27 November 2020

1497. Sun King Bourbon Barrel Shadow Proof

Another Shadow Proof Variant for this winter is the Bourbon Barrel Aged variant.
It's a good beer, but I think I tend to enjoy this beer when it's got some special flavors going on with it.  It's big and heavy, and the bourbon flavor is present. 

1496. Founders Curmudgeon's Better Half

This was a very nice gift from my buddy Garrett, he picked it up over the summer and gave it to me as a gift.  I held onto it for a while, and then decided that Shane Day 2020 was the perfect time to drink it.
This beer was pretty good, but not something that I loved.
It's an Olde Ye Ale, that has maple syrup added to it.
It was good, but it was not outstanding.

26 November 2020

1495. Untitled Art Sweet & Sour Grapefruit IPA

Wow.  This is new and impressive.
This IPA is like drinking literal juice.
It's nice and thick and fruity and has no bitterness to it. 
Its juicy all the way from start to finish with no dry-mouth aftertaste.
I really enjoyed this beer, and I don't really like grapefruit at all.
I've been told there is an Orange variant in the summer - and I am beyond excited to try that next year!

1494. Untitled Art Pixie Mix Fruit Punch

I really wish I liked this beer better.
I love most stuff from Untitled Art, but this one is a miss.
It tastes like sugar-less Hawaiian Punch that has some carbonation in it.
It's just like... "blah".  It's not sour, its not sweet.  It's just fruit-like-wanna-be juice water.
I wish it was better.

UPDATE:  I just searched for this "beer" online and learned its actually considered a Seltzer.
It makes me want to remove it from the website... but...  I've already created it...?  Anyways, it's ever more disappointing now.

25 November 2020

1493. Prairie Artisan Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie!!!
The lime sour flavor is good.
There's a small and minor bread-like flavor in the mix, but it's not overwhelming at all.
I really enjoy this beer, I would enjoy it very often.

1492. Untitled Art Loaded French Toast Imperial Stout

Holy WOW!!!
This stout is beyond amazing.  It's so fantastic.
It's a sweet and rich stout up front, that finishes with the most perfect maple syrup flavor that lingers in your mouth and on your lips.  It's fantastic.  Both Caitlin and I really enjoyed this beer.

1491. Indiana City Jungle Fruit

 This tropical berliner weisse is super tasty.
I don't love it, but it's a really good fruit-juice beer.
It's light and the tropical flavors are enjoyable.
I like it, but I don't love it.

24 November 2020

1490. Prairie Artisan Rainbow Sherbet

 This beer was absolutely delicious.
My buddy Steve and I were doing some work downtown, so we ended the night at World of Beer on Mass. Ave, and we both went for this American Wild Sour.  And it was amazing!  Really nice sour flavor in a light ale.  So enjoyable!!!

19 November 2020

1489. Sun King Oktoberfest Coffee Variant

 Caitlin and I are finally getting around to this.
We had it ready to drink at Oktoberfest, but then the night just got too late to do all three variants.
So, this one sat around until now.  And I'm not upset, it wasn't my favorite.  Granted, it wasn't as bad as the Apple Strudel variant...  But, this was COFFEE.  Like, serious coffee flavor in a light Marzen.

It goes down light with a big punch of coffee flavor.  If you like coffee, then you'd like this.

12 November 2020

1488. Sun King Shadow Proof Peanut Butter Cup

 Back in March - the weekend before the world shut down - I was bar hopping for Jae's Bachelor Day and we ended up at Sun King Fishers where I did the Coconut Shadow Proof (Beer #1413) and it was delicious!!!

I was excited to see this Peanut Butter Cup variant, which was very tasty as well.
Not as good as the coconut bourbon variant, but the flavors were very good.
The chocolate and peanut butter are both present, but the bourbon kicks in and sort of overpowers the other flavors in the back half of the beer.

Jason and I drank this beer while we recorded Episode XXI of our Podcast, LIVE at Sun King Fishers.

03 November 2020

1487. Founders KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge

 I've enjoyed Founders KBS in the past, but this time Caitlin and I are trying the Maple Mackinac Fudge variant.  And by chance - we happen to have some Mackinac Fudge in our fridge (from Lily's recent trip to Michigan) so we paired the beer with that fudge.

The beer is good, it's tasty.  A little heavy and thick, but very enjoyable.  The bourbon flavor is present upfront, along with a nice touch of chocolate-fudge flavor that mellows out into the maple sweetness on the backend.  It's pretty good, but I also don't think I will ever need to drink it again.

1486. BrewDog Kaiser Co-Op

 I bought this beer to drink on the morning of Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund.

My plan was to, "...smash on BrewDog's Dortmunder while I watch Bayern smash on Dortmund..."

Bayern did win the match, and I shared some beers with my Bayern Buddies - but none of us really enjoyed the beer.

It's dry and just leaves an odd taste in my mouth.  It is light, and easy to drink - but the dryness just makes it not good.  Don't think I'll ever drink this again.