31 May 2015

660. Deschutes Jubel

Not much flavor, just a big and bold malty/hoppy blend that hits you hard upfront. It's obvious that it came from Oregon, and is probably wildly popular there. Just not my thing.

659. Black Market Brewing The Enemy Within

Very interesting flavor up front, but then crazy dry and bitter for the rest of the drink. Not really a fan.


30 May 2015

658. Odell Myrcenary Double IPA

I got scared while smelling it, I could sense the bitterness I was about to subject myself to. But, it went better than I expected. It comes full force, full bodied flavor up front, but then quickly hits you with a very bitter aftertaste that dries up your palette. It's better flavor than I expected, but still leaves my mouth wanting too much more. 

657. Epic Brainless

Nice punch upfront with some really great flavors, the backend is just way too dry and bitter for my mouth. I suppose they get their desire - I can't stop drinking, to prevent the dry mouth.

29 May 2015

656. Sonoran White Chocolate Ale

Probably the best beer I have had in a long, long time. Amazing flavor, sweet chocolate notes, all blended in a full bodied beer. Amazing.

655. Funkwerks Tropic King

Really enjoyable, nice zingy flavor, not sour and hard to put my finger on, but really enjoyable. 

*after internet searching: the flavor was Passion Fruit. 

28 May 2015

654. SanTan Epicenter

Full bodied with good flavors, but it just seems like it's watered down from its potential flavor. This could be a sad trend in Arizona...?

653. Huss Sunday Funday

"American Pale Wheat Ale"
For such an insane description, this lacked any true flavor and just came across as another Miller Lite substitute. Light, crisp, easy - nothing I ever need to drink again - but I would, if it was all there was. 

652. Oak Creek Brewing Nut Brown Ale

Good flavors, but they are ruined by being too watered down. It's a bummer, it had so much potential.

651. Huss Brewing Scottsdale Blonde

Nothing special.
Glorified Miller Lite. 
Easy to drink a lot of them in order to "drink local" - but it wasn't anything I will ever be craving. 

27 May 2015

650. Alaskan Amber Ale

First beer of vacation upon landing in Phoenix and visiting Jeff at work. Tried the Alaskan Amber. Nothing special, but some good flavors. Don't even need to drink it again.

649. Ommegang Fire and Blood

Not my favorite beer from this amazing brewery. Interesting concept and I enjoyed seeing how the chiles played a part in the flavors, but it just didn't blend well enough, and was a lot drier than I prefer from my red ales. Very novelty to drink while watching the show.

18 May 2015

648. Triton Brewing Hometown Hero

I know this was brewed in tribute to George Hill - but sadly this is just a lame golden ale. Dry without any flavor. I tend to enjoy most Triton beers - this one just didn't hit with me. 

My Buddy Ryan Miller is always good at taking pictures.
You've seen him BEFORE.

647. Bloomington Brewing Ruby Bloom

Very, very dark for an "Amber" ale.
Nice refreshing smell up front, with a very smooth flavor while it goes down, finishing with some delicious malt flavors. Very enjoyable, I would recommend this. 

17 May 2015

646. Scarlet Lane Nobel Order

Not a fan. Just a very dry wheat beer with awkward flavors that just anger my mouth - especially because it leaves my mouth very dry and angry.

645. Sun King Triptonic

I always try everything from Sun King, and they always delivery good quality - sadly the flavors in this one weren't my favorite. Specifically the banana that was very powerful. Just not my preference.

04 May 2015

644. Yazoo Dos Perros

Step up from a Light Lager.
Smooth and easy to drink. A few flavors to it, but nothing that stands out.

643. Goose Island Festivity Ale

Sadly, just a little disappointing from Goose Island. Doesn't pack the brown ale punch of flavor that I really enjoy. It's not a bad beer, but one of the lesser Browns. I will drink it, but only if I know there's nothing else I need to try.

03 May 2015

642. Flesk Brewing Chocolate Factory

This was crazy delicious.
So many amazing brews are coming from Chicago - it's no wonder I'm there once a month!  Delicious chocolate flavors that overwhelm any dry and bitter taste. Would happily order one from a menu.