31 May 2018

1124. Burn ‘Em Brewing Coconoats

This is a different beer.  Not bad in any way, but odd. There is a mild hint of coconut, but the oatmeal flavor is really there - and lingers.  Sadly, the coconut does not.  Still tasty.  Not sure I’ll ever seek this out, but I will gladly drink more of them. 

27 May 2018

1122. TwoDEEP Jolly Old

1121. TwoDEEP Sloppy in Turn #3

It’s RACE DAY in Indiana!!!
As the racing tradition is such a big thing in this state, it’s easy to find racing-themed beers each year.  This year, it was TwoDEEP with their summer golden ale, titled “Sloppy in Turn #3”.  

To be honest, most of my sloppy times at the 500 were in the infield - and today I’m getting sloppy at their brewpub while listening to the race. 

21 May 2018

1119. Books & Brews Cream and Punishment

Pretty standard cream ale.  
Fine to drink on this warm day, but not something I would drink all the time. 

1118. Books & Brews King Lears Fool

Been wanting to check out the Broad Ripple Books & Brews for a while now - especially since Caitlin is a Mug Club member here.  

Decided to sit outside today and do some writing while I eat and enjoy this very delicious Belgian. 

19 May 2018

1117. Einstök Icelandic Wee Heavy

Last weekend I was at a wedding for two good friends, and got to spend some time with the Bridal Party.  In their cooler of beer, I found this gem.  I actually drank one that night at the wedding, but didn’t put it on the website.  So, I snagged some at the end of the night, and am now adding it. 

This boy is BIG and tasty. Only 8.0% ABV, but it has a nice robust flavor. 

1116. Samuel Smith Imperial Stout

It’s the Royal Wedding Day!
We got some British Beer to celebrate with breakfast!!!

18 May 2018

1115. Upland Two of Tarts

Sadly, disappointed with this Gose.  
Had high hopes, because I’ve had some really good sours from Upland.  This just doesn’t really have the good Sour kick that many recent goses have had.