11 March 2023

1752. Founders Highball Drifter

It's been a long day of drinking, and now it's time for Jenna Ortega on SNL.
This beer was a gift from my buddy Garrett, when I was at his house last weekend.

It's a GOOD beer.
Sadly, I'm just exhausted from drinking all day and afternoon, that despite taking a nap before SNL, I'm just worn out.  I don't know if I'll finish the beer - because its STRONG.

The bourbon flavor is delicious.
The orange is present, and the cherry flavor lingers.
But it legit tastes like a old fashioned - I can definitely see why Garrett enjoys this beer.
They nailed the flavors, I just think it's a little too much for me tonight, we'll see how much I can finish during the show.

1751. Sun King The Flying Cupcake

John Peddie told me about this beer a long time ago, and I'm FINALLY getting around to trying it.
And it is DELICIOUS.  It's like sweet frosting in my mouth.
It goes down light and smooth, and easy, and then leaves a wonderful sweet note on my tongue.
I drank a couple of them, and even Jason Maier got one - so, you know it's worth your time!

1750. Pax Verum Ruins of Mutiny (Joe's Beer)

A while ago, I got to go to Pax Verum with the Joe's Guys, and their beer was just released a few days ago (and a few days earlier than originally expected).

The beer good.  It's not my normal jam, but it's very drinkable.
It's not super-dry, but a little mild-dry.
It does have some citrusy-light-like flavors in the back end, but they're not too powerful.
I'll drink some to support my friends, but it's not my favorite beer.