28 May 2021

1639. Terre Haute Citragenesis

I literally only bought this beer because of the label.
I didn't care what it was going to taste like, I LOVED the label.
A dinosaur on roller skates, wearing sunglasses, listening to a walkman, and holding a super soaker.

The beer is okay.  It's hoppy, but it goes down pretty easily.
The aftertaste is a little blah, but nothing that I can't handle.

I still love the can!


1638. Hitachino Nest White Ale

This beer was suggested to me by my drinking buddy Ray Gutendorf.
It's okay.  I don't love it, just because it's a lot drier than the beer looks like it should be.
But, that must be a Japanese thing, because I feel the same way about Kirin Ichiban, and I still drink that when we go to the Hibachi Grill.

25 May 2021

1637. Four Day Ray Coffe Blonde

As much as I don't care for coffee, this beer is okay.
But just, OKAY.  Like, there is a powerful coffee flavor upfront, and it's a pretty crisp ale in the backend, but that coffee flavor does linger.   Caitlin - who likes coffee - thinks the beer is okay.

1636. Four Day Ray Czechrd Flag

Another average beer from Four Day Ray.
It's a dry lager, and I don't really care for that.
It doesn't quench my thirst, it makes my mouth dry.

1635. Finkel & Garf Porter

Another Colorado Beer Box Beer that we picked out for Caitlin. 
It's another disappointing slection.
It's a fine porter, but it's a very blah and bland porter.
It's not bad, but there is literally nothing special about it.

22 May 2021

1634. Ellison Lady Victory Lager

This year's Indy Eleven Beer is from Ellison brewing - and THANK GOD it's not another IPA!!!
That's been my biggest complaint with all of the other Indy Eleven beers.
When it's 90 degrees outside and I'm sitting under the sun, the LAST thing I want is a dry and hoppy beer.  Luckily, this year, Indy Eleven partnered with Ellison, and they released a tasty lager.

A tasty lager, that I am pretty sure I drank six of during the match.
They go down really quick and easy, and are really refreshing.
Very happy for this year's beer!

19 May 2021

1633. Four Day Ray Strawberry Lemonade Blonde

Even though I'm not a huge fan of Four Day Ray, I had a gift card for them - and when I saw they were releasing this beer, I knew that would be a good use of my gift card.

This is one of the best beers I have had from Four Day Ray.
It's tart enough, light, and refreshing.  It rinks quick and easy and I enjoy the flavors.

14 May 2021

1632. Taft's Oktuberfest

Cleaning out my fridge, I found this buried in the back.
It was bought for last year's Shanetoberfest, and never got drank, then it got pushed to the back and covered up.  So, I came across it tonight, and busted it open.

It's a decent beer.  A little lighter than most Oktoberfest beers, since it's a lager and not a Marzen.
This beer drinks easy, it's a little dry and bitter, but still managable.

1631. Untitled Art Peanut Butter and Jelly Imperial Stout

WOW.  This beer is dangerous.
It comes in over 10% but it doesn't taste like it.
There's some serious peanut butter flavor up front, and then it smooths out into a fruity strawberry flavor.
It's thick and heavy, and that fruity flavor sneaks up on you in the backend.
It's so good to sip on - but when I was done, I definitely could feel the ABV.

1630. Hi-Wire Loves ATL

There is A LOT of flavors going on in this beer, and they all kind of mix together really well.
I like the beer, I don't love it.  It's easy to drink, but with so much going on, it's just a lot.
The coconut gets hidden under more powerful flavors like the peach and pineapple - which are very powerful.  It's tasty, and I like it, but I don't need to drink it again.

12 May 2021

1629. Voodoo Lacto-Kooler (Green)

This beer is one of my current favorites.
It is SOUR.  I mean, SOUR punch to your taste buds.
I grew up loving the Ecto-Cooler juice boxes, and this beer perfectly captures that taste.
It's very sour and lime at the beginning, and then as the sour fades, it leaves a very orange/citrus flavor that lingers. 
My mouth puckers when I drink this beer, and I long for another drink.
According to their website, there are like four other "color" flavors.
I would be curious to try them, but I am happy I got this one first - because it tastes EXACTLY like the drink I grew up with.

UPDATE:  After a few weeks of drinking a lot of these beers, I've learned I need to limit myself to ONE per drinking session.  The acidity from the orange/citrus in the beer, really starts to tear up my stomach and make me sick while drinking the second beer.  It's a terrible Catch-22, I love this beer, but I can't drink more than one.  (Which isn't really a problem now, I've bought out the liquor store that is close to me that carries them...  So, I need to find them somewhere else...)

07 May 2021

1628. FlyteCo Tipsy Nipper

Yep.  Another Beer Box Beer from Colorado.

We didn't actually pick this one, one of the beers we picked was not available, so this was our substitute beer.  It's pretty blah.  I love Belgian yeast, and I like saisons, but this beer just didn't impress me.

05 May 2021

1627. Taxman Tropical Wit-Held

I'm still in love with Taxman, and I really enjoy this beer.
The flavors all work really well together and I could easily enjoy an entire six-pack of this beer.

1626. Resolute All The Fuss Lemondrop Sour

Another Colorado Beer, from our newest Beer Box (we learned that this beer box we switched to is based out of Colorado.  So, while it's nice that we get to pick and chose our own beers - they all come from Colorado.  So, we don't get the wide regional variety that we enjoyed with our previous box...)

Lemondrop Sour sounded delicious to me.
It wasn't.  Not very sour at all.  No real lemon flavor.
It was just brewed with Lemondrop Hops.
And those hops are not good.
I was really disappointed with this beer.

1625. High Grain Sour Ale with Blackberry and Blueberry

Another beer Caitlin picked up for me in Ohio.
It's a decent sour.  Mild sour flavor to go with some good fruit flavors.
Blackberry and Blueberry are two of my lesser favorite berries, but they work well together in this beer.

04 May 2021

1624. Jagged Mountain Juice Cleanse Mango Lassi Sour Smoothie

Another Colorado beer from our latest Beer Box.
It's a decent fruited sour smoothie.  Oddly, it tastes more like alcoholic orange juice.
It's thick, it's got a powerful citrus flavor, the sour is on the mild side.

1623. Uhl's Cookies 'n' Creme Everywhere Stout

One of Caitlin's selections in our new Monthly Beer Box.
It's a big Imperial Stout.
And the flavors are pretty good, but it's sadly not as good as some other pastry stouts we have had.
It's chocolatey, but that's really the only flavor we get.

1622. Taft's I Find Your Lack of HOPS Disturbing

I'm celebrating "Star Wars" Day, with a "Star Wars" Themed Beer!!!
That makes me really happy!
If only this beer made me happy.
Sadly, it's dry.  It's hoppy.  It's bitter.  It's not my jam.

03 May 2021

1621. Ellicottville There's Something About Cherry

Another Jungle Jim's gift from Caitlin.
A very, very delicious cherry sour.
Powerful punch of sour flavor, and the cherry is just perfectly tart.

946 REVISITED: Brew Kettle Kitka

I originally drank this coconut beer as #946 on the website, back in April of 2017.
Caitlin went over to Cincinnati and ended up at Jungle Jim's, where she grabbed it for me, because it was a coconut beer.

Much like my previous review, it's a good chocolate milk stout, it tastes wonderful - it's just only got a hint of coconut.  It could be much better if they could kick that coconut flavor up.  But, it's still tasty.

02 May 2021

01 May 2021

1619. Bells Flamingo Fruit Fight

Really fruity and tasty beer.
Passion Fruit and Lime work well together, and I enjoy how refreshing this beer is.