30 April 2021

1618. Hi-Wire Pink Lemonade

Ok.  I like this beer.
But, I'm not happy with the claims of this beer.
It's not sour.
It doesn't taste like lemonade.
It's not even tart.
It doesn't have much flavor to it.
But, it's refreshing.  It's easy to drink.
I'm on my third one as I type this.
I enjoy drinking the beer - but it doesn't taste like it was advertised.
Still tasty, so there's something they did right.
Still perfect for midday patio drinking in this nice weather.

28 April 2021

1166 REVISITED: Revolution Freedom of Speach

I original drank this beer on August 23rd of 2018 - it was BEER #1166.
I didn't write any notes back then, so...  Here's what was going on:  It was actually a gift from Snow, as we loaded up his car on our way to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.  While we loaded his car, I drank the beer as a pre-road trip beer.  I remember thinking it was okay.

And three years later, it's still just okay.   Of the four FREEDOM beers I drank today, it's the most blah.  It could be because I don't really care for the flavor of peach?  I will say it's one of the more tart/sour ones from today - I wish the strawberry had this much tart flavor to it.

1617. Revolution Freedom of Assembly

I'm really impressed with how much I enjoy the blueberry flavor in this beer.
It's not overly sour, but it's tasty.  Light and easy to drink.

1616. Revolution Freedom of Press

Honest truth:  I have NO idea what the hell a currant is.
What do I know?  That I really like the sour taste of them.
I never expected that this beer was going to be favored over strawberry - but it is.
It's much more tart and sour and just tastes really fruity.
Very enjoyable.

1615. Revolution Freedom of Expression

I expected this one to be my favorite - as I really love the flavor of strawberry.
While the beer is light and tart - the strawberry flavor isn't very powerful.
It's like drinking "strawberry flavored water" - you can tell what the goal is, but it doesn't quite accomplish it.  It's still good and enjoyable - I just really wanted a PUNCH of sour.
So, this beer is fine, but lacking.

Revolution Freedom Series

Doing some recordings today for some podcasts, and have decided to open up this series of Revolution Sours to drink today.  The Peach version is the only one I have done before.  So, I'm excited to try the other three.

27 April 2021

1614. Hamburg Louie IPA

It's an IPA.  But it's not a bad IPA.
I don't love it, but I also don't hate it.
It's a little lighter than I expected, and it wasn't too bitter in the end.
But, it's just there.  It's nothing special.

26 April 2021

1613. Odd Side Pineapple Tangerine Fruitsicle

My original plan was to drink this the same night as the DuClaw It Was All a Dreamsicle - but I just didn't enjoy that one enough to want to compare them that night.

So, I opened it up tonight - and it is the far superior of the two "-sicle" beers I had.
It was light and refreshing, but didn't have any milky/creamy flavor to it.  The fruity flavors were there, and it was mildly tart - but not much in the way of a "-sicle" flavor, maybe a very slight bit of creamy, but its not prevalent.  Still tasty and enjoyable.

1612. Breckenridge Resolution Blueberry Açaí Golden Ale

Caitlin loves blueberries, I think it's okay. So, I bought this beer for her - and she really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty good.  Nothing amazing, but refreshing enough.

25 April 2021

1611. Untitled Art Sweet & Sour Blood Orange Imperial IPA

So, what I have learned is that Untitled Art basically can never go wrong.
I don't like IPAs - but Untitled Art told me to shut up and drink this.
And it was tasty.  It tastes like super thick and heavy orange juice.  It's tart and fruity, and just a mild bitter taste at the end, but even that bitterness is cut with a lingering sour taste.
This is a really solid and tasty beer.

24 April 2021

1610. Goose Island Lemonade Shandy

So, Shandies are tough for me to decide if they belong on this website.
I've drank a number of Shandies that I did not put on here.
However, this one from Goose Island claims to be a wheat ale, so since they say that - it's being added.
It's a tasty beverage.  It has a nice lemon flavor, that's more tart than sour.  The wheat part of it kind of makes it a little heavier to drink - and it's probably not one I would want to drink all day long, it wouldjust sit heavy in my stomach.  Still tasty, and could be something to start with, before I switched to something lighter for the hot summer afternoon.

1609. Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor

Malt Liquor is just the fancy word for beer, right?
I think so.  This beer is pretty generic and lame, but it was something I had never had before, and it was brought to this hangout at Snow's house by my friend Biscuit (yes, the [in]famous Sun King Biscuit from 2015).  He brought them, he offered one, it's another "fancy" beer for the website.

It's so blah.  It's so generic.  It lacks anything special.
But I drank it with my friends and enjoyed that bonding aspect to it.
And, it's from Indiana.  So, I have to claim to have enjoyed it.

1608. Goose Island Double Dry Hopped IPA

Everything about this title just screamed YOU WILL HATE IT - but, I didn't.
It has good flavors, and somehow manages to be more flavorful that bitter.
Not my favorite, but it was drinkable.

23 April 2021

1607. New Glarus Moon Man

I'm not a big fan of Pale Ales, they are low on my taste bud's wishlist.
But, I really don't mind this beer.  It's light and has some good flavors, and it's very low on the pale/bitter spectrum. It went down pretty quickly, and I wouldn't turn down drinking this in the future, if I found myself day drinking out in Wisconsin.

Bourbon County by the Firepit

Claire came over tonight to hang out with Caitlin - and she brought us some Goose Island Bourbon County beers to drink.  We fired up the fire place, and ended up drinking a 2017 Coffee and a 2018 Vanilla.  They were both magical - but that Vanilla was just creamy dreamy smooth and delicious.

1606. DuClaw PastryArchy Oatmeal Creampie

This was a swing - and - a - MISS!!!
Boo to this beer, I couldn't do more than two drinks of it.
It's terrible.  Cinnamon was added to this beer - and NO Oatmeal Creampie Ive ever eaten tasted of cinnamon.

In a weird twist - my buddy Ray texted me tonight asking if I had drank this beer, because he was drinking it tonight.  I went to my fridge, took a picture of the can I had, and told him I would give it a try tonight.  We ended up talking about how much better this beer could have been as a stout - and WITHOUT the cinnamon.  So, I don't like this beer, I didn't like this beer, I never want to drink this beer again.

1605. DuClaw It Was All a Dreamsicle

I liked this beer, but I was honestly hoping to love it...
It's tasty, and all the flavors are there - but something about them is off.
And not in a super-terrible way, just...  I expected better.
Granted, it's DuClaw, so I really shouldn't expect anything that good.

1604. Indiana City Will You Shut Up Man!

I've been clearing out my beer fridge, because I keep buying new beers, and not having room for them.  So, I've been digging to the back and finding things from a long time ago.

This was a gift from Steve Brown, back last fall, and I was specifically holding onto it to drink once Biden was confirmed president - as this beer was named after a quote of his.  So, I got it ready to drink on Election Night, and then that took like five days, and by the time it was confirmed - I had lost interest, and forgotten to open the beer.  Then it just keep getting pushed further and further back into the fridge.

So, I finally pulled it out tonight.
Full disclosure, I got a pretty negative review from Steve when he drank it back in the fall, so I wasn't eager to get it in my mouth.
The beer is okay.  It's not disgusting, but I don't like all of these flavors together.  The coffee is subtle, but it's there enough that I notice it, and it doesn't blend well with the orange/citrus flavor.  Then the vanilla is kind of overpowering all over, and doesn't mix with everything else.  
Again, I didn't hate it - but I don't care to ever drink it again.

19 April 2021

1603. Untitled Art Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie Stout

Oddly, this beer SMELLS exactly like fresh baked brownies.
Like, POWERFULLY strong aroma of fluffy deliciousness right from the oven.
The flavor, is good, but doesn't live up to the smell generated from it.
It tastes like a super thick chocolate milk - and that's not a bad flavor.
It's just less than I expected after having my nose blew away by it's smell.

1602. Lakefront River West Stein

Perfectly flavored lager.
Not much to it, but its flavor is strong and tasty.
This is an easy-all-day beer to just chill and drink in the spring weather.

18 April 2021

1601. Wild Mind Ales Strawberry Number XXIII

Pacers have an afternoon game.
Strawberry #23 reminds me of Michael Jordan.

This nice sour/tart beer has a lot of flavors going on, and they blend well together.
Strawberry and Passionfruit hit up front, and there is a lingering lemon/tart flavor in the back end.
Very refeshing.

17 April 2021

1600. 3 Floyd's Center Square

Another Beer Milestone.
Beer #1600!!!  Wow.  600 beers past when I planned to stop.
Also, Caitlin and I started dating when I drank beer #600, so we have been through 1000 different beers together.  Such a milestone.
Glad that this milestone was yet another INDIANA beer.  It always makes me happy when I can make that happen.

I also hope that “Center Square” is a regency to the Game Show “Hollywood Squares” - one of my favorites as a kid. 

So, this is a peach sour.
Peach isn't my favorite flavor, and this wasn't super sour, but mildly tart.
It was still very tasty, and I enjoyed it.

1599. Rhinegeist Flow

I was afraid of this beer when I saw it at Kahn's, and wasn't willing to invest in an entire six-pack.
The flavors are very bizarre, and I didn't know how I felt about açaí, prickly pear and passionfruit in a beer.  Luckily, it wasn't as bad as I expected, and Caitlin actually really enjoyed this and wanted me to go to the liquor store and buy more.

April Beer Box

April Beer Box has arrived.

First up is a brewery that I have the glassware for, but have yet to use.  Now I get to.
Lakefront Brewery is from Wisconsin, and I haven't drank anything from them since 2017.
So, now I have a Hefeweizen and an Amber from them to use in my Lakefront Glassware.

Second, from Hamburg Brewing in New York State, we got an IPA and a Lager.

16 April 2021

1598. Wild Mind Ales Planetary Shoes

I enjoy smoothie beers, and this one has a good sour taste to it. 
It's a mild sour, more of a tart flavor.
The Pineapple and Mango smoothie up front is really tasty, and then the sour lime flavor kicks in at the end and leaves a great flavor in my mouth.  Really tasty, and I could drink a few, but the thickness of the smoothie-style weighs heavy in my belly.  Very much enjoyed this beer.

1597. Kona Brewing Island Colada

This beer was introduced last year, but I never found it in Indiana, so I was disappointed.
This week, they announced it was being released again, so I used there Beer Finder on the Kona website, to learn that it was available up on 96th Street - that was the closest liquor store to me that had it.  So, I drove up there this morning, bought two six packs, and brought them home with high hopes.

Tonight, I cracked on open, expecting some amazing creamy coconut flavor in mouth.
I was disappointed.
For a cream ale, it's a lot lighter than I expected.
It drinks easily, and has a nice flavor to it - but not much coconut.  The coconut is there, and it lingers after I drink the beer, but perhaps the small amount of cream in this beer covers up the coconut?  

I still like it, but it wasn't what I hoped for.

14 April 2021

1596. SteetWater Strain B-Real

Rapper B-Real from Cypress Hill helped SweetWater create this brew.
From the moment I opened the can, a STRONG aroma came out of the can, that I could smell without bringing it up to my nose.  Due to its aroma, I assumed it was going to be a heavy and bitter beer.

Again, I was wrong about this one too.  It was light, the beer flows down really quick and easy, and it barely has any hoppy/bitter aftertaste.  It's all just the powerful aroma the beer gives off.  Pretty tasty, but nothing I need to drink again.  Glad I tried them tonight.

1595. SteetWater 420 Strain Mango Kush Wheat Ale

With April 20th coming up soon, I broke out my two 420-themed beers I had been holding onto.

This one is a Mango Wheat Ale, that has a very subtle aroma to it.
I expected a thick and heavy, bitter beer - so I was very surprised with how light and easy it goes down, and then in the very end, there is some 420-ish lingering flavors.

Not sure how much the mango cuts the flavor, but I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to.

06 April 2021

1594. Steel Bender Skull Bucket IPA

Trying to make some room in my beer fridge, so I'm drinking some of these Beer Box beers that I've been avoiding.  Another IPA, this one is a little lighter and not as bitter, but I still just don't enjoy the flavor.

02 April 2021

1592. Lucky Buddha Beer

This was a gift from my buddy Jae.
It's a Chinese Lager.
And it's like Chinese Miller Lite.
It's fine, I could drink a bunch of them, but it's just a drinking beer.