

22 October 2013

358. Ommegang Witte

Oh my, this is delicious!
A very light wheat beer, it goes down quick and smooth with no bite. Very sweet flavor, like a summer ale. This could easily be a session beer. I would love one after I finish working outside. 

357. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Smells fantastic, very floral. Lots of bitterness up front that then subsides into a very citrusy flavor that I enjoy. The bitter is more than I personally enjoy, but it's followed by such an amazing flavor on the back end, that I would drink a lot of these. 

21 October 2013

356. Dogfish Head Raison D'Être

Smells very smokey, then has a very complex flavor.  So complex that I'm really not able to pick out each distinct flavor. It's got some bitter and some sweet and leaves kind of a heavy flavor on the pallet. 

355. Dogfish Head Sixty-One

Has a wine fragrance that hits the nose, very mild bitterness with a hint of grape/wine tart in the middle. Enjoyable drink. 

354. Dogfish Head Tweason'ale

The second I popped the cap off, I could smell the strawberry flavor escaping. 

It drinks really smooth, and waits about two seconds before your taste buds are overwhelmed some strong strawberry flavor. Once that dies down, you get the sweet honey finish. Good beer, easy to drink, definitely a back porch summer drink. 

353. The Bruery Mischief

Nice and delicious. Yummy.
Ryan Miller has been trying to get me into The Bruery, and this might have done it. Great flavor and lots of good flavors. 

Bottle-conditioned made it rough to pour...

352. Boulder Beer A Honey of a Saison

Goes down really smooth and easy - lives up to Saison label - and then the honey kicks on the back end (maybe a little too much?). But, it is still very drinkable. 

20 October 2013

351. Schlafly XIPA

Bitter. Bitter up front. Bitter on the way down. Too bitter for me. It does go down smooth, though. I'm just not a fan of the taste. 

19 October 2013

350. Ommegang Take the Black Stout

Two weeks ago, my buddy David Richmond showed me a beer, Ommegang's Take the Black Stout, and told me he was looking forward to it - because he's a big fan of "Game of Thrones".  I think most of my friends forget that I don't watch the show!!!

But, what happened that day: I heard about Ommegang Brewery. Then, between Ryan Miller and I, we started going out of our way to find them. 

That all being said, I'm generally not a big stout guy. But, I can deal with this one. The bitter is almost all immediately up front. Once that subsides, I can taste a nice chocolate finish with a hint of caramel. It's not something I'll probably ever drink again, but I'm happy to drink it tonight. 

18 October 2013

349. Cutter's Half Court IPA

Lots of flavors with too much bitters for me. It's bad and fairly smooth, but it's got more bitters than I enjoy which makes me not interested in drinking it more than I have to.

348. Ommegang Abbey Ale

Brewed with licorice root and anise, I was a little worried about the flavor, but hoping for a Jägermeister taste. Luckily, it's nice a lot nicer and smoother than expected, but it still has that nice hint in the end. Almost fools me into thinking I just did a shot of Jägermeister.

347. Orkney Brewery Skull Splitter

This is a very interesting beer. It's like mood ring in a glass. When it first hits my tongue, I get an upfront bitter taste, but it's almost immediately gone as the beer goes across my tongue and becomes a smooth fruity flavor, before it leaves yet another completely different taste on its way down. None of the three flavors are overly impressive, but I appreciate the plethora of varying flavors I get from drinking it. 

17 October 2013

346. Flying Dog Raging Bitch

Flavorful beer, hits really well at first, but I'm not a fan of the dry bitterness it finishes with - just more than I prefer. 

16 October 2013

345. BrewDog Dogma

This beer is tough. I'm halfway through my first pint, and I'm torn. It's nice and smooth with an acceptable level of bitter.

It's also very complex, and that's what is causing the problem. I'm not sure about the blend of flavors. There's a lot going on, and I'm just not sure I enjoy the flavors. It's not disgusting, I'm just not sure I care for it. It does seems to leave a good/nice aftertaste.