27 August 2016

851. Dogfish Head Alternate Take #2

Sour Ales are some of my favorite - but I should have expected this one would be very different, knowing that it came from Dogfish Head.  It's not bad, but it's also not sour.  It's a very mellow sour, with some other big flavors upfront.  A little too dry for me also.  I prefer a Sour Ale that makes my mouth water.

20 August 2016

850. Tin Man Weld Strawberry Sour

Delicious sour.  Very good and enjoyable flavors. It hits my mouth in the right spots and delivers a flavor I enjoy.  Very tart, really sour taste left in my mouth.  I really enjoyed drinking a few of these. 

849. Three Floyds Knut of the Living Dead

Smooth, it goes down quick and easy.  I'm not a fan of the flavor upfront, but as it settles there is some chocolate notes that come out and make it taste better than it starts.  Still not something that I would order again.  

848. Big Muddy Saluki Dunkeldog Dark Amber

This is one of the beers I brought back from St. Louis a few weeks ago.  Finally getting around to it. Not bad. Decent flavors, maybe just a touch watered down, maybe?  Or maybe just a little lighter in body than I was expecting.  Nothing bad, but I feel like it could be a little fuller and have more flavor to it.  Still easy to drink. 

17 August 2016

847. BIER Sessie

Decent beer, nothing special.  Good flavor and easy to drink, but not much going on here.  

09 August 2016

2016 Indiana State Fair Drinking

Got a super nice surprise today when I went to the Beer and Wine Expo at the Indiana State Fair. Was able to drink some Yacht Rock from Indiana City!  While there was three or four new beers that I could have added to the website, I went ahead and got something light and refreshing that I know I would enjoy.  

08 August 2016

846. James Page's Casper White Stout

Decent stout.  Nice flavors, pretty mellow. 
It's a good beer, but nothing I love. 

845. Maui Big Swell IPA

Not a bad IPA, it is one that I can handle. 
Mild bitterness, decent flavors. 
A little dry, but not too terrible. 

07 August 2016

844. Nebraska Brunette Brown Ale

Not really a fan of this brown ale. It seems to lack much flavor, it's not so bad that it tastes watered down, but all the flavor is in the aftertaste and there isn't much body while drinking.  Just kind of lackluster as far as flavor goes. 

06 August 2016

843. Bell's Poolside Ale (K♣️)

Nice and refreshing beer to drink by the pool today.  
Good and light wheat ale, nice flavors that don't feel too heavy. 
The cherry flavor is very strong in the back end and stays for a long time. 
Very refreshing beer, I could drink all day long. 

842. Uinta Baba Black Lager (J♦️)

Not really a fan of this beer.  
Not sure if it's the "organic" aspect of it?
It is light and easy to drink, but the aftertaste is like a watered-down-wanna-be-Porter.
This one just isn't my kind of thing.

05 August 2016

841. Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA

REVISITED 521. Maui Brewing Coconut Hiwa Porter

This beer was originally drank in Phoenix, under a different name.
Two years later, it has made its way to Indiana, with a new name and can - but still the same taste.  It is a really enjoyable beer, but I still don't get any coconut flavor.  As far as a Porter goes, I love how smooth it is and really enjoy drinking it.

04 August 2016

840. Sudwerk Farmer's Market Citrus Gose Lager

Not a very good Gose at all.
It's not sour, like I expect from most Goses that I drink.  The citrus-flavor seemed off to me.  It didn't seem to have much flavor up front at all, but perhaps some slight orange flavors in the back, but very, very subtle and hard to notice.  No lemon, no sour, very little fruity flavor.  Just not something that I enjoyed.  Perhaps Gose Lagers are vastly different from the standard Gose?

03 August 2016

839. Horny Goat Laka Laka

Not really sure this is a true hefeweizen. I didn't see any active yeast, and the beer was clear to look through. It was light and easy to drink, no body to it at all.  The pineapple flavor was mild, and still tasted like an ale. 

02 August 2016

838. Revolution Pils

Not my favorite beer from Revolution.  It's big and more bold than I tend to enjoy with pilsners. It's got a lot of dry flavor with it.  It's not bad, but not something that I would drink a lot of.  I like pilsners that can be session beers, and this one is a little too heavy for me to do that.

837. North Peak Dubious Black Chocolate Stout

Decent stout, with mild chocolate flavors.  Not too thick, goes down pretty easy. Enjoyable, but nothing amazing.

836. Coronado Orange Ave. Wit (K♠️)

Light, smooth and refreshing.  Easy to drink and the orange flavor really makes it seem almost like I'm drinking some orange Hi-C.   Good summer beer for drinking out in the heat.

835. North Peak Siren Amber Ale

Pretty standard Amber ale, nothing special but it tastes exactly like it should.

834. New Belgium Glütiny

This beer is proof that gluten needs to be included in beer.  I'm not a fan of this.  It's just really blah and dry and lacks any true flavor.  I wish I liked the beer as much as I like the name and label.

833. Small Town Not Your Father's Vanilla Cream Ale

This is a beer I have been wanting to try, but wasn't willing to buy an entire six pack.  I was not impressed with their Ginger Ale, so I waited until I could find a single bottle to give it a try. And I'm glad that I did. It's not a bad beer, it's really tasty, I would drink more - but, it's just not great. It's okay.  It leaves a nice a vanilla flavor in my mouth, but it's got no substance like a cream ale.

01 August 2016

832. Off Color Fierce

This is exactly what I want from a sour ale.  Super easy to drink, and a great sour flavor.  Not too much, doesn't try anything it shouldn't.  It's good. I enjoy it.  I am learning that Off Color is a fantastic brewery.

831. Short's Brew Strawberry Short's Cake

The beer was okay, pretty plain ale at first.  I didn't get much of the strawberry flavor when I was drinking it.  However, the lingering flavor really did taste like I had been eating strawberry short cake.  The taste was undeniable, and really pretty good.

Second Summer Road Trip 2016

Following Caitlin and I's trip to Chicago, we stopped in Indy and picked up her daughter Lily and headed over to St. Louis for a few days.

Our first day found us at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, where we took the Museum Tour, which was filled with history of the company as well as stops in all the three of the National Museum buildings on campus.

Lily posed for a picture in their lobby...

Following the 70 minute tour of their campus, we relaxed in their Biergarten and enjoyed two baskets of their soft pretzels, while enjoying a few Budweiser products.

Their Underground Collection includes experimental beers that they do and only keg for events in St. Louis and for the brewpub.  I was happy to try their Double Dutch that afternoon.

These are the pretzels that were so good - we killed two baskets in under ten minutes.  Pretzels were amazing, as was the beer cheese and spicy mustard.

Following the brewery, we took a trip to the arch, and then ended up at Lily's Mexican Restaurant for an authentic dinner.  (Lily is obsessed with Mexican food, especially La Hacienda...)

Nice authentic dinner, to which I enjoyed a Bohemia Beer.

The next day found as at the St. Louis Zoo.

And after seven hours of walking around, I had earned myself a Bud Light as refreshment.

While in St. Louis, I was able to pick up twelve new beers.  Missouri has three brewers present in the Bicycle Series, and sadly I could not find one of them at any of the liquor stores I went to.  It appears another trip to St. Louis (maybe a more adult trip, where more Brew Pubs can be visited) will probably need to happen to try to get those three breweries checked off.

Both trips completed, and I find myself with a FULL fridge of 40-some new beers for the website!!!