31 October 2019

1365. Urban Artifact Photo Booth

Nice and tasty sour gose.
I'm not a huge grapefruit fan, and it's powerful - but the beer is still okay.

1364. Sun King Melo

Watermelon Tart Wheat Beer from Sun King.  Really light and refreshing and enjoyable.
It's nothing amazing, or praise-worthy, but its very tasty.  Much more a summer beer, in my opinion.

27 October 2019

1363. New Glarus Kid Kölsch

A second gift from Garrett Miller.
It was a vert standard kölsch, nothing special. 
Simple and easy to drink.

1362. New Glarus Berliner Apfel

Light, crisp and refreshing.  This beer literally tastes like drinking alcoholic apple juice.
This beer was a gift from my friend, Garrett Miller from his recent trip to Wisconsin.

22 October 2019

1361. ZwnazigZ The Ticket

This beer falls into the same category as Beer #656 Sonoran's White Chocolate and Beer #759 Evil Czech's Clayton Bigsby.  It's a really good, light beer with a great chocolate flavor in the backend.
Once again, it's looks are deceiving.

1360. ZwnazigZ Vanilla Cinnamon Porter

Really enjoyable porter.  The cinnamon seems to make it a little more dry and bitter, but the vanilla aftertaste is really good.

1359. ZwnazigZ May the Schwartz Be With You

Pretty decent black bier.  Good flavors, but nothing amazing.

21 October 2019

1358. BrewDog Vermont Vampire

This beer boasts peach, pine, and coffee.
Three things I don't typically enjoy, and would never put together in a beer.
I wasn't really a fan of this beer.

20 October 2019

1357. BrewDog Red & Dead IPA

Big and bold, lots of heavy flavors, but also pretty dry in the back end.
Not a bad IPA, it's drinkable.

1356. BrewDog Zombie Cake

This beer isn't bad - but it had the unfortunate luck of being drank while I was still on a high from Big Wood's Peanut Butter Busted Knuckle porter, which was far superior.  The addition of pralines also should have given the beer a sweet flavor, but it seemed to just bring out some real bitterness. 

1355. Big Woods Peanut Butter Busted Knuckle

This beer is amazing, possibly the best beer that I have ever had from Big Woods.  It's creamy, it's chocolaty.  It goes down really smooth, and a sweet peanut butter taste lingers for a while.  It's so enjoyable.

1354. Big Woods Coffee Coconut Fool's Russian Nitro

Strong coffee flavors, not much coconut.  The nitro makes it really smooth and easy to drink.

1353. BrewDog OverWorks Comsic Apricot

Pretty standard sour, not the best OverWorks has to offer - but it's really powerful in the apricot flavor.

1352. BrewDog What's Up Dog???

Really happy to see BrewDog do a brown ale.  It's really enjoyable, with great flavors.

15 October 2019

1351. Sun King Batch 666: Sympathy For the Devil

Big and powerful flavors.  It's a little heavy, but the chocolate flavor is good, and the cherry is subtle.
It's a big boy, and I could probably only drink one.

1350. Redemption Dreamsicle

Really creamy and delicious.  They hit their goal with the flavors they were trying to capture.
Goes down like a melted creamsicle, orange and vanilla flavors are abundant.