22 March 2019

1240. Taxman Exemption

When I did my write up on Peddie’s Blog and compared our beers - I learned that I had never had Exemption.  (True be told, I’m pretty sure I have - it was just never documented). Tonight at dinner, I made sure I could add it to the website.  

It’s delicious.  
Trippels are yummy.  
Great flavors all around.

11 March 2019

1239. Kona Pipeline

I’ve been mad at Kona for a few years and haven’t really tried any of their new products.  Ever since they sold out to a Macro and started mass producing their beers - I haven’t been happy with the quality.  Specifically, how Kona Brown (Coconut Brown Ale) went from SO MUCH coconut flavor - to none. 

Tonight, at the liquor store I found Koko Brown.  And despite my declining opinion of it - I buy it anytime I find it.  It’s only available from January to April, and each year I hope they fixed the Macro-recipe. I noticed they had a Kona Coffee Porter next to it, and decided, I would give it a try too - since that’s one of Caitlin’s favorite styles. 

It’s a really decent Porter.  The coffee is very subtle and the beer goes down really smooth - like ZERO IBUs smooth.  Really tasty, and I don’t like coffee. 

1238. Stone Enter Night

It’s Metallica Night in Indianapolis - so, since I’m not at the sho, I felt like it would be the best night to drink Stone’s beer that was brewed in collaboration with Metallica.  

Like most Stone beers, it’s dry and hoppy - not a light and crisp Pilsner.  It’s a mouthful.  

1237. Short’s Fload

Really delicious sour.  
Silky smooth with a sour punch up front, and then it lingers in the corners of your mouth.  Delicious. 

09 March 2019

1236. Platform Caramelicious

There are a lot of flavors going on here, and they all come together pretty well. It's not an amazing beer, but it's pretty enjoyable.  I've had better, but I've had way worse.  I would never turn one down, it is very smooth and sweet.

I've seen a lot from Platform in Ohio, and I am glad I tried this one.  Looking forward to many more from them.

08 March 2019

1235. Triton White Chocolate Golden Ale

This beer is fine.  I'm a little disappointed, just because I was hoping to find something closer to home that would be on par with Sonoran's White Chocolate.  While this beer is tasty, it's not on the same level.  It tastes more like an ale - and not like melted white chocolate.  Still drinkable, just not what I was hoping for.

04 March 2019

1232. Taxman 2018 Q3

1231. Taxman 2018 Q2

That Q1 went down so smooth, quick and easy - so I decided I was in the mood for the Q2.
Belgian and Brett yeasts - two of my favorites.
The beer starts off with an awesome upfront punch of sour, that finishes with the honey sweetness on the back end and it lingers for a bit.  Personally, I enjoy the sour - the honey is just not my thing.

1230. Taxman 2018 Q1

Back story for this beer...
In 2018, I collected Q1, Q2, and Q3 throughout the year.  I spent all of December looking for Q4, because I had a gimmicky post in mind, called My 2018 Taxman Year End Audit.  I was going to drink all four of them together, and try to write up a nice piece on all four of them.

I reached out on Twitter on January 11th...

After a month with no reply, I reached out again.  I was hoping I would be told they had them for sale at one of their locations.  Alas, they never answered my second attempt.

This really sucks, not only because I still haven't found a bottle...
In 2018, Taxman vaulted to the top of my Indiana Breweries, and became my favorite.  A spot long held by Indiana City Brewing, now belonged to Taxman.  Their Coconut Variant of Evasion, 401(Cake), Frozen Assests (and Imperial Frozen Assets), No Sparge, and recently their Red Wine Barrel Qualified have all been some of the best and most enjoyable beers I have drank recently.

This brings us to 2018 Q1.
It's a really light and refreshing Farmhouse Ale, that goes down light and easy, and finishes with a small hint of sour.  I assume the sour comes from the white wine barrels this beer was aged on.

Another delicious offering from Taxman.

02 March 2019

1229. Shmaltz Terrans Unite!

The second beer of our "Star Trek" Double-Header!
An IPA dedicated to the Mirror Universe of "Star Trek".
While drinking these beers, I learned of the Federation of Beer which seems to round up all of the available "Star Trek" beer options.  As of this posting, I have done three of the six beers they have listed on their page.  I would love to try the Captain's Holiday Ale or the Klingon Imperial Porter.  I will have to keep my eyes out for those...

Terrans Unite! was fine.  It was an IPA, and I drank it.  I didn't hate it, but I don't need to ever drink another one.  Ben enjoyed this one better than the golden ale.

1228. Shmaltz Profit Motive

In January of 2018, Ben Grigsby and I got together to drink Beer #1069 - Shmaltz Brewing's Symbiosis - which was a beer dedicated to "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

Over the last year, I collected two more "Star Trek" beers, and Ben and I finally got together tonight to drink them!

First up, is Profit Motive, which sports a Quark's Bar in the neck, and is directly related to the bar on "Stark Trek: Deep Space Nine".

It was a nice lightly-hoppy Golden Ale, which was a little drier than I tend to like, but it still went down very easily.

01 March 2019

342. REVISITED: BrewDog 5AM Saint

A lot has changed since Beer #342 in October of 2013.
I've drank about 900 other unique beers.
I have invested in the BrewDog brand, and now represent them in almost every aspect of my social life (via hoodies, shirts, and hats) and this Fall they are scheduled to open a BrewPub in downtown Indianapolis - which I have been began the contact process to attempt to work for them when they open.

So, I recently bought the new Seasonal Pack, and the Seasonal option included was 5AM Saint, which I know took a hiatus from production, but was then brought back in the recent years.

It's still tasty.  I nice malty Amber ale with some good flavors.  Easy to drink, and a welcome option instead of a Pale Ale.

1227. Central State Raspberry

My buddy Miller - who is currently on vacation in Mexico - asked me if I had the time to swing into Central State for him, because he wanted to make sure he got a bottle of their Barrel Aged Bashi.  This request was fine with me, because I had been wanting to go buy a four-pack of their Raspberry - because it sounded delicious.  A raspberry sour with lactose, should be like a fruit smoothie, right?

Sadly, upon arrival I found out they had sold out of Raspberry (it was released one week earlier...), but they did still have it on draft.  So, I grabbed a quick one while my Bashi bottles were being rung up.

The beer was fine, it was tasty.  I would have easily drank all four cans - but I also didn't love it.  It wasn't as awesome as I was hoping for.  Just, good.  Fine to drink.