29 March 2014

490. Sun King Indians Lager

Really smooth and good beer. 
Drinks easy, with just a small punch above a little lager to remind you this is quality. 

Maybe I'll try to care more about the Indians this year?  I could enjoy a brisk night at Victory Field with a 4-pack of these!

489. Ballast Point Pale Ale

Gotta give credit to Lindsay for picking this up for me while she was in Ohio. 

Goes down really easy and smooth, but leaves a very, very dry aftertaste. Could be related to the "Kölsch Style" that is advertised on the bottle. Not sure the upfront flavor makes up for how dry it leaves me. - and it's not a bitter-dry, it's literally a lack of anything in my mouth.  Very odd. Not sure I dig it. 

26 March 2014

488. Books & Brews Lord Byron's Breakfast Ale

"Breakfast Ale" is odd. I'm a fan of Breakfast Stouts...  This is light and doesn't have much flavor to it. Not what I think of for this...  Least favorite here. 

487. Books & Brews Toil & Trouble Dark English Ale

Again, just a standard English Ale. It's good, it's enjoyable, I like to drink it, but there's nothing special. All good brews for a small operation. 

486. Books & Brews Clifford the Big Red Ale

Another good beer, but is still just a standard red ale. Tastes good, but doesn't stand out. 

485. Books & Brews The Little Beer That Could Pale Ale

Pretty standard Pale Ale, still good, still enjoyable. Just nothing out of the ordinary. Good and easy to drink. 

484. North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

Very dry, a little too much for my taste. Very nice, full, delicious flavors - I can taste the quality, but it's not exactly something is want to do very often. 

483. Tow Yard Emerald Circle IPA

Very dry, but not too bitter. Nice citrus flavor that fluctuates - it'll be fruity, then dry. Not my favorite on the IPA spectrum. 

482. Tow Yard Goldie Hops

Nice little sample of a fairly regular Golden Ale. Very small and mild flavor. Nothing too special. 

24 March 2014

481. Arcadia Ale Whitsun

Visiting Jae tonight, he graced me with a special hidden beer gift tonight. Something new for the site!

Has an amazing smell, and drinks pretty good. It really just tastes like a seasonal Blue Moon type of beer. It's good, it's drinkable, but not exceptional. 

22 March 2014

480. Wernesgrüner Pils

Jason hosted the first ever semi-annual poker tournament at his house tonight, and Troy brought this beer with him. It was ok, I called it "German Miller Lite".  A little bit heavier than Miller Lite in flavor, but still just smooth and simple.

479. Dogfish Head Namaste

My good friend Lindsay recently went over to Cincinnati - where we can actually purchase Dogfish Head, and she brought a couple new ones back for me to try. 

Nice and smooth with a very spicy (not hot, peppery) finish to it. Good and easy to drink, one if the more mellow flavors I've tried from Dogfish Head. Enjoyable, but nothing special.

15 March 2014

478. Indiana City Tribute

Typical Pale Ale. Quite a bit more dry than I tend to prefer. Not terrible at all, but not one I'll order again.

477. Indiana City Irish Hill

Really enjoyable aroma.
Very drinkable beer. The flavor is minor bitter but still a little dry at first, then it smooths out really well. The more I'm drinking it, I more I enjoy it. 

10 March 2014

476. Traveler Time Traveler

The Strawberry comes in really late, but it does have good flavor up front. It's not terrible, but I don't want to drink too many of them. 

09 March 2014

475. Indiana City Black Lantern

I can taste the quality, it's just not exactly my kind of beer. It does go down smooth, but is very bitter on the backend/aftertaste. It's not terrible, and I will enjoy it, it's just not what I will make a regular beer in my rotation. 

474. Indiana City Forefather's Rye

I don't often get to drink German-style Roggenbier, and this one is very fun and delicious. Good and full flavors without any bitters. Goes down smooth and leaves a grand aftertaste. 

08 March 2014

473. People's Pilsner

"Pilsner Style Lager"
That seems to be a fair label, on the label. It's got a bit of a flavor kick - more than a typical pilsner. Not a big fan of the flavor. It's not terrible, but not something I'm going to drink a lot of, ever.

02 March 2014

472. Indiana City Bourbon Barrel Mimi's Tabernacle

Today's entire trip to Indiana City was for the purpose of getting one of these bottles. Back in Novemeber, a big group of us went to Indiana City and enjoyed drinking a lot of pints of the original Mimi's Tabernacle, and they informed us of the batch that was sitting in a bourbon barrel. Yesterday, they released the bottles - and it is as amazing as remembered, plus a little more. 

Sundays at Indiana City are about to become a regular event. 

471. Indiana City I-PAPI

Double IPA, that banks on the bitterness. 
Very light in color, that goes down smooth, has intense bitters in the middle, and then leaves a delicious aftertaste. Good beer lacing to show the quality and quantity of the hops. 

470. Indiana City Beast of Laureys

Very delicious. Easy to drink, great flavors, I could drink this all day long. 

469. Weiß Brüder Sudhaus DREI-PA

My third Home Brew. 
Half kit and partial recipe changes that I made. A Pale Ale, with Belgian yeast, brewed with three (drei) different hops, dry hopped with three hops, as well. 

It's ok. It's not as hoppy as I originally planned, which is okay with me. It goes down smooth, has a little bitters in the middle, and finishes with an interesting aftertaste that I can't exactly place. I thought it should be grapefruit, based on the hops I used, but I don't think that's it. Anyways, it's ok. Perhaps my IPA Loving Friends will enjoy it more.