28 June 2014

552. Bahamian Brewery High Rock

It's another full bodied Miller Lite from the Bahamas. Light, smooth, easy to drink, lacks much flavor. But, does have more flavor to it than an American Light Lager. Which, doesn't say much. Still, for a long afternoon of Day Drinking, this would do the job. 

27 June 2014

551. New Glarus Berliner Weiss

First, this was a nice gift from Wes - my roommate's dude, who had a dude in Wisconsin. 
Second, amazing aroma!  This smells so delicious. 
Third, it tastes like a sour, and I LOVE that!  The aftertaste is a little odd, but nothing terrible. I could drink A LOT of these. 

Follow up:
The Beer Lacing was amazing!  Some if the best I've seen, and a good testament to this delicious brew!

550. Stone Saison

Not what I expected from a Saison. 
But, exactly what I should have expected from Stone. 
Very dry. Very bitter. Not a lot of flavor. 
Can't drink a lot of these, like I expect to be able to with a Saison. 

19 June 2014

549. Upland Infinite Wisdom Tripel

One of my least favorite Tripels I've had. 
Very dry and too harsh bitter for me. Hardly any good malty flavor. Light and easy to drink, but the taste is not something I enjoy. 

This was a gift from my buddy Michael, I wish I liked it more than I do. 

16 June 2014

548. Oskar Blues Gubna

Really good flavors, very full bodied. 
A little too bitter for me, but still pretty good overall. 

14 June 2014

547. Scarlett Lane Silas Saison

It feels very full-bodied, but I'm not getting a lot of flavors from it. It's not bad, it's just kind of bland. But not weak and light bland, just not much flavor.

546. Sun King Popcorn Pilsner

Very light and refreshing at first, but a very dry and bitter finish. An odd lingering flavor too. Perhaps my dislike of popcorn has something to do with the odd reception...

08 June 2014

545. Wilderness Pine Mountain Sour Pale

Really good flavor, but light on the sour. 
Could be a dangerous beer...

544. Four Peaks Oatmeal Stout

Light, smooth, and easy to drink. 
The chocolate taste is very prominent in the aftertaste. Anyone who likes chocolate would love it. 

543. Four Peaks Raj IPA

Hops and Bitters, but with a good flavor. I do t care for it, but I could see why lots of people would. 

542. Four Peaks Hop Knot

Very dry and very bitter. 
Not much flavor at all. 
Not a fan. 

541. Four Peaks Hefeweizen

A little more bitter and less sweet than a typical Hefe. 

540. Four Peaks Peach

Nice, smooth, quick and easy. 
With a fruity aftertaste. 

539. Four Peaks Sunbru

Really good flavors for a standard Kölsch-style. Smooth and easy. Not heavy at all.

538. OHSO Praying Monk Trippel

Really enjoyable. Probably my favorite beer here. 

537. Dragoon IPA

Very dry. Very bitter. 
I can taste the quality, it's just not my personal preference. 

536. OHSO Handlebar Hefe

Typical Hefeweizen. 
Nothing new or different. 
I enjoy it. 

535. OHSO Morning Brew

Goes down super quick and easy, the coffee flavor creeps in slowly on the back end, then kicks in.
If I liked coffee, I would love it. 

534. OHSO Hoppy

Really enjoyable IPA. 
Great flavors, low bitters. 

533. OHSO Groovy Orange Pale Ale

Very light, very fruity. 
Not as thick as I expected from the look. Went down smooth. 

532. North Mountain Brewing IPA

Really good, despite the bitters. 
They change the name with each IPA batch, and we got to taste this right out of the fermenter. 

531. North Mountain Brewing Serendipitous

Probably my favorite so far. 
Really good flavors. 

530. North Mountain Brewing Caber Toss

I can taste the quality, but not my style. Some coffee notes that I am not a fan of. 

529. North Mountain Brewing Hefe Endings

Standard Hefe. 
Nothing special. 

528. North Mountain Brewing CREEM Ale

Light, simple, easy. Brewed with honey and that flavor does come through. 

07 June 2014

527. Oak Creek Nut Brown

Very very light, almost seems watered down. Lack of flavor all together makes this pretty disappointing. 

526. SanTan Brewing Epicenter

Good malty flavors for an Amber, but nothing special. Easy to drink. 

525. Four Peaks 8th Street Ale

Very light and easy. Goes down easy, has some spicy notes to go with it. I dig it, not my favorite of the trip, but enjoyable. 

524. SanTan Brewing Mr. Pineapple

I'm not a huge fan. 
I think the addition of the pineapple juice just makes this beer feel really heavy while I drink it. It doesn't go easy, it's like a very thick Hefeweizen. The flavors are good, but after two drinks, I'm already done wanting to drink anymore. 

06 June 2014

523. Kona Brewing Castaway IPA

Yet another West Coast IPA.
Very light, very smooth, but high hoppy-bitterness and very dry. 
Still good, but not one I would drink a lot of. 

522. SanTan Hefeweizen

Really good flavored Hefeweizen. 
Nothing special, typical taste, but very enjoyable. 

It was served to my by the AMAZING Non-Oriental Fran!

521. Maui Brewing CoCoNut Porter

Yep, complete lack of coconut flavor here. Just as disappointing as Stone's version. 

Decent Porter. But don't bamboozle me with "coconut" when there isn't any. 

520. Sleepy Dog Red Rover

Really good and enjoyable. 
Drinks smooth, nice flavors, finishes a little dry, but nothing to complain about. 

519. Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi

Another American IPA.
The "West Coast IPA" is very prominent here in AZ.  This very dry, very hoppy, and some medium bitters that hang around in the aftertaste. It's very full-bodied which helps deliver some good flavors up front. 

05 June 2014

518. SanTan Brewing Devil's Ale

A little dry. 
A little bitter. 
But nothing terrible. Really heavy-bodied, but not a lot of flavor to it. Fairly basic American Pale. 

517. Lumber Yard Knotty Pine Pale Ale

Pretty decent beer, good flavor. 
There is a reason it has pine in the name - very, very piney notes from the hops. 
Goes down smooth and easy.

516. Four Peaks Kiltlifter

Really enjoyable. Very good flavors and much easier to drink than most Scottish Ales.