25 November 2019

1370. Upland Teddy Bear Kisses - Coconut Variant

In 2013, the regular version of Teddy Bear Kisses was Beer #426, and I wasn't really a fan of it.
When I saw they did a Coconut Variant this year, I knew I wanted to try it.

I enjoyed the beer much more this time around, as I definitely let it sit for about 30 minutes to warm up before I drank it.  The cacao bitterness was far less, but the coconut flavor was still very subtle.  The beer was big, and the bourbon was powerful - perhaps it masked the coconut flavor.  I did like it much more than I remember from last time.

1369. BrewDog Jack Hammer

This beer is the epitome of Pale Ale.
I don't agree that it's "ruthless" - I have had pales that were more dry and more bitter - but this one does leave its own punch in your mouth.  Upfront, it has some really strong flavors hidden behind the dry slam of each drink.  The lingering flavor is a good one, despite how dry my mouth is.  It's drinkable, and I don't hate it - but it is very dry and bitter.

1368. Indiana City Ash & Elm Eastsider

A little while ago, Michael Maier and I went out to Ash & Elm for food/drinks.
I had really high hopes that I would be able to get this either on draft or in a can while I was there, but sadly, it was not available.  So, I found some of their ciders that I really enjoyed that day.

So, the Eastsiders beer is tasty.
There is a very good apple aroma in the smell.
Upfront it almost has a wheat-beer-like flavor quality to it.  A little thicker than I expected, and a also a little dryer.  The apple flavor pops through while drinking it and lingers in the aftertaste.  It goes down smooth, and even a little heavier than I expected from this beer.  Really enjoyable.

23 November 2019

1367. Firestone Walker Coconut Merlin Stout

I haven't done very much from Firestone Walker, even thought I hear good things, and I see a number of their beers that I want to try.  I saw this one, and saw "coconut" - so I had to pick it up.

It's a really good stout, doesn't taste very "milky" to me, and there also is no coconut taste at all.  Despite those two things, it was still very good quality and I enjoyed the taste.

15 November 2019

1366. Taxman Big Red Build-A-Beer

I saw an post on Taxman's Facebook page about a collaboration they did with Big Red, I guess it involved allowing the customers at Big Red voting on the ingredients they wanted in a beer - then Taxman took the results and brewed the beer those customers wanted.

And the beer sounded amazing to me - a Belgian-style Brown Ale with Vanilla!
Sadly, the beer was really blah.  It wasn't horrible or disgusting, it just didn't taste that great.