30 January 2021

1559. Horny Goat Albino White Stout

Light and refreshing, easy to drink, but still with all the powerful flavors of a stout.
It goes down easy, and it leaves a big and bold flavor in its wake.

1558. Devil's Trumpet Night Goat Coffee Stout

If you're a fan of coffee, this beer has the flavor you desire.
The coffee is extremely strong and powerful, and compliments a very good stout flavor.

1557. 3 Sheeps Fresh Coast

From the first moment that I cracked the cap off the bottle, I could smell the powerful hoppy aroma.
Then my first taste of the beer confirmed - this was a powerfully hoppy beer.  A serious IPA.
The label billed it as a "juice pale ale" - which made me hope it would balance the flavors with some fruit notes - but that didn't happen.  This is just a serious IPA.  It's a very good quality IPA, as long as that's your jam.

1556. Glutenberg Stout

Millet and Corn sounded interesting for brewing a beer.
I believe this is marketed as a Gluten-Free beer.

It was a little lighter than most stouts, and it also had a minor sweet/sour flavor in the backend.
It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't that good.  It was just really different.

1555. Zipline Nut Brown

This brown ale has a really great aroma to it, and its taste is very heavy on the nutty side.
It's a nice beer, and I enjoy drinking it.

1554. Zipline Kölsch

This seems to be a running theme with the beers from this beer box:
This is a perfect Kölsch, it tastes exactly like I expect it to, but that's it.  Nothing sets it apart from any other Kölsch.  I liked it, I enjoyed it, I'm happy to drink the rest of them.

1553. Sun King Giant Cupcake

When Caitlin and I saw that Sun King made a beer with cupcakes from Taylor's - we need we needed to make this a beer pairing event.  So, we went out to Taylor's and bought some cupcakes, then ran to the Broad Ripple Sun King to pick up a crowler of Giant Cupcakes - which I wasn't supposed to be allowed to do, however, since their Facebook post said crowlers were available, they went ahead and let me get one (their original post has since been changed).

Anyways, we were able to pair the beer and cupcakes, and it was really enjoyable.
The stout is nice and creamy smooth, with very heavy chocolate flavor.  It is just the right amount of sweet and silky. 

1552. Okocim O.K. Beer

I picked up this Polish beer yesterday at the liquor store, and decided to make it my Celebration beer, the next time Robert Lewandowski scores for Bayern Munich. 

Well, less than 24 hours later, I am cracking it open as Lewi scored Bayern’s third goal today. 

I assume Okocim is just like Miller, Coors, and Budweiser - in Poland.  It’s light and refreshing, and easy to drink. But fall exactly into my “Glorified Miller Lite” category.  Luckily, it’s tasty and I enjoy it. 

28 January 2021

1551. Hofbrauhaus Freising Jagerbier

I'd simply put this in my "Glorified Miller Lite" category.
It's a little heavier, a little thicker, and I don't particularly enjoy the flavor very much.
I am always willing and able to enjoy a German beer, so I won't say I don't like this, but it's nothing I consider special.

1550. Odd Side Mayan Mocha Stout

Mexican hot chocolate?  That sounded good.
Habaneros?  That was intriguing.
The beer starts off really nice, thick and creamy - but no spice to the beer at all.
Then the beer goes down your throat...  And your throat catches ON FIRE.
All of the spice, all of the heat, all of the pain is limited directly to your throat - not all of your taste buds.
It's rough, and I did not enjoy drinking this beer.

1549. DuClaw Funk

I'm not a big fan of blueberries.  They are like the one berry I don't seem to enjoy.
This beer is BIG on blueberry flavor.
Luckily, Caitlin loves blueberries, and she really enjoyed this beer.
So, I believe the enjoyment of this beer boils down specifically to your feelings on blueberries.
The beer is good quality, its just very powerful on its blueberry flavor.

1548. Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Very similar in taste to the Peanut Butter Busted Knuckle from Quaff On! - with just a little bit more chocolate flavor to it.  They are pretty much on par with each other, and very enjoyable.

1547. Cigar City Margarita Gose

Light and refreshingly tasty gose.
Just enough sour, and the orange and lime flavors together are very tasty.
I could enjoy this beer - and even more so in the warm summer months.

27 January 2021

1546. Sun King Vince Van Mango

I love the Raspberry.
I didn't care for the Pineapple.
I really liked the Mango.

It's nice and thick and tastes like orange juice, with a great sour taste.
It's really enjoyable, but I Raspberry was still my favorite.
(Full disclosure:  I was also blessed to get to try a Peach variant of this series, that was deemed not up to their release standards - and I agree.  The peach sour was not very good at all).

Jason and I drank Vince Van Mango on Episode 28 of our podcast...

26 January 2021

1545. Prairie Artisan Vape Tricks

This is a really tasty sour, with a huge punch of cherry.
It's not a lingering sour, it goes away pretty quickly, but the cherry flavor does stick around because of how powerful it is.  I liked it, but I didn't love it.

1544. 3 Sheeps Bon Bon Chocolate Milk Stout

3 Sheeps Brewing, in a 3 Sheeps glass!
Caitlin randomly found me this glass at Goodwill, then we later learned we were getting this beer in my monthly Beer Box.

It's a really tasty with a great chocolate flavor, but that's about where it ends.  It's very enjoyable, but it's also not something amazing.  Still very happy this was included this month.

January Beer Box

Got my second Beer Box, as part of my Christmas Present from Caitlin.
Recently, Caitlin had gone on one of Goodwill Glassware Binges, and ended up getting me a glass from 3 Sheeps Brewing.  SMALL WORLD - that we later found out that 3 Sheeps Brewing was going to be included this month!  Very serendipitous.

From 3 Sheeps, I ended up getting a Juicy IPA.  IPAs don't tend to be in my taste-bud-wheelhouse, but I'm hoping it's nice and juicy and makes it tolerable.  Their second beer is a Chocolate Milk Stout, and Caitlin and I are both really excited to try this - in the glass she randomly found!

From Zipline, we got a Kolsch and Nut Brown.  Both are styles that I really like, so I'm hoping Zipline provides from quality products!

1543. Dogfish Head Campfire Amplifier

Another decent attempt at a S'mores beer.
It's very heavy on the cacao, minor notes of the marshmallow, and some lingering vanilla flavor.
Not as good as I was hoping, but Dogfish Head tends to be a little more experimental in their beers than other breweries, and I think this one just didn't hit the total flavor profile.  
Still drinkable, and very tasty.

24 January 2021

1542. Sun King Penny Pine Apple

A few days ago, I posted about Razz P. Berry (Beer #1540) and how much I loved it.
As expected, the Pineapple version of this fruited sour is not as good.
It's GOOD.  I like this beer.  But, it's not as sour and I don't love the pineapple flavor as much as I love the raspberry.  Still, very enjoyable.  It's not as thick as the raspberry either.  It's pretty light, and has more of a beer feel to it.  The pineapple flavor is very strong, and the sour is a little light.  But, I am enjoying it.

1541. Sun King Lil' Freckles

I debated about counting this as it's own beer - since it's technically a mixture.
However, since Sun King is marketing and sell it as its own beer, I figured I would follow suit.

This beer is a blend of Amber Has Two Moms (which I just looked for on the website, and can't find?  Which sucks, because I know I've drank this beer...?) and Sunlight Cream Ale, which was one of my Original 152 Beers that I drank before I started this website.

This mixture is fine.  It's good, but it's nothing amazing.  It's a light ale, it has a creamy texture to it, and there are some hints of the Amber/Red Ale flavor in the aftertaste.  It's easy to drink, and goes down smooth.  It's just nothing special.

21 January 2021

1540. Sun King Razz P. Berry

So, a few years ago, West Coast IPAs were the all the rage.
Then, Hazy New England IPAs became the new style for everyone to start making.
Now, it's "Slushie Beers" - which aren't really the Slushies I grew up with at 7-11, but instead, they are heavy and thick fruity Berliner Weisse Sour Beers - and I LOVE this fad.  This is something I can get behind.

450 Brewing in Columbus, Indiana has been doing these for years - but I've never been able to get any.  They have been very popular, and seem to sell out quickly at their release parties.

Now, Sun King is getting in on the action, and I really, really like these beers.

I almost can't call it a beer.  
It's SOUR.
It's amazing!
The Raspberry flavor is very powerful and strong, and it goes down like a heavy protein shake.
I am a huge fan of this beer.
I also have a Pineapple and Mango version to try, but I have a feeling this one will stand as my favorite.

20 January 2021

1539. Sun King Indy Turns 200

I was worried about this beer, not sure I was going to enjoy it.
I DID!!!  Wow, this beer is really tasty.
Upfront, it has a nice sweet apple flavor to start, and quickly the bourbon punches you in the face.
It finishes with a nice and sweet flavor, that leaves an Apple Cider flavor in your mouth and on your lips.  
I'm sure it the mixture of apple and bourbon flavors - and it's really enjoyable.
At 8.5%, I probably shouldn't drink a lot of them, but my taste buds really liked what it got from this beer.

19 January 2021

1538. Sun King Chocolate Almond Coconut Son of Shadow Proof

This is a very complex beer, with a lot going on. 
I had hopes it come close to their German Chocolate Cake Oktoberfest - but it doesn’t.  

The nutty almond flavor hits hard upfront. 
It’s followed by a small sweet coconut flavor, which sadly doesn’t last very long before an extremely powerful finish of chocolate flavor in the back end. 

There does seem to be a sweet lingering hint of coconut in the aftertaste.  

Very enjoyable beer!

15 January 2021

1537. Pax Verum Møtrboat

I honestly only bought the can because of the very 80s font/style/look of the can, and I was happy it was a light beer.  Then I learned it was an Indiana Brewery, so that made me even more happy.

It falls into my constant "Glorified Miller Lite" Category.  It was good, I like it a lot.  But, it was just a solid light beer.  Easy to drink, and I would never turn one down.

07 January 2021

1536. Ommegang Wine Barrel Three Philosophers

The Original Three Philosophers was Beer #334 - and I fell in love.  I've drank a lot of them.
Back in February of 2020, right before the world went to hell, I found the Bourbon Barrel version and it was Beer #1411.  And I praised how much better it made the beer taste.

Well, this Wine version, is the exact opposite.
I don't enjoy it.  Caitlin didn't enjoy it.  We just felt like the wine flavor did not compliment this beer, and hurt the overall flavor.  Really disappointing, but I will just stick to the Bourbon version.