24 October 2020

1485. Avery Brewing Coconut Porter

This was a gift from my buddy Garrett Miller.
He knows my love of coconut beers, and he saw this one and picked it up for me.
Oddly, I thought I had drank it before - but Garrett even went so far as to check this website before he bought it, and this beer was not on the website.  So, if I have drank it - I never recorded it.
Until now.
Tonight, Garrett and his brother Ryan, and their female counterparts all came over to join Caitlin and I on the patio for a Double Feature of "Halloween" (1978) and "Halloween" (2018).  

It was a wonderful evening, and this was a wonderful beer.  It was big and powerful, and had a sleight and subtle hint of coconut flavor.  It was very delicious, and I really enjoyed it.

21 October 2020

1484. 3 Floyd's Dark Lord (2019 Magenta with Glitter Wax Variant)

 This beer was a birthday present from my buddy, Ryan Miller.
I was originally holding onto it to drink with him for a special occasion.
However, my Three-Year Wedding Anniversary with Caitlin came along, and it was the perfect time to break this out.  I got Ryan's blessing to drink it without him, and Caitlin and I busted it open to enjoy on our anniversary.

We paired with Pizza from Giordano's and in the spirit of Halloween, I showed Caitlin "Urban Legend" for the first time.

11 October 2020

1483. Taxman Cherry Citrus Spin-Off

 Last Year, Jason brought over Beer #1317 which was the Blackberry version of Spin-Off.
Today, I found this season's version is Cherry - and as much I liked last year's version, the cherry is AMAZING!  Nice and tart sour.  Great flavor.  Yummy!

1482. Indiana City Robot Jungle

 Not my jam, I didn't really care any of the Artist Series that I've had from Indiana City.
They are Double Dry Hopped.
They are Hazy.
They are blargh.
Not for me.

08 October 2020

1299 Revisited. Sun King Cherry Busey

This beer was original Beer #1299 - but I've drank it before it was documented.

I really enjoy this beer, and was happy to have some given to Jason and I to drink during a Shane Talks Podcast.  The beer still holds up, and I still really love the sour cherry tart flavors that you get from this beer.  One of my favorite beers from Sun King.

Watch Shane Talks Episode XIX: As '99 Razzies Go By - where Shane and Jason enjoy this beer while discussing the 2000 Golden Raspberry Awards.

05 October 2020

1481. Lexington Mammoth

 This tastes like a better version of Blue Moon.
The flavors are the same, but this one is much lighter and drinks easier. 
It's good flavors, and enjoyable.  I wouldn't mind drinking more of these.
This particular can was from Caitlin and I's trip to Jungle Jim's back in July.

02 October 2020

1480. Sun King Eis Nine

This bock is pretty standard, and not much stands out.
The flavors are perfect, and exactly what I was expecting.
So, it's good.  It's fine.  But, it's nothing special.

1479. Sun King Oktoberfest (Apple Strudel Variant)

Well, sadly...  This beer is not at tasty as the German Chocolate Cake Variant.
It's not terrible, but it is very lacking.  There is some apple-like flavor to it, but then it tries to finish with some kind of dry/bread-like flavor?  It was hard to place, but it was not enjoyable.

I had really just hoped for a nice Apple Beer with some malty flavors on the end.
I don't expect to ever drink this one again.

1478. Sun King Oktoberfest (German Chocolate Cake Variant)

 OH WOW!  This is fantastic!
This beer is delicious.
The coconut flavor is very subtle upfront, and even tastes a little creamy (like the coconut in a German Chocolate Cake!) and then the beer finishes with a wonderful taste of creamy chocolate.  It's absolutely amazing and delicious.  I can't wait to get my hands on more of this!

Quaff On! PB&J

 So, this beer isn't going to get a number, but I have a story to go with it.

Back in July, while my family was down in Nashville, Indiana - I found myself drinking in The Original Big Woods bar, while my wife and stepdaughter went shopping.

I was enjoying Peanut Butter Buster Knuckle by itself, when I eavesdropped on my server telling another table about mixing this beer with Six Foot Strawberry Blonde, for a Peanut Butter and Jelly taste.

The next time she came over to me, I admitted to overhearing her pitch, and told her I would like to try that.  And so, I drank many of them over the next few hours.

This morning, I happened to be at the liquor store, saw both of these beer together, and decided that's what I wanted to drink tonight.  So, I'm mixing these two beers together and enjoying the delicious flavor I learned about down in Brown County.