26 February 2014

23 February 2014

467. Miller Fortune

This is the FIRST beer I have had in 2014 from Miller, Coors, or Busch. I've been avoiding them on purpose and plan to only drink them when they are new and needed for this site. 

The beer is better than Miller Lite, it has some flavor up front, but it doesn't last.  I would rather drink it than a Miller Lite, but there's thousands of beers I would drink before this one. 

BREW DAY #4: Weiß Brüder Sudhaus CoCo4CoCoNutBrown Ale

Originally, I wanted to home brew so that I could emulate Koko Brown all year long. 

That concept has evolved into a Samoa Beer. Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla, and lots of coconut are going into this beer, which I hope can be perfectly paired with my favorite Girl Scout Cookie. 

Today, I brew without a kit. I brew with 100% my own choices in all of the ingredients. And in six weeks, I will find out how CoCo4CoCoNutBrown Ale tastes...

21 February 2014

466. Ommegang XV

Ommegang is currently my favorite brewery, and I was introduced to them by Ryan Miller. So, when I was invited to his place to watch the USA vs Canada Men's Hockey Game, I thought I buy this 15th Anniversary Brew for us to enjoy together.

Honestly, it was just ok. Very heavy, not too bitter, almost coffee-like.  It was quality, but not something I really liked.  

465. Bell's Third Coast Old Ale

I'm pretty sure I've had the Third Coast Ale (I suppose I could search this site...).

USA vs Canada Men's Hockey game with Ryan Miller again. He provided me with this delicious beer. 

A little dry, but seriously strong fruit notes to it. A little heavy, but for a good reason. Not one I could do multiples of, probably...

15 February 2014

BREW DAY 3.2: Weiß Brüder Sudhaus DREI-PA

Bottling day for DREI-PA!!!
I am loving the smell, and I really like the taste of the uncarbonated beer. I have high hopes for this turning out well.  BIG THANKS to my buddy P-Funk, who came over and helped me with the bottling today!!!

464. Left Hand St. Vrain Tripel Ale

Still hanging with Ryan Miller and the third period of the game saw us open up this beer, which is labeled as a "Tripel".

Miller and I were both confused by the color at first, which is the lightest Tripel I've ever seen...

The flavor is good, but it's really just a full flavored ale. It didn't taste like it was a true Tripel at all. Enjoyable to drink, but I feel bamboozled by the labeling. 

463. Unibroue Grand Reserve 17

While watching the USA vs Russia Men's Hockey thriller, Ryan Miller offered up this bottle and we opened it up to enjoy. 

It was good. 
I can taste the quality, but it was a little too heavy for me. I'm glad to have tried it's unique flavor, but it wasn't something I'll go out of my way to drink again. 

We did allow it to age for three years...

14 February 2014

462. Abita Mardi Gras Bock

My buddy Jae invited me over to give me some beer gifts for this site, and I stayed to enjoy this beer with him.

It's like a cartwheel of delicious flavors. It starts off very smooth and easy to drink, when it settles there are some delicious fruity flavors, and in the aftertaste is just some simple hints of bitterness. I also really enjoy the smell of it. 

10 February 2014

BREW DAY 3.1: Weiß Brüder Sudhaus DREI-PA

Ten days of fermentation, complete.
Two weeks into secondary, time to add my three (drei) hops for flavoring. 

02 February 2014

461. Weiß Brüder Sudhaus DunkelZWEIzen

My second home brew!!!
One that Michael Maier helped me with, so it was actually ready on Friday, but we waited for Jason, Michael, and myself to enjoy it together while watching the Super Bowl. 

It was good. Drinkable - which is always the hope. Tastes similar to the HefeEINS, with the chocolate flavors. So, pretty basic and simple, and makes me happy it's not revolting!!!