22 August 2021

1666. DuClaw Root Beer Float

I don't remember liking this very much.  I think I was texting my buddy Ray while drinking it - and I just didn't enjoy the flavor.

21 August 2021

1665. Sun King Funnel Cake Ale

Interesting flavor.  Fine to drink.  I didn't love it, but it was an interesting flavor to try.

06 August 2021

02 August 2021

1663. Mooby’s Golden Ale (Kentucky)

Drove to Louisville with Snow.
Pretty standard Golden Ale.  Tasty, but nothing special.
Made by Falls City Brewing.

01 August 2021

1662. Orpheus Brewing Rainbow Serpent

Not as sour as their previous beer I drank last night, but still good.
It claims to be dry-hopped, but luckily the fruity flavors and sourness cover that up.
The fruity flavors work really well together, and it's pretty smooth, with that sour bite on the very backside.  After every drink, the back of my mouth is puckering for another fix of sour.

1661. Orpheus Brewing The Doughnut Revolution: Lime Coconut Sour Ale

Lime Coconut Sour Ale!
Guess what flavor is lacking?
Well, actually, the more it warms up, the more sleight hints of coconut I can taste in the backend.  
The beer is a delicious sour, I'm not really upset about the lack of coconut, because as a lime sour, it's really enjoyable.  I like the beer a lot.

Reading the can, I learned that it was paired with a local doughnut store called Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee, and this is based on a doughnut they have at this store.  So, that's kind of cool.  Next time I'm down in Atlanta, I would enjoy stopping in and trying this Lime Coconut Doughnut.