28 July 2015

692. Jackalope Bearwalker Maple Brown

There is a slight hint of sweetness to this beer - which I assume is from the maple syrup - but I wouldn't have been able to pinpoint that without the knowledge of how this was brewed. It is a really solid Brown Ale, and something I would enjoy drinking all the time. 

27 July 2015

691. Yazoo Pale Ale

Stopped in Nashville while driving Steve back to Indy. 

Trying to continue to drink local. 

This is a pretty standard Pale. Not to dry or bitter, so I enjoy it. Got some flavors all around. Not too terrible, but nothing something I would drink often. 

26 July 2015

690. Blue Pants Brewery Double Stuff Pinstripe Stout

Chocolate and Vanilla always make for a great stout. This is nice and smooth. It's not my typical drink, but I can enjoy this. It's a little dry, but still has some enjoyable flavors. I can't complain...  Won't order it again, but would drink it again. 

689. Avondale Brewing Miss Fancy's Tripel

Much better Tripel than I was drinking an hour ago. 

Avondale > Yellowhammer

Lots of nice flavors, goes down smooth, some tart to it and minor bitters. Very nice to sip on. 

688. Yellowhammer Miracle Worker Tripel

A little too dry.
Not enough flavor for what I want from a Tripel. It's strong, and I can taste what I think the flavors are supposed to be - but they just don't explode in my mouth like I want. 

687. Pensacola Bay Brewing Belgian Abbey Ale

This was a test batch. 
It has no official name. 
It was the best beer I drank from here. Really good flavors, nice malts, very strong flavors and a full body. I really enjoyed this beer. 

686. Pensacola Bay Brewing Blackbeard Stout

Enjoyable stout. Good flavors, but just not my usual beer. Nothing wrong with it - exactly what a Stout drinker would expect. 

685. Pensacola Bay Brewing Lighthouse Porter

Oddly, this tastes super watered down - but the aftertaste kicks in hardcore and some really nice flavors come out. I'm having trouble deciding if I like this fact...?

684. Pensacola Bay Brewing Li'L Napoleon IPA

This is an IPA!  Full of hops and bitterness. Not my cup of beer, but I can tell its appealing to those who like their Bitter IPAs. 

683. Pensacola Bay Brewing Riptide Amber

Some really good flavors, pretty standard Amber.  Drinkable, but other better options. 

682. Pensacola Bay Brewing Treasure Grove Pale Ale

Not my favorite. Pretty dry and bitter for me. Leaves my mouth very dry. Good flavors up front, but they don't follow through so well in the end. 

681. Pensacola Bay Brewing Sawgrass Wheat

Kind of a light wheat, but better flavor and body than most "American Wheat" crap I've been subjected to recently. Nice lingering flavors after a good drink.


680. Pensacola Bay Brewing Desoto Berliner Weisse

Really nice and smooth, with some good flavors. Almost sour-like. I could down a lot of these.


679. Pensacola Bay Brewing Deluna Kölsch Ale

Pretty standard. Nothing special, but enjoyable. Easy to drink. 

24 July 2015

678. Mt. Carmel Brewing Nut Brown Ale

I dig this beer. 
Brown Ales are one of my favorite styles of beer and this is a good offering. There's nothing really that stands out, but that is just because it is exactly what I expect. So, it's good, smooth, with nice flavors. A lot better than I expected from a brewery I have never heard of. 

23 July 2015

677. Victory Kirsch Gose

Decided to do back-to-back sours tonight. 
This one has a better flavor because of the cherry, but overall I don't like it as much. Not as sour, and a little flat tasting. Still enjoyable, and the cherry flavor does linger. 

676. Rivertown Divergent

Super delicious sour ale.  
Nothing special about it, very standard, but so so tasty. I could drink a lot of these and be happy. 

21 July 2015

675. Victory Summer Love

A little heavier than I tend to want from a summer ale. It's got some good flavors up front, but then sits really heavy after I drink. Not something I would want to drink a lot of. It's good, but not session-worthy for me. 

20 July 2015

673. Against the Grain Sho' Nuff

Good beer. Nothing too special, but a nice big flavor upfront that finishes really smooth. It's solid. It's legit. It's nothing super special, but I am really enjoying it. Good flavor that goes down super smooth. Not trying too be anything it's not, and I appreciate it. 

672. 3 Floyd's Bend the Knee

Of these American Wheats that I've been subjected to - this is probably the best I've tried recently. It still has my only complaint about 3 Floyd's: their bitter/dry aftertaste lingers in my mouth once the good flavors fade away. It's not unbearable, but it's just a bad way to finish the beer for me. Aside from that, I really enjoy the flavors while I'm drinking it.

19 July 2015

671. Big Woods Fell Swoop Belgian Wit

Really nice and refreshing. Good flavors all around, it goes down really smooth and has some nice lingering flavors. A really good summer beer to drink a lot of in one sitting. 

17 July 2015

670. Blind Owl Black Forest Märzen

It packs a punch of flavor in the backend, but up front it really tastes very watered down. I'm kind of confused...  I really want to like it - because of that aftertaste - but I just feel like I'm getting screwed out of the initial drink. Like, there should be more to it. Just, seems watery. But there is somehow great flavor...?

669. Blind Owl Hoo-Hoo Honey Brown

Pretty standard - and tasty - brown ale. Nice full body to it, and the honey flavor creeps in slowly. Some very nice and good malt flavors, it's nice to see the quality in this - after my first two standard/blah/boring offerings. Very enjoyable. My favorite so far. 

668. Blind Owl Sweetwater Wheat

I'm really getting tired of this "American Wheat" crap. There's nothing wrong with the flavor of this beer - but I don't consider this style a wheat beer. It's light, it's simple and easy to drink. It doesn't taste like it has active yeast or anything fermenting at all. It's not cloudy, it's not what I want when I read "Wheat" Beer. 

Rant over, the beer tastes fine. It's drinkable, it's too light in flavor and too easy to go down...

667. Blind Owl Brewery Summer Gum Saison

Light and refreshing with a spicy note to it. Nothing too noteworthy other than the spice.