15 August 2020

1469. Grand Armory Mother Schmucker Raspberry Ale

This was a gift from my buddy Garrett Miller, he bought it on his family trip to Michigan.
It's absolutely delicious!  I'm a big fruit beer guy, and with the added tart from the raspberries, I really enjoyed this beer.  A little sugary, which would stop me from drinking a lot of them - but I really enjoyed this one outside on the deck.

12 August 2020

1468. Sun King Gran Muckle

 I assume the base of this beer is brewed similar to Sun King's Wee Mac, which I think is an okay beer, but it doesn't stand out to me.  My wife likes it a lot, but she has ever started to shy away from it.

The Gran Muckle does improve on that Scottish style flavor, and the whiskey aging adds a very enjoyable layer to this flavor profile.  It's taken one step further with the addition of cinnamon, which honestly doesn't really matter to me.  It's a nice little extra punch of flavor, but it doesn't make me like it anymore.  It's a fine beer, and I would pick it over Wee Mac given the choice.

11 August 2020

1467. Heavy Seas Red Flag

 Caitlin and I picked up this beer on a trip to Jungle Jim's.
The Flanders styles are usually pretty enjoyable, and adding the barrel-aging to this one had an interesting effect on the flavor.  It's bigger up front, and the sour starts off very subtle, and builds towards the end of the drink.  I really enjoyed it, but don't feel obligated to ever buy it again.

07 August 2020

1466. Odd13 Brewing Jetman Jimmy

 This beer was a gift from my buddy Jae Hampton.  He bought it for me specifically in honor of our friend Jimmy Otto, and he said he loved the mental image of "Jetman Jimmy".

It's a Hazy Golden Ale, and it's ok.  It's pretty light, and easy to drink, with nothing special about it - aside from it's name.

06 August 2020

1465. Sun King Johan

 Tonight, Jason and I went joined by a few of our friends to record a 20th Anniversary Reunion for our first film "Consternate", which we premiered on December 19th, 2000.

For this recording, I decided to drink a Sun King Johan.
Because Johan was the first beer that Sun King ever brewed, and we were celebrating the first film we ever made.  So, it seemed like a perfect combo.

I swear that I have tried this beer before, but it's nowhere on the website, so this makes it official.

The beer is BIG and tasty.  The barrel-aging on top of the Barleywine makes this beer a sipper.  The flavors are strong and the bourbon kind of overpowers a lot of the taste.  It's very good, but something that should be reserved for special occasions.  

05 August 2020

1464. Sun King Leap Year

This beer has been out for a while, but I’m just finally getting my hands on it. I absolutely love it.  It’s nice and tart sour, and it goes down really easily.  The sour doesn’t linger too long, just enough. 

This beer was given to me by a friend who works for Sun King.  Last week, I drank a Founders beer on the Podcast, and my friend contacted me and said, “If you’re going to be drinking beer on your Podcast, let me give you some GOOD beer to drink...”. And he did.  So, the next few weeks, Jason and I will be promoting the Sun King beers we drink each week. 

03 August 2020

Sun King and GenCon - 2020 Update

With tonight's addition of Genevieve, it's time for an updated GenCon Photo.

2020 - Genevieve (#1463)
2019 - Brewtron 9000 (#1292)
2018 - Everlasting Gamer (#1294 - added a year late)
2017 - Dragon’s Delight (#988)
2015 - Drink on and Prosper (#694)
2014 - Froth of Kahn (#580)

There has been no Time-Travel-Miracle (yet).
I am still missing three previous beers...
2016’s Twenty-Sided Rye
2013's Flagon Slayer
2012's Ale of Destiny  

02 August 2020

1463. Sun King Genevieve

Despite GenCon getting cancelled, Sun King still released their beer for this year!  It’s a Belgian Amber Ale, and it’s got a complicated profile to it.  There is a lot going on, and the Belgian influence is apparent. It’s malt profile is very Amber-like, and the flavor of the Belgian yeast is strong. It’s an okay combination, but I don’t love the beer. 

01 August 2020

1462. Sun King Lemon Shandy Sunlight Cream Ale

I’ve been enjoying the Orange Vanilla Sunlight all summer - this one is even better!  It’s got a nice tart lemon flavor upfront and then it goes down creamy good.  The tart doesn’t linger too long, but does leave a refreshing taste in my mouth.  I can’t wait for this to end up in cans, I will drink a bunch of them before the end of the summer.