17 June 2017

973. Lagunitas Doppel Weizen

I'm not sure why I keep trying Lagunitas stuff.
It always sounds interesting, but fails my taste buds. This is one of their better offerings, its a pretty light weizen that goes down smooth with a simple wheat taste. Sadly, the aftertaste kicks in very dry in the back of my throat. It isn't terrible, but I would rather be drinking something else.

07 June 2017

971. Tallgrass Velvet Rooster

Decent Tripel. Some good flavors, with a little bit too much dryness in the back end. Good, but nothing amazing.

970. Rogue Hot Tub Scholarship Lager

Very dry lager. Not terrible, but just not something I would really enjoy drinking often.

969. Bier Trackbier

I am late on this one.
I wanted so badly to get one during the month of May - but i never went to the track and kept forgetting to pick one up.

So, my first birthday beer of 37: is pretty tasty. Light and smooth. Goes down easy and is refreshing. I could easily day-drink these outside all day.