21 August 2015

700. Mikkeller Black (黑)

So much quality in this beer.
Really good flavors for what it is - not my typical style, but this was the best option for a milestone such as 700.  Lots of chocolate and coffee aromas and then a very nice and smooth drink. Then, it hits you hard in the end with a very sharp alcohol flavor. Leaves my mouth feeling like I just did a shot of hard liquor. 

No bitterness. Smooth. But rather dry in the finish. Not as bad as a serious IPA, but still dries my mouth up more than I like. Very good, very enjoyable for this, but not anything I will drink again. 

Celebrated this beer with Miller, Steve, Jason, Snow and Claire while we were in Chicago at Headquarters Beercade.

699. Goose Island The Ogden

A really good representative of a Tripel. Banana and Clove flavors with some peppery notes. Goes down smooth but has a dry/slightly bitter finish to it. Pretty good, but nothing super special. 

15 August 2015

698. Tin Man Apricot Sour

Super delicious and mega-sour ale. My buddy Steve recommended it, saying: "It's like a handful of Sour Patch Kids in your mouth" - that's pretty accurate. Yum yum. I like this beer a lot. 

10 August 2015

697. Great Divide Colette

Good flavors, pretty smooth. Good, but nothing great. Malty with some very prominent yeast flavors. 

09 August 2015

696. Lagunitas Sucks

Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. 
Yep. The name says it all. 
Brown Shugga Substitute Ale?  It had me intrigued for a minute. Sadly, it tastes like a serious hop head IPA. My mouth was as dry as a desert after the first drink. Not my kind of "ale".

04 August 2015

695. Sun King Valour Soccer Mom

This is exactly my kind of beer. Spurs are one of my favorite styles. I could drink lots of these. However, there is nothing special that sets this aside from any other sour. It's good, I like it, but it's a very standard flavor. 

694. Sun King Drink On and Prosper

Kind of the polar opposite of the previous Sun King beer I drank today. 

This one looks light and innocent - but is full of amazing flavors that go down very smooth. It's slightly heavy, so I don't know how many I could drink outside on a hot day, but inside at a bar I could kill a lot of these and enjoy their flavors. Good beer!

Sun King is now Two-For-Two in Gen Con Beers. Last year's Froth of Khan was delicious, and this one follows suit. 

693. Sun King Sir Nigel the Tame

Very light and refreshing for how dark it is. Some pretty good Newcastle-Like flavors to it. Goes down really easy, no bitterness to it. Really enjoyable for such a simple offering.